World War Doh: Guide, Tips & Strategies

World War Doh is a brand new RTS for Android & iOS by Jam City. Read on for World War Doh guide, tips, cheats & strategies to master the game


Jam City, the publisher of the Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery game, is releasing an all-new RTS game for Android and iOS. This game’s name is World War Doh. In the game, players build the most powerful deck of cards, accompanied by the top commander, to destroy or eliminate the opponent’s towers and the commander. The intense battles last for just a few minutes. Within the time limit set by the rules, you are responsible for being the leader. The only thing you need to do is to score more points/stars or points than your opponent and destroy your healing tower and the rage tower. Kill the enemy commander for victory.

If you are beginning to start the game, you’re on the right path. In this World War Doh, the guide covers the fundamentals of the game. We also have posted several World War Doh tips, techniques, and strategies you might like. Therefore, without further delay now, let’s get to the main article.

World War Doh Guide, Tips and Tricks:

The management of your deck and the troop are two of the things you should master. In the deck, you can build up to eight cards. You can select from the cards that you still need to unlock. It is essential to build your deck carefully – focusing on cards that cost little Doh could be used to take on structures, and troops and assist commanders or attack the commander of an enemy. To win is to destroy the enemy’s leader or eliminate the towers before the time limit. We will go over everything in detail and look into the entire World War Doh tips & techniques to win: –

Find Out More About Doh Cost

“Doh” represents the power required to cast the card into the fight. Each card has its own Doh cost. For instance, a Rex or T-Rex cards cost 3 Doh. Doh replenishes itself on its own during battle. If you can retrieve Doh from the Doh bucket that drops randomly during the competition, you can retrieve it quickly. The mana bar shows all remaining Doh in the lower-left corner of the screen for battle. On the left-hand side of your card, you’ll be able to look up the Doh cost.

Create the Best Deck in World War Doh

In this article, we will provide some helpful strategies that can assist you in creating the ideal deck for the team you’re planning!


1.) Learn about the Card Strategies

The different World War Doh cards work differently, and you must know how to utilize them. Tap the card, then upgrade or information. This will open the profile of the card -> press the (i) symbol at the top-left corner card’s profile to review the strategy of the card.

For All – Free For All – these cards target the commander when the commander is close enough. They’ll attack the closest adversary.

Blocker: These cards shield units to ensure that they can do their work effectively. For instance, Safely Dome can be the one you could protect commanders and units.

Siege Tactics: These cards target the towers or structures and are useful for provoking opponents into defending their structures. For example – the T-Rex card.

Support: These cards help the unit or the commander by providing buffing or healing capabilities.

Disruptor: These are the cards that block enemies for a specific period.


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