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Wil Knight is a simple but challenging game that is played on mobile devices with 111 percent. Explore the Wil Knight tutorial, tricks, cheats, strategies, and strategies to learn how to master the game.

Wil Knight

111%, the company that is well-known for the BBTAN along with Wild Tamer games, recently released the first game of its kind known as Wil Knight; in the game, you take on the role of knights and advance level by level , battling enemies, including the stage bosses. Wil Knight comes with a wide variety of animal equipment and challenging levels. The game’s concept is easy to grasp. If you’re having difficulty understanding the mechanics of it or need help for a successful game, this article on Wil Knight’s guide and Wil Knight cheats, tips, and strategies can help you.


After you have defeated a group of opponents, you might receive an undetermined gear of a different level. It is possible to combine two bags with the same story to create a new one, a higher level. In this case, merging two weapons of level 5 will bring players to the level of a 6. You can equip a weapon, armor, helmet, or the horse. The stages that you clear will award the player with a random level item that can be combined with the level item to gain an upgrade.

To move on to the next stage, You must take on the stage boss, who appears at night when you eliminate all opponents in the waves. The knight’s HP is limited. When you fight your opponent, HP is diminished. When you defeat, the wave knight’s HP will be restored. Also, after you have defeated the challenge, you’ll find a shop(marked with a sword icon). Tap the sword to access the shop. Here you can sell, combine gears, or merge them. Selling the equipment can earn you coins for free.

If you are defeated If you lose, the knight will go back to the city.


Five shops are located within the town. The shops include: Five shops:

  1. Blacksmith, This is where you can join with gears and sell them. Symbol – Sword
  2. Hatching – You will hatch an egg and receive an unrelated pet. Symbol – Paw
  3. In-Game Shop – in-app purchases and a free gold coin offer. The character is a bag of coins
  4. Merchant Shop – You can purchase chests with the cash. Symbol –

Merging And Selling

Go to the blacksmith shop to check out both features. Tap the gear and select to trade for coins. Press and drag a bag across from another to join. Remember that it is only sometimes the case that you will get a top-level item. Sometimes, something else is needed.

Hatching Eggs

Hatching Eggs

In the Wil Knight game, sometimes you will get eggs when you defeat the enemies, or from one particular wave. The egg can be laid in the incubator. Visit the town and click the Paw icon, then tap the hammer icon to break the egg or hatch it. It is necessary to look at the video advertisement. From this egg, you can obtain a pet; ordinary, unique/legendary/rare.

All animals or pets that are included in Wil Knight give different stat increases for the knights; attack, HP critical hit speed, defense, and much more.

You can also upgrade these pets to add additional stats boost to compete in the elite levels. Click on the pet or animal to upgrade it, then click the Upgrade button. The upgrade cost will be in the form of coins. The price will rise as you boost the pet or animal.

Earn coins when you defeat the enemies. This concludes our work as a Wil Knight’s guide. Let’s review our best Wil Knight advice strategies, cheats, and tricks.

Wil Knight Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Step Back, Gather, And Merge Into Progress

The difficulty level increases as you move on to the next stage. To get through the difficult stages of Wil Knight, you’ll require a quality piece of gear. If you’re stuck, follow the same old steps and gather the gear that is low level and then join and obtain the equipment of higher levels. If you’re short of coins, repetition of the previous stages can also assist you.

3.) Upgrade The Pets

Animals and pets provide various stats boosts to knights, allowing them to increase in defense, attack critical hits, speed, and many more. It is essential to upgrade the animals to improve their further.

4.) Pay Attention To The Gear’s Stats

Like pets, all weapons have their own characteristics. For instance, some weapons increase defense, HP, and attack. Some weapons boost critical hit and speed, and defense stats. Therefore, make sure you have the most effective weapon. Select the gear menu and choose a gear to look up the data.

5.) Buy The Chests

Buy The Chests

In the shop of the merchants located in town, players can buy three kinds of chests for the Wil Knight game; regular, unique and random. We suggest you save up your coins and purchase particular bins to acquire top-quality equipment.

6.) Watch The Video Ads For Coins


Within the Shop section underneath the gold deals, You can get the 2000 gold deal by watching the video. You should consider it if you’re lacking in a unique chest.
This concludes as a Wil Knight’s guide and Wil Knight’s tips and tricks. We invite you to share your ideas in the comments below!


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