Westworld Game Rank Up Guide – Host Rank Up

This section will discuss how to rank hosts to enhance their roles and elevate their star ratings. Look over the Westworld Game Rank Up guide.



In this section, we’ll learn to rank hosts to increase their roles and increase their star ratings. Take a look at the Westworld Game Rank Up Guide.

The brand-new game from WB Westworld is now available on Android and iOS after being in beta for a lengthy period. One of the main issues players face is the need for high-quality hosts. In this article, you will discuss the Westworld Game Rank Up guide and the best way to rank up hosts effectively.

Westworld Game What’s Your Rank?

When playing Westworld Game, the player can increase the level of their role and star rank by moving up. However, only you follow the rules of the game. Otherwise, you’ll be left with a version update. In short, you should rank hosts to:

  • Updates to the latest version on hosts(1.0 or 2.0) to 2.0 (or 2.0 up to 3.0)
  • The game raises to the stars level(2-stars hosts to 3 stars hosts, 3 star hosts up to 4 stars)
  • It increases the level of the Level (learn more details on the role in this article)
  • Unlocks new roles(3-5 stars on hosts)

These are the four possibilities when ranking the host. The main reason for ranking up the host is to raise the star rating. For instance, three hosts are rated as two stars. They are, as you’ve guessed they’re not beneficial in areas like Escalante pariah, Escalante, Las mudas, and so on. But , you can build these or improve their star status by ranking them up. Learn how to rank higher and improve your star status.

How do you rank how do you rank up Westworld Game?

  1. Get to the top stage
  2. Visit the facility for rebuilding
  3. Select the host that has reached the highest Level
  4. Choose the material hosts

1.) Get to the top Level

If your host is at the highest level that the host can reach, the host will be able to increase its status. How do you level up your host? The host will earn XP(required to increase Level) as a reward for engaging with visitors. It is possible to speed up this process by turning on your power. Read the power-up instructions here.

  • Visit Rebuilds Facility
  • Select the host that you would like to upgrade or power up
  • Choose material hosts that are low-quality(Hosts that are used as material will be taken away)

Refrain from using hosts with two stars to move up(because you can boost their star rating by ranking them higher) or to power up the host. Use hosts with 1-star stars to make hosts more Level. It is recommended to use the prototypical XP host as a material host(for getting levelled up).

  • Once you have reached the highest stage, you can increase your rank.

2.) The host you choose that will place in the top position



Go to the rebuilds section and select the host you wish to rank higher. The host you choose should be at its highest level. After selecting the host, you can select hosts with the desired star rank. In the above image, we have chosen a host with a rating of 2* called Emmet, and, to boost its ranking, we will need two hosts that are two stars.

After that, click the rank-up button. That’s it. You can rank up a natural 3 – 5* host and unlock new jobs.

This is an unintentional post about Westworld Game Rank Up guide. The hosts will be ranked higher and boost their star ratings. You can read the complete guide, tips and tricks, and cheat sheets here.


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