War Tortoise 2: How To Get DNA, Increase War Rank

The DNA currency is among the top valuable money that you can earn in War Tortoise 2. If you’re thinking of ways you can earn your DNA go through the War Tortoise 2 DNA guide for those who are new to the game.

War Tortoise 2 DNA, War Rank, And More: War Tortoise 2 DNA, War Rank, And More:
The War Tortoise 2 DNA guide is aimed at beginners who struggle to discover how to acquire DNA within the game. To obtain DNA within War Tortoise 2, all you have to do is increase the War Rank. To increase your War Rank or Generation Rank you will require War Rank XP. In order to earn War Rank XP, you must capture the location of the globe. Simple! Find the locations, gain War Rank XP -> Upgrade Generation Rank/War Rank Rank to earn XP. This is the main idea of this article. Let’s take a look at everything in detail!

Capture The Locations If You Want To Earn War Rank XP

Capture The Locations

Click the map icon on the menu left. The map shows the locations you can take pictures of. Click on a place -and then press the green tick mark button to mark the location as the target. Once you’ve done that your tortoise is moved to the location and begin taking out enemies. Get rid of all waves and take on all the bosses in that area and take it back.

Once captured, you will gain War Rank XP as a reward.  

War Rank Level In War Tortoise 2

Click on any of the options in the menu left and expand the menu. In the upper-left corner you will see the level of generation or rank. You can earn War Rank XP through taking the location and elevating the star-level for the captured locations.

Get DNA At Every War Rank Level Upgrade

Get DNA At Every War Rank Level Upgrade

You’ll receive DNA points each whenever you attain the next level of a generation and war rank War Tortoise. In addition to DNA points, you also earn conquest points.

Spend DNA Points To Get Evolution Perks

Click the DNA option on the menu left. The DNA menu will be expanded. menu. There are three tabs: the tortoise tab and units tab as well as heroes tab. Within each of these tabs, players are able to examine evolution perks and mutation-related perks. For instance, under the tortoise tab you can make use of the evolution perks associated with the tortoise. In the tabs for units you will see the benefits of evolution that are associated with units. In the tab for heroes it lists the evolving benefits associated with heroes.

You can tap on any evolution perk to spend DNA. Each perk for evolution has different advantages. Make sure you read the details carefully before spending your DNA on the most beneficial benefits of evolution.

This is all we have to say about War Tortoise 2 DNA and War Rank guide for beginners. For any queries you’d like to ask, leave a comment in the section below!


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