Underworld: The Shelter: PvP Tips, Auto-Exploring, Fuel, And More

Underground: The Shelter, take a look at our top tips for PvP, including how to auto-explode and get fuel and tips on how to be the best PvP rankings.

Our last post about Underworld: The Shelter game provided a comprehensive guide for new players and some strategies to win the game’s battles. In this article, we’ll discuss auto-exploring, PvP battles, ways to improve the mood of residents, ways to obtain fuels, and much more. Read our previous blog on this topic here. Let’s get started!

How can we increase the happiness Of Residents?

If you wish to raise the happiness of your residents of the area to 100%, then you must be aware of these aspects These are:

  1. Living Bonus 40% of happiness impacted by this
  2. Health Bonus 10 percent of the happiness impacted by this
  3. The ability to think – 20% of the happiness impacted by this
  4. Facility Bonus, 30% of happiness, impacted by this
  5. Desire Penalty – It decreases the satisfaction of the person living there

If you spot an anger emoticon displayed on the resident, the resident has been afflicted with a desire penalty , decreasing happiness. Other things are in your hands. The following are the most common reasons:

  1. Restore the health of the resident to activate the health bonuses
  2. The resident should be sent to the correct facility to receive the aptitude bonus. For instance, if you send residents with mining abilities to a Mine facility, you’ll improve their satisfaction.
  3. Reduce the penalty for happiness by fulfilling the resident’s wish. Tap the resident> under the button for leveling up. You can review the wish.

You can boost the bonus on the facility by improving the facility.


It increases the production of how to test: If you send the same residents(one with wanderer ability and the other with mining ability) to the miners’ hut. You’ll be able to discern the difference in the production rate clearly. A resident who is mining adept produces more N coins.

That’s it for Underworld The Shelter’s happiness.

How Do I Auto-Explore?


After defeating the boss on the final stage of a zone, you’ll be able to access the auto-explore mode. When you are in this mode, it is necessary to will require fuel and a certain number of coins of gold. You can send any mission member, and they will take care of the items on your behalf. (It will take some time).

Navigate to the map screen and press the auto-explore icon below the area’s name. Then confirm. Return to the map; you’ll see the track exploration button. Tap it to follow the progress of the auto-explore feature.

Before you go to bed, you should send one of your family members on this adventure in auto-exploration.

How to Get Fuel in Underworld the Shelter Game?

Shelter Game

You’ll need fuel to send your players on an auto-exploration journey. If you are beginning to play this game, you might ask yourself, what is the best way to obtain fuel? You can get energy by trading in items. Click the menu button, then inventory(box icon) and then hit the refuel button. Choose the item(by pressing an icon that says +) and press on recharge. Give up commonplace objects like dynamite thermometers, light bulb gears, and many more for this job, rather than rare(blue) ultra-priced things.

If your inventory is overflowing, that’s a good reason to take action as soon as possible.

That’s it for Underworld: The Shelter auto-exploration.

The Shelter: Underworld PvP, PvP Tips & Strategies


When you play in the mode of PvP, you’ll send your top five players to infiltrate the enemy’s base. If you are successful, you can steal N coins and certain items from the enemy’s treasure. Furthermore, you’ll accrue battle points, which will improve your rank.

However, Failure will reduce battle points that, in turn, lower your rank. Also, you’ll waste the N coins that you which you spent on battle search. Costs increase when you get a higher grade.


The first rule is to not play in the PvP mode if you have a low-level player. Increase the level of the top five most skilled residents(having excellent Con, Dex, Str, Luck, HP, and RP stats. and equip the best items available; Rare(R) or Ultra(U). You can get these top items inside the chests(mutant chests ) after defeating the boss, and obtaining a challenge-reward).

There are high-rank(above 2.5%) residents in the challenging mode levels or even mutant chests. After you’re all set, head over into the mode of PvP and look for your enemy’s base. Wait to press the attack button when the gate level of your opponent is too high. Look around and find an opponent that is balanced and has quality loot.

If your team succeeds in taking down the enemy’s shelter gate, you will be able to win the fight.


Others can break into your house just like you, and take the N coins, valuable items from your stash. If you don’t want to lose the N coins items, improve the gate and send one of your most valuable residents to protect the gate. Press the entrance to the left of the shelter, and upgrade. The upgrade improves the gate’s durability and slots. It is also difficult for enemies to damage the high-durability entrance.


It is a large sum of gold coins to search your enemy’s base. However, the rewards may be less suitable in comparison to this investment. So, is PvP worthwhile? It is, of course, if you can rank up by gaining more battle points through the triumph.

At the end of the week, you can get premium items like cube nuclei, a massive quantity of gold coins, equipment crates, mutant containers, and more. Go to the PvP menu, and you will be able to check your rank, the remaining time until the following season battle points, win percentage and other details. So, if you’re looking for free cubes, the top equipment, or high-rank mutants, continue to improve your ranking by playing PvP.

  • Rank 1 – 200 P Cubes, Nucleum, Boss Crate
  • Rank 2 – 100 P Cubes, Nucleum, Boss Crate
  • Rank 3 – 50 P Cubes, Nucleum, Boss Crate
  • Rank(4-10) – 30 P Cubes, Nucleum, Equipment Crate
  • Rank(11-50) – 20 P Cubes, Nucleum, Equipment Crate
  • Rank(51-100) – 10 P Cubes, Nucleum, Equipment
  • Rank(101-500) – 5 P Cubes, Nucleum, Mutant Crate
  • Rank(501-5000) – N Coins, Nucleum, Mutant
  • Rank(501-10000) – N Coins, Nucleum
  • This concludes as Underworld A Shelter Guide to PvP.


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