Ulala Idle Adventure guide: tips, cheats & strategies 2021

Are you new you to the Ulala Idle Adventure game? Learn about all its fundamentals with this Ulala guide with helpful tricks, strategies, and cheats for newbies in 2021.

Ulala Idle

Ulala Guide to Idle Adventure, details

This article will cover “how you can play Ulala Idle Adventure,” A guide to all features and functions, and tips to increase your level, and information about the game’s pets, currencies, and more like crystal stones, toys, heroes, hills, monster chest and more. Let’s get into the Ulala guide and learn for a better experience:

Beginning with Ulala Basics Guide. Ulala Basics Guide|

Within Ulala: Idle Adventure game, Your main objective is to build your character more robust, and to defeat the dinosaurs by taking on them. When you’ve created the surface, you’ll go to the battlefield, and three characters will assist you on your journey. You are part of the group, but not by yourself. It is recommended to join forces with players with more excellent stats and is at a higher level. On the screen of combat in the upper-right corner, you can tap the mini-map to verify your location. Alternatively, below it, you can look it up.

You will defeat the waves of enemies and earn EXP, Shells.


Challenge To Progress|

To conquer a region or advance to the next level in Ulala: Idle Adventure game, players must be able to defeat the boss in that region. This is the main danger to the right of the bottom. Press the challenge button to search after the boss. Besiege the boss for higher rewards, items in the game, gears, and more. And move on to the next zone. You’ll be confronted with formidable creatures as you progress through the game. The rewards will increase.

Shells From Ulala Adventure

Below the mini-map displays the number of shells you earn per minute. Shots are needed to upgrade the gear. The character you play with has weapons or armor accessories. Everything can be upgraded – and it will cost you several shells.

A Guide To Level Up Level Up Ulala Idle Adventure|

To increase your character’s level to increase your character’s status in Ulala: Idle Adventure game, You must grind EXP. EXP can be earned by defeating creatures or bosses in adventure and combat modes. How much EXP is acquired in a minute is dependent on the progress made. Beat your boss, clear all levels, and collect a ton of EXP every minute. On the upper-left side on the right side of your screen, you’ll be able to see your character’s current levels. Tap the bar for a group to determine how much exp is needed to get to that next stage.

Starfish in the Ulala Game|

Starfish is the primary game currency used in Ulala: Idle Adventure game. It can be used to purchase shells, to capture the pets immediately, and in many other ways. How do you acquire Starfish? Completing the quests will give you starfish.

Pearls In The Game|

Unlike starfish and shells, however, pearls are tough to obtain. They are the most expensive game currency, and you can purchase them with real money. (Top-up to get pearls). Pearls can be used to buy skills chests, game-related objects, and various other ways.

Make A Great Team

As a default, you play in your default team allies(AI). You can join other teams and gain additional advantages. In the beginning, you must quit the team. The team is gone once you have left combat. Click the team option in the bottom-right corner, then select the team tab in the upper-right corner, and tap the button to exit. Then, visit the notice board area under the menu of teams and choose for groups of other teams. Also, you can join teams of other players. Click on my team tab and invite teammates to form your own team. Three teammates can be recruited.

To take the invite, visit my team menu, then tap the invite information button.

The Essential Guide To Ulala Pets|

The pet feature is activated at the age of 16 characters. You also receive one pet at no cost. When the pet feature is activated, visit the pets menu(the third menu item on the lower menu). Select the pet, then press the “dispatch” button. Press the capture button at the top right side to capture the pet using bait items such as food.

We trained your pets, researched their abilities, and gained more significant advantages. We’ll post our pet guide soon(Update = Go through our Pets Guide Here; Elements, Top Pets, Etc.,).

Guide To Attributes In Ulala: Idle Adventure⇓


At a certain point, the character’s attributes are locked. You can use the facts points to boost HP, attack, critical defense hits, and evasion, similar to the stats of your character’s class. The energy points are earned by advancing the character’s level.

  • It increases the attack Impale, Hit
  • Sta – Stamina alters HP Block, HP, and Evasion
  • Technique – Armor, Crit, Tenacity

Get Stronger By Equipping Gears|

Gears influence the character’s statistics, like HP, ATK, Armor, ATK Speed, Impale, etc. The bags are obtained when you defeat the boss creatures, or creatures in game mode, and creatures in. Visit the camp menu(first tab on the bottom menu) Storage -where you can check the gears. You can melt these gears to obtain gem shards. These shards are used to create new equipment.

Jewels In Ulala Idle Adventure|

When you have reached the level of your character, and you have a certain level, a new feature, namely gems, is unlocked. The rocks function similarly as you can enhance weapons to enhance their effect. By laying gemstones on the gears, you can improve them further. To do this, you must go to the second tab in the game – the character’s profile and tap the gear, then tap on the gemstone button(near the switch for enhancement) and then overlay gems or stones.

Gems Fusion

Visit the storage, click on the gem – then tap the catch to fuse. You can acquire rocks or stones that are high-level by melting. For instance, combine (x-two) Level one gem(s) to obtain (x1) the level 2 gem. Different types of rocks offer extra bonuses and stats.

  • Defense Stone – It increases armor
  • Health Stones – Increase HP
  • Attack Stone – Enhances the attack
  • The Crit Stone increases the crit
  • Hit Stone – Hit Stone increases hit
  • Block Stone Block Stone
  • Impale Stone – Increases Impale stats
  • Tenacity Stone – Increases the tenacity statistics

If you need to be made aware of these characteristics, = check out our guide to building classes. In this guide, we’ve provided all of the information about attributes.

Transcend to Get Stronger|

To transcend your character, you need to fulfill the requirements of the transcend quest. Visit the profile of your character menu, then press the transcend button to review the required conditions. Transcend your character to increase the rank and stats.

Find Out More About The Creature Chest Within Ulala|

Monster Chest is one of the best places to acquire legendary equipment. To access this feature, you must navigate to the menu for the camp side, and on the left, you will find the Monster Chest option. Press it. Be sure you’re in a team , one of the actual players(not an NPC that is the default). You then have to dice, choose one of your pets or animals, and let your luck select one of the numbers. The person who scores the most points on the team wins the game. The team members can play the game or take part in this game each day. After the timer is over, you receive the item.

Skill Chests Function In The Game

The ability chest via the menu for camp. (It’s close to the storage building). On the menu of the skill chest, it is possible to spend stars or vouchers for skills to acquire high-quality skills, epic, legendary, etc. The game will give you one epic or superior quality skill for each draw for ten draws.

Wish Coins Grinding

You can get with coins in the daily quests(complete each one to earn wish coins). On the Wish Fountain screen, you can make a wish/reset the skill wish. You can then spend the money to accumulate wish points. If you earn 100 wish points, your goddess can make your wish come reality. You can acquire legendary abilities when you make the wish.

Blackmarket in Ulala Idle Adventure|

A lady in Blackmarket offers a variety of high-value products at a low cost, in-game currency, such as starfish, shells, and pearls. These include the ingredients needed in cooking, top-quality gears, gemstones, and attributes skills shards. Be aware that you can only buy the amount you require. Save your in-game currency.

Manage The Backpack

It is always recommended to clean the backpack. Go to the storage area, and you’ll be able to inspect every item in the bag, including food items, gear, cooked food, pet skills, fossils, gemstones, gems, books, vouchers, etc. The most important thing is non-essential gear. Go to the gear tab and click the smelt button at the right-bottom click confirm. Obtain gear shards -> use gear shards to forge/craft better gears.

Toys and Rainbow Stones|

Rainbow stones are acquired through the Arena mode, or by obtaining your Hero Hill ranking reward, you can purchase toys for your character. Similar to animals, they will enhance the essential attributes of the essence, like damaging, critically hit armor, and so on. Additionally, they can be outfitted with accessories, as does the character. Additionally, these accessories give an additional boost to the character’s stats.

It is therefore recommended to grind to get the Rainbow Stones by playing the arena mode or achieving the highest rank within Hero Hill. For more information, refer to this Hero Hill guide below. For more details on the games, refer to this page:

Guide To Hero Hill In Ulala⇓


You can open the Hero Fill menu from the screen in the camp. You can monitor the progress of your hero’s generation. It is calculated based on your current performance within the game. In the screen for combat, on the upper-right, you can tap the mini-map and then tap the button labeled Main Server Progress. After that, you will see an update on your current progress. gained 89.72%(depends on your current level) in players.

Hero Hill

Go back to the screen with hero hill, and in the lower-left corner, you’ll see the same images – as well as the rewards, which will be based on your advancement:

  1. Below 90 percent below 90% Gold Chest
  2. More than 90 percent Better than 90% Epic Chest
  3. More than 95% of the time – The Legendary Chest
  4. More than 90% of the time, it’s a Mythical Chest

Based on your progression, you will receive the rewards based on your progress. On the same screen underneath the Hero Gen. Reward, you can look up the remaining time at the due time, depending on the progress the game rewards you. If, for instance, you’ve beaten 95% of the players at the end of the game, you’ll get the legendary chest in exchange for your reward.

In these chests, you earn reputation points as well as starfish. Reputation points are needed to be able to claim reputation rewards. For instance, once you’ve accumulated (60) reputation points, you’ll receive rainbow stones and toys. In the menu for heroes in the upper right corner, click the hero hill reward button to see the rank of your reputation rewards.

How can you get ahead of players and move up the ladder? By challenging the boss and moving up, they map the stages. If you reach the 99% threshold and you are in a position to advance your person to the following generation, and every (10) generation is the beginning of a new age.

Costumes For The GameCostumes In The Game

With a frequent updates to the game, X.D Global keeps the Ulala game exciting and fresh. A new feature, called wardrobe, is available, letting you personalize the character. To do this, in the character menu, close to the gear slot on the right side, select the Wardrobe option. This will lead you to the brand-new Ulala: Idle Adventure Fashion Shop, which lets you customize your character by items like: –

  • Skins for Weapons
  • Hairstyle
  • Clothes
  • Headdress
  • Face I
  • Face II
  • Back
  • Handguard Skin
  • Shoe
  • Waist

Press the + button on the menu for customization to access your fashion store. Here you can design the costumes to exchange Crystals, Stones, or Starfish. You can view the outfit by tapping the costume’s preview section before purchasing it. Press the draw button then the app will create an image for you. If you do not have crystals, You can use starfish to make the costume. You can also access the costume store via the screen of the camp.

The Alice series includes 24 Costumes. With the new costumes, you can use the manual feature bonus.

Find out more about the Crystal Stones|

Crystal Stone can be described as the brand new currency in Ulala, which can be used to buy items at the costume shop. The first time you can get the 30 Crystal Stones for free. Each crystal stone is equivalent to 15 pearls.

That’s the entire Ulala: Idle Adventure guide for those who are new to the sport. Let’s examine our most popular Ulala: Idle Adventure tips, tricks, cheats, and strategies.

Select The Best Class

Ulala: Idle Adventure game allows you to play an entire eight classes. Of course, you’d only like to try some of the classes, so selecting the most effective type from the start is better. There are DPS Tanks, Healers, and Tanks, gladiators, hunter-warlock assassins, druids, and shaman warriors. If you need clarification on which, class type is best, follow this guide to style for more information.

Select The Team Carefully

To take on the boss in the Ulala: Idle Adventure game, it is necessary to have more firepower and cover for your team. If you go with the default team, you will only be able to survive for a short time. We suggest picking a great team and then joining them. Before deciding on a team, look up the stats of the player and gear levels, as well as pet level, enhancement level classes, etc. Utilize the chat feature to seek help from online players.

Get The Most Effective GearsGet The Best Gears

As you move through the game, you’ll get more powerful gears. Be sure your character has the most efficient bags. Change the gears if you require.


This game can be described as Idle. You only need to watch the characters fight enemies or direct the gears. Keep the game running and perform other tasks. The characters work to earn EXP and shells as time passes. You do not need to fight the boss during this AFK time. You can go to your mobile settings and switch the display to sleep settings for the quickest time. You can also use the developer settings to keep your eyes open. If you want to go to sleep, You can leave the game in its current state and let the characters earn EXP. This is among the most effective ways to level up quickly.

Improve The GearsEnhance The Gears

Use the shells to boost the gears. This will enable the stats of the bags, which means an increase in your character’s stats. You will also be able to take on enemies or their bosses swiftly.

Inlay gems can boost numbers.

Use The Energy Points|

For each level you complete, you get 5 points of energy. You can use these points to improve the character traits of your classes.

Enhance Your Skills

Go to your profile Click on the skill book upgrade, select the material/skill pages, and then upgrade the skill to gain more significant advantages.

Utilize The Quick Battle

Use the brief daily battle to grind EXP or get in-game items faster. Ask the goddess for help to gain combat points that last for two hours. Check that your backpack is space-friendly.

Pets Help You in Monster Battles|

Boss or Monster battles are generally more challenging as opposed to regular fights. If you’ve unlocked the function of your pet, we’d advise you to deploy or dispatch an element pet with a high level of strength against the boss to gain bonuses. If you need to learn about the monster or pet element, learn more about our guide to pets.

  • Ulala Pets Guide

Consume the Food Dishes|

Eating food items can boost your HP, ATK, and other abilities. Visit the screen for camp. Find the storage option and tap it, then click on the food tab, select the item you want to eat, read the buff details(Character), and then take a bite. If you are fighting the boss, be sure that you eat the food items. If you need to become more familiar with the meals or cooking, you’ll need to follow the guidelines for cooking.

Take advantage of the Costume Manual Bonus|

If you win a brand new costume in the costume draw, be sure to take advantage of the manual bonus for your outfit. Go toward the battlefield screen and then tap the manual button located on the right side; then, at the bottom-right corner, tap the costume, and you will be able to claim this reward by pressing the outfit you recently purchased. For more details, refer to the guide to costumes above.

The following are the top Ulala tips, cheats , and information in the guide for beginners 2021. We’ll publish recipes, pet companions, chests, and games shortly. So keep an eye out for updates.


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