Top War Heroes Guide For Beginners 2022

There are more than twenty-five heroes to choose from who are part of Top War Battle Game. Check out the Top War Heroes guide for novices – their abilities and attributes, their power and more.

For Top War Battle Game, heroes are divided into three categories: SSR, SR, and R. SSR tier heroes are characterized by the orange frame/banner. SR level heroes sport frames/banners in purple. In addition, the R tier heroes sport the blue frame/banner. In the profile of the hero in the upper-right corner, you will be able to see the tier of your hero: SSR, SR, and R. SSR tier heroes are the most powerful heroes however, they’re difficult to acquire and would be hard to climb up. SR level heroes have a drop rate that is low, which means it will be difficult to climb them. The the drop rate for R-tier heroes is very high, so it’s easy to climb them. But they’re not as strong as SSR Tier heroes. Learn everything thoroughly and go through the details in the Top War Heroes guide. To begin, we’d suggest checking out our Top War Battle Game guide for beginners..

Top War Heroes Guide⇓

The heroes of Top War Battle Game have incredible passive abilities. This ability makes each character distinct in their own manner. As an example, Bob is among the most rare heroes of the game. He also can increase the speed of his movement when battling wild bosses. Black Widow also has a hero that increases the speed of gathering units. Therefore, based on their strengths it is important to utilize them. For instance, if you want to gather resources from the field of resource Choose those heroes that will boost the process of gathering; increasing speed, loading or load increase, etc. If you intend to fight someone, pick the heroes that enhance the strength of the attack or damage.

Top War Heroes Guide⇓

How To Get Heroes In Top War Battle Game?

The majority of heroes or their shards are obtained from the recruiting center. In the center of the screen for the game you must hit the Captain’s Hat button. This will bring your to the screen with the heroes, where you can view all characters on the screen. Click on a locked hero and then tap the source button this will guide you on how to unlock this specific hero.

For example , The Queen of the Ocean, Katrina, is available through the legion treasure. Go to the hero recruitment center. There are three tabs: standard recruiting elite recruitment, standard recruitment, and research skills.

The tab for standard recruitment has two banners: advanced and standard recruitment. Standard recruitment is the most common option. require a standard recruiting voucher. To recruit for advanced positions, you require an advanced registration voucher. You can get one advanced voucher for recruitment throughout the day. Additionally, typical recruitment vouchers are provided at no cost – 5 vouchers per day. They can be used individually after a brief interval.

It is not possible to obtain SSR through Standard Recruitment. However, you can obtain an SSR-tier hero through advanced recruitment. But the drop rate isn’t that high. Apart from your heroes you could receive their shards, or other items, such as speed-ups, EXP books decorations, technology chests etc. Press (i) to check the drop rate of items. Tap the (i) symbol in order to see the rate of drop for items and heroes, as well as their shards.

Elite Recruitment – the chances of obtaining SSR Tier heroes are higher than those in advanced recruitment.

Elite Recruitment

Hero’s Attributes

On the left-hand side of the profile screen for hero You can view his or her particular attributes, including war, DEF as well as Command. These three attributes are additional benefits to fighting forces. The more these attributes are high the more powerful the units gain. War – boosts the strength of expeditions and base defense forces. DEF increases the strength/HP of the expedition and the base defense forces. Command can increase the number of forces of the expedition an individual hero is able to lead the marches

How To Increase Hero’s Attributes

Get them to level up – click the upgrade tab of the hero profile and click there you can access an army manual, as well as EXP books to grant him/her EXP. The manuals and EXP-books are available through the recruiting center and drop them randomly.

Ascend Guide

Ascend Guide

Ascending heroes increase their CP(Combat Power) as well as bonus attributes like Defense, War and Command. The same hero must have shards in order to ascend. On the tab for ascend you can see the required number of shards to ascend. Shards are required for the following phase, 4/4. You can exchange those blue universal shards to the hero’s shards. You can also keep using the vouchers at the recruitment center . You might get hero’s shards in an unintentional drop. This also boosts the level of star in the hero.

Top War Heroes’ Skills Guide

Every hero has one passive skill, which is the default. In their profile, go into the skills tabclick the icon of the skill to view the effect. Apart from this skill that is passive, it can also equip special/soldier-support skills – navy, army support, exclusive, air force – up to certain hero levels. When you reach this level, you have the option of equipping the skill. Click the equip buttonit will take you to the equipment for skill screen, where you are able to equip the skill.

How To Get Skills For Heroes

All hero’s abilities have been locked as default. You must acquire the shards of a specific skill for unlocking it. After that, you’ll be able to attach it with a specific hero. Go to the hero’s recruitment screen , then select the third tab, search for skill and then you can conduct research to find skills shards. It is necessary to have a Skill Draw Card for learn the skills. This game grants you a the free card to draw skills 5 times a day. It is available one-by-one. Additionally, you can get the shards through exchange of chips or at the refugee camp.

Once you have enough skill shards, then you have the ability to open it up and use it with the appropriate equipment.

List of Heroes In Top War|

  • Tywin – SSR
  • Alex – SSR
  • Sam – SSR
  • Li Hongyu – SSR
  • Katyusha – SSR
  • Bradley – SSR
  • Bell – SSR
  • Friedman Hertz – SSR
  • Gira – SSR
  • Diana – SSR
  • Kuruze – SSR
  • Amalia – SSR
  • Ben – SSR
  • Silence – SSR
  • Sid – SSR
  • Ganso – SSR
  • Merida – SSR
  • Chloe – SSR
  • Teresa – SSR
  • Katrina – SSR
  • Bellevue – SSR
  • Lee Yewon – SSR
  • Bassel – SSR
  • Violet – SSR
  • 914 – SSR
  • Nadia – SSR
  • Edward – SSR
  • Lady Zizak – SSR
  • Tian Mu – SSR
  • Hartman – SSR
  • Sauvage – SSR
  • Arthur Harris – SSR
  • Rockfield – SSR
  • Tsuru – SSR
  • Dante – SSR
  • Villers – SSR
  • Nimitz – SSR
  • Reichstein – SR
  • Kate Curry – SR
  • Hammer – SR
  • Simon – SR
  • Ricardo – SR
  • Dr. Gero – SR
  • Wade – SR
  • Rambo – SR
  • Black Widow – R
  • O’ Neill – R
  • Bob – R



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