The Sims Mobile Cheats: Relationship, Career, Hobby, Energy, And More

Looking for The Sim Mobile Cheats? You’re in the right page, because here we have included The Sims Mobile cheats which will allow you enjoy the game for free. Find out about careers, relationships, hobbies wedding, customization party cheats and more and more for The Sims Mobile Game

The Sims Mobile Cheats

The Sims Mobile, a new life simulation game developed by EA is extremely addicting and remarkable. The reason for this is the gameplay. The player must complete lots of things, including building the house, create the marriage, make and take care of their interests, and much more. It’s a very simple game with a few ways to get through the chapters. Let’s take a an overview of The Sims Mobile Cheats, tips and tricks to play as the pros!

1.) The Sims Mobile Cheats – #1 – Introduction

In the beginning of the game, the majority functions are disabled. because of this it is impossible to perform various actions, like arranging an event, marriage or other relationships, hobbies, babies, special events and so on. Don’t be thinking about these options at first and focus on the primary tasks and gain more XP. Earn XP whenever you can and then level up your profile. You’ll be able to unlock new features when you have a profile that is leveled to: –

  • Places
  • Parties
  • Marriage/Wedding/Relationship
  • Babies
  • Hobbies
  • Special Events
  • Downtown
  • Retirement

An overview of This The Sim Mobile cheat: You can unlock new features through earning XPs. Must see – The Sims Mobile Beginner’s Guide

2.) Hidden Events – The Sims Mobile Cheats #2

Hidden Events


Are you aware of every event?

    There’s a chance but you’re not sure!

      There are three kinds of events within The Sims Mobile Game: The Sims Mobile Game has three types of events:

      • Basic Events – Career Events
      • Special Events
      • Socialize Events

      The video tutorial explains the career opportunities; go to your storethen tap on the star, then start the event -> let’s get started.

      Quick Cheat: This event is just for rewardof simoleons; cash tickets, and simoleons.

      Special Events: The events will be activated once you’ve upgraded your profile. The principal reason behind it is to earn rewards, tickets, currency in game.

      Socialize Events You can get access to it through Sim Info Click to open the Sim avatar(above the car icon) and then click contacts(2nd option) There you can view your contacts.

      The contacts are separated into five categories, romantic, friendly, rival friends, family, and rival. As an example, you could begin your relationship with a romantic Sim in The Sim Mobile game with romantic Sim. Click on the Sort option, then select romantic and then tap socialize. Then, you’ll be able to see the Sim Tap on it and begin the sequence of events and continue to tell your story of romance.

      • A quick review of The Sims Mobile Cheat -> The only thing you’ll need to accomplish is complete all types of events as well as add additional Sims and finish all stories and chapters. To begin a relationship, begin socializing events, and for stories about careers you can do career events.

      3.) Automate The Events – The Sims Mobile Cheats – #3

      • Did you know? Your Sim can complete the event. There is a duration to complete the event. All you have to do is need to begin the event, and all other tasks are handled through your Sim. For speedy completion you can assist your Sim to tap the star and select an action. Perform dangerous actions(with an emoji that is smart) to complete the task quickly. If you have a lot of Sims and you are able to do so, then you have to begin the event. If not, start it manually or fast.

        A quick overview of The Sims Mobile Cheat -> Your Sim can finish events in a way that is automatic. If you have more than one Sims and you have multiple Sims, then you don’t need to manage events manually. Simply start the event and everything else will be handled through your Sim.

        4.) Energy – The Sims Mobile Cheats – #4

      Energy – The Sims Mobile Cheats – #4

      It is essential to have energy to carry out the actions. If you take an act, the cost is energy. If you are not able to use your energy points, you are not able to participate in the game. You must wait or get boosters. The most common boosters are cupcakes, cakes, and cake. These boosters are available through the completion of quests. Select the side menu inventory, then boosts, then tap the booster you want to use to replenish energy.

      Before you begin the event ensure that you’re energized enough to finish the task. Sleep and replenish your Sim’s strength Go home, hit the bedand then rest.

      Take a quick look at this cheat trick is to recharge your energy by sleeping or by using an energy booster. The booster is available in the menu on the side.

      .) Customizations – The Sims Mobile Cheats – #5 – How To Move And Customize Furniture?


      Are you aware of the best way to maneuver furniture within the mobile sims game? It’s easy -you just need to hold your finger to an item(i.e. sofa or bed) before moving it it up. You’ll see some adjustments such as color, rotation, and much more.

      The Sims Mobile Cheats

      6.) Earn Fashion Gems – The Sims Mobile Cheats – #6

      Fashion gem is an additional game item available in The Sims Mobile; you go to the park sideFashion designer’s workshopwhere you can use the fashion gemstones you have earned and gain boosters. How can you get fashion jewels from The Sims Mobile game? Simply tap on an Sim(not that of your own) and then you can give them stickers.

      A quick glance at this cheater for The Sims Mobile – You can give stickers to your Sim to earn fashionable jewels.

      7.) Relationship Stories, Hobby Stories, And Career Stories – The Sims Mobile Cheats – #7


       Relationship Stories

      As we have mentioned There is only one task and the only job to complete events. This is what will make chapters, and then complete stories.

      Stories are split according to three different categories within The Sims Mobile Game: The Sims Mobile Game:

      1. Relationship
      2. Career
      3. Hobby

      Quick Cheat: Relationship stories are linked to your Sims/contacts Career stories are connected to your work and hobbies stories are connected to your hobby items(can be removed after completing the profile).

      • Relationship – The Sims Mobile Game Cheats[17 Stories)

      • Two Peas In An Odd Pod

      The story’s chapters include: Chapters in this story:

      1. Mismatched Pals
      2. Judgy Buds
      3. Comrades-At-Odds
      4. Forgiving Friends
      5. Unlikely Allies
      • Arch-Nemeses(5 Chapters)
      • Raincheck, Please(5 Chapters)
      • Old Rivals(5 Chapters)
      • Tainted Love
      • Soulmates
      • The Fixer-Upper
      • A Missed Connection
      • BFF’s Forever
      • Misery Loves Company
      • Sports Buddies
      • Frenemies
      • Secret Crush
      • Geek Speak
      • More Than Friends With Benefits
      • Soundtrack Of Soul
      • Art Aficionados

      Sims Mobile Cheats -> Relationship Stories Visit your contact list, and click the socialize (one by one , and then for everyone) and then start your events until you have completed chapters. Once you’ve completed the chapters the story is complete.


      The Sims Mobile Cheats

      • Career Stories – 7 Stories
      1. Like Nobody’s Business
      2. The Way Of Latte
      3. Out Of The Frying Pan
      4. Trending Now
      5. Hand-Knit Justice
      6. Remixology
      7. The Mystery Cure

      The Sims Mobile Cheats -> Career Stories -> to complete these stories -> complete career events -> new workshop/office/hospital unlocks after you complete a story.

      • Hobby Stories – 5 Stories

          1. Six – String Fling
          2. Now We’re Cooking
          3. Yay For Vinyasas
          4. Tales From The Script
          5. Play It Again, Sim

      Unlock the hobbies feature by increasing the level of your profile, purchasing hobbies items, create events, and read complete hobbies stories.


      Hobby Stories

      You can check the progress of a story from your Sim’s info menu.

      8.) Traits In The Sims Mobile Game

      You can unlock the traits specific to a Sim through completing various tasks and events like upgrading lifestyle, purchasing new clothes and so on. Traits bring new abilities on your Sim and aids to speed up advancement. The Sims Mobile Cheats Traits> complete story, events in your career enhance lifestyle, and organize events.

      So these are the sims mobile cheats that will surely help you in completing stories, events, and maintaining a peaceful life. Download The Sims Mobile Game – here(Google Play Store).



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