Warrior Saga Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Warrior Saga, a new RPG developed by HERO Game for mobile devices, is now available. To master Warrior Saga, check out our Warrior Saga cheats and strategy guide.

HERO Game, creators of Hopeless Land survival games, has released a new RPG called Warrior Saga. It features 100+ characters, pixel graphics and epic challenges, as well as a variety of game modes. The game incorporates the gacha, base-building, and tower defense mechanics. It can be confusing for beginners to understand the Warrior Saga game’s many features. Today, we share a complete guide and tips for beginners Warrior Saga and Warrior Saga strategies, cheats and tips to take down enemy captains.

Warrior Saga Game Guide To Basics⇓

Let’s start with the basics before we get into the tips, tricks, and strategy section. The Warrior Saga video game requires that the player create a team with warriors. Your main task is to power up all units. It would be difficult, however. It is easy to earn three stars in each level of the initial levels. As you move up, it will be more difficult to get three stars at each stage. It would be hard to even get two stars. Only for those who neglect skills, character deployment strategy and combo/partner skills. Barracks, turrets base, value. Let’s take it step by step.

The tutorial for Warrior Saga begins with an introduction in which you will learn about battle mechanics, leveling, warrior upgrade, base construction, upgrading and many other things. You start the game by playing chapter mode. This allows you to earn captain EXP (required for increasing the captain/player level). You will unlock new features like PvP, guild recruitment, dispatch, and many more as you level up.

There are two things you need to focus on: base and warriors. A new mode, warrior arena, will be unlocked after you reach a certain level. This mode allows you to raid the base of another player and take it over. Oh, and yes! You also plunder their resources. Here’s the main screen guide.


The world map shown above shows your own base and enemy’s bases (with red symbols), as well as other stations, fortress defense, chapters and more. The fog will vanish as you clear chapters and the new area will become accessible. Tapping the red mark (enemy base) will allow you to attack. Other players have the ability to attack your base. You should make sure that your defense is strong. You can also make an enemy change (tap the enemy base->change – this will cost you coins).

You only need to set up defense for PvP and power-up units. Also, you can increase the defense of the base and the captain’s power. In the guide section below, we will dive into PvP defense, captain, and other details. Let’s get into the Warrior Saga Guide. After that, you can check out our Warrior Saga Cheats, Tips & Strategy to quickly increase your power(value).

Warrior Saga Guide

This section will cover the basics of warriors, including their base, defense, attack, resources and defense. To master Warrior Saga, pay attention to each part.

Warriors Guide⇓

Warrior Saga has four types of characters: tank, DPS support, trump, and support. You will initially have three options: tank, DPS and support. Let’s find out more.

  1. Tank type characters are defensive units. They have a high HP stat and can absorb enemy damage easily.
  2. DPS characters can be fighters, soldiers, mages, archers, explorers, and many more. These units can deal damage to enemies.
  3. Support type characters are those who support allies (partners, other units), with their special abilities, healing, buffs.

Tap the warrior option in the lower-right corner. Here you will see all of the warriors from Warrior Saga. You can also sort the warriors using the side menu by their tank, DPS or support. Click on the warrior to go to the attributes tab. You can then check the role of the warrior, such as support or tank.

How to Get Warriors

Tap the vending room at the bottom of your screen. There are two choices on the next screen: elite gacha or normal gacha. Elite gacha recruits high rank warriors while Norma gacha recruits warriors of low rank. The characters can be summoned for free but only a few times. You might also be able to purchase equipment.

These characters are graded according to the following:

  1. B-Rank
  2. A-Rank
  3. S-Rank
  4. SR-Rank
  5. SSR-Rank

S/SR/SSR rank characters, while the most desirable, have a slow drop rate. Don’t expect to get a high-ranking character by the free summon.

How to improve the power and strength of warriors

There are many ways to increase warrior’s power. Let’s find out more:

  • The stats of the warrior are increased by leveling up: defense, attack, HP, and HP. An item called EXP Potion can be used to increase warrior level. This item can be obtained by completing chapter mode’s missions, stages, or quests. Tap the warrior option in the lower-right corner. Just below the trump option choose level up. Tap the potion, then tap the warrior that you wish to level up. You cannot increase the warrior’s level beyond that of the captain.
    • Ascend

    Ascend is another method to increase the power and stats of units. It also increases the stats of your unit by a huge amount. You will need to have fragments of the unit in order to use this feature. You have, for example, a character called explorer. It has two stars. You can raise its star level by ascending. Tap on the warrior menu and tap on the warrior to open the ascend tab. There you will find the required amount of fragments/shards to upgrade your star level. Fragments can be obtained from the vending area by completing missions/quests, warrior recruitment and chapter mode. Tap the + icon above the star-upgrade button in the ascend menu. You can also check the path on the next screen. It is located on the right, in the section Path to obtain mode.

    • Upgrade for Warriors

    The upgrade option is unlocked when you equip a complete set (Equipment). Navigate to the warrior collection menu and click Upgrade.

    Step up

After reaching level 32, 57 two additional upgrading options will be available: warrior force and unique skill.

  • Warrior Skills

To unlock more skills, level up and upgrade your warriors.

Base Guide

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