Survivor Mr. Who Pets Guide – Hatch, Use, And More

Do you want to know what pets are included in playing in the Survivor Mr. Who Game? How do you make eggs, and how do pets aid you in the game? We’ll take a look at The Widower. who Pets Guide.


This article will let you know the animals included in the Survivor Mr. Who Game. It’s a fun game that allows you to explore and discover new things by playing it rather than paying for it. In addition to the many unique features such as the pets aspect of discovery is among the first things you encounter. If you still need to go through The Survivor Mr. Who’s guide, be sure to go through that guide first. So, without more delay, let’s move on to the main page – the Survivor Mr. Who’s Pets guide.

Survivor Mr. Who Pets: –

  • Dragon
  • Chicken
  • Eagle
  • Hummingbird
  • Owl
  • Parrot
  • Sparrow
  • Pelican
  • Toucan

The pets you can acquire through hatching eggs. What can these pets do to help you in combat, and where can you find their statistics? The pets all have three traits – HP ATK, HP the type. The HP attribute is the most damage a pet can absorb or endure. If the HP is reduced to 0, the pet will go extinct. ATK This attribute controls the strength of attack that the animal has. Once you are in combat, your pet will instantly attack the enemy. The type of the pet – middle/long determines the distance.

= Checking to see the Survivor Mr. Who pets statistics


To see the complete list and stats of all pets, visit the journal menu. Once there, under the pet menu, you can find all this information. (Tap the journal book icon in the upper-left corner). Tap on the pet to view the statistics.

Survivor Mr. Who Pets ‘ Eggs

Three types of eggs There are three types of eggs: Eggs –

  • Red Egg
  • Black Egg
  • Blue Egg

How to get Eggs?


The eggs are found in the boxes. Explore the map in light and search for the boxes. The boxes appear randomly or appear in random locations on. Locate and take the box items; you can get eggs in these boxes at no cost. It’s totally unexpected. You might get a red egg, black egg, blue egg, or nothing.

How Do I Hatch Eggs?

To hatch eggs for hatching, you’ll need to construct an inviting nest in your base. Select the build option on the upper-right, go towards the facilities tab(the third tab on the menu for building) and then slide to the right, and you will find the nest area. You will need logs(5) and leather(10) to construct this facility.
Log. Chop the kind of tree to make a log for Survivor Mr. Who: —


Leather: Defeat this animal to acquire leather.


We suggest using the toolkit to cut the trees. A quality toolkit will help you collect the materials quickly. Make a tool crafting table to design the toolkit poor toolkit, a high-quality toolkit, and a premium toolkit.

For a final slaying of the beast, we’d recommend making a weapon; melee or range. It can be made by making a table for crafting gear. After you’ve made it, you can tap the bag option, click the gear tab(weapon), and choose the weapon to use.

Utilizing The Nest

Once you’re all set to construct the nest, pick a spot where you would like it to remain. After that, walk near it to interact with it. Nest (tap on the icon for eggs). On the next screen, choose an egg you would like to hatch. The hatching process will take a while until it is complete.

You’ll get random pets – look in the journal for statistics. The pet can assist you in your fight.

This is the entire Survivor the Mr. Who Pets guide for beginners. If you have more information regarding the pet, please share your knowledge in the comments below with your fellow players.


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