Star Trek Trexels 2 Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy To Build The Best Fleet

Star Trek Trexels 2, the sequel to the popular strategic game Star Trek Trexels is now available to mobile gamers. Please take a look at our Star Trek Trexels 2 guide for tips, cheats and strategies to master the game.

Star Trek Texels 2 is an all-new strategy game available for Android and iOS created by YesGnome LLC, and published by Kongregate. It lets players purchase ships, create several rooms inside them, control officers, and engage with friends in various game modes, including PvP, missions, and much more. The game requires you to create the most effective fleet of top ships and to beat your opponents in battles that are real-time and PvP. And today, in this article, we’ve explained everything that you should be aware of: Star Trek Trexels 2 guide and Star Trek Trexels 2. strategies, cheats and tips to get the most out of the game.

Star Trek Trexels 2 – How To Play – Basics First

Basics First

Before you get into the Star Trek Trexels 2 guide, including cheats, tips, and strategies, we’ll first review the basics. In the Star Trek Trexels 2 game, your primary goal is to construct the best squad comprising fighters, scientists, diplomats, and engineers. Furthermore, you need to maintain the ship, its resources, as well as the fleet and training. We’ll go into each part of the guide section below. In the meantime, remember that you need to prepare all the officers to be able to move forward through the game. If you don’t, you won’t be able to win matches , whether in the missions or in the PvP mode. In the PvP mode, you fight with other players and battle using the ships. Check out the guide for your ship below for more information. Let’s go through the steps step-by-step Step by Step:

Star Trek Trexels 2 game begins with a tutorial where you will learn the basics of the game, how to create rooms, gain access to the missions and finish them, finish the objectives or declare them, and more. At the game’s beginning, you’ll be limited to Fragments Belt mode. The game lets players travel to the areas, fight Borg and complete the missions, and collect XP and other resources. As you advance, you will find it difficult to take down Borgs. If you approach each turn strategically, it will be simple to win games.

When you complete the mission, The game will reward players with XP, and once you’ve earned enough XP, the level of your game will rise. When you have reached the 5th level, PvP mode will be unlocked, where you can fight others and gain rank points. After you earn 300 ranking points, Irish V is removed. There are several points to consider that are vital to know: resources, and officer characteristics are essential as well as large ships help players win more games, and there’s only one way to advance quickly: train the officers, and improve the rooms and ship. We’ll go through the entire Star Trek Trexels 2 guide and then go through the Star Trek Trexels 2 strategies, cheats and tips guide to learn how to master the game.

Star Trek Trexels 2 Guide

In this section, we’ll learn about the officer’s rooms, ships fleet games, game modes, missions and objectives, the training process, and more. Pay attention to every aspect to master this game of strategy.

Resources Guide

There are four primary sources in the game: Dilithium(purple colour), command(yellow), power(red) as well as research(blue). Of all the sources, Dilithium is the premium(you are not likely to get it from the missions and can create it). These resources are needed to build rooms, purchase ships or train officers, fix the healing process, and perform numerous other tasks. By default, you produce these resources in these rooms; Eps Control(power), Long Range Sensors(Research), and Hydroponics(command). If you buy the new ship, these rooms are changed into the brand new ones (flagship).

For the production to start, You must assign the crew members. All you have to do is go to the room, then select the + icon and assign the crews you have accessible. In default, there are two available crews. This means you can create two resources simultaneously. On the menu at the top, If you tap the resource icon, the game will show the resource’s capacity for storage. Create additional rooms to keep more items in the shop (Storage). You can upgrade the rooms or create more production spaces on the ship to produce more room.

Tap the wrench icon in the upper-right corner of the tab for ships. There is a room list. You can filter it according to the type of resource you want to filter by tapping the icon for resources.

How Can I Increase The Number Of Crews in the Star Trek Trexels 2 Game?

As stated above as mentioned above, the game offers you two crews at no cost. They assist you in producing the materials in these production spaces. In the absence of them, it is impossible to could not create the materials. To increase the number of crews then, you must build the home for crews. Visit the menu of the ship in the game . Click the wrench icon on the top right of the screen and then click the final tab(three dots) and construct the crew house; Crew Quarters the Standard Efficiency of Crews. What can you do to find out the number of your crew members are there? In the upper-left corner, under your character’s avatar, you can see the number of teams you have.

Officers Guide


All officers possess these talents: scientists, diplomats, engineers and fighters. Fighters are adept at dealing harm to the enemy. Engineers can hack into machines; diplomatic characters are adept at interacting with scientists, while scientists excel in analysing. When on missions, there are times you are required to investigate the machines or transponders. The effectiveness of the investigation is contingent on the skills of the person that is looking into the transponder. In these instances, scientists, engineers, and the diplomatic qualities of characters are required. To take on the Borgs, it is necessary to have strong combatants.

In the upper-right corner, Tap the symbol icon(just beneath the gear icon). Once you tap it, you’ll be able to see the officers available in the Star Trek Trexels 2 game. Press the train button, and select the training type. Combat training will boost the combat attribute, and your character will take more harm. Science-related training can increase the science aspect. Training in engineering improves the ability to engineer. Diplomatic training improves the ability of diplomacy of the person.
For training, you require training spaces. Click the wrench icon at the right-hand edge of the display. Click the last tab(three dots in purple). There you can view the rooms for training.
How to Get Officers In Star Trek Trexels 2 game?

 Star Trek Trexels

There will be an additional officer as you advance through the game. It’s not easy to acquire. Dilithium can be purchased in the shop to purchase an officer pack. In the missions, you will discover officers(they are not visible, so make sure to go through the whole area in each mission. It is possible to find them).

Star Trek Trexels 2 Fleet Guide

Click on the tab Fleet, and you will be able to manage the creation of ships. You can join up to five ships to the fleet. Click the + icon to purchase a new ship. After you’ve purchased the ship or have the ship, tap it, and you’ll be able to see both the SP and HP of the ship. Click an assigned icon to make the character assigned. Select flagship to make that ship the default. You can construct additional rooms inside the larger vessel. Always choose a more giant ship to be the your flagship. If you’d like to take any ship from your fleet, tap it and select hanger.

“Mission” Guide – Probing

If you aren’t sure what you’re required to do to complete the task, press the objective button beneath the character’s avatar (top-right right). Exploring costs or probing costs can earn you probe points. Probe points regenerate slowly.

Quick Guide for Battles and Tricks

In the game, in the battle, you move your character by tapping the empty tile. You can tap the gun icon and attack Borg in the lower-right corner. The gun feature is activated when Borg is within the range. Then, just above the character’s head, there will be the arrows. Each arrow will determine the number of turns. You will lose two arrows or tuns when you take on Borg. Quick Tips Beware of getting away from Borg. As you’re only given a few times, ensure that you utilize them effectively. Please don’t put a character close to Borg on its own. If you move all the characters together towards the Borg, you will get multiple chances of attack(back-to-back). However, when one of the characters can be found near(can strike Borg) while another is far away (cannot attack) far(cannot attack) and the other is too far away, Borg can take the next turn. It is possible to defeat Borg before he begins the turn by taking on back-to-back attacks by characters. It is possible if you bring all of the characters to one another.

So , this is a complete star trek Trexels guide for those who are new to the game. Let’s review our most popular Star Trek Trexels 2 tricks, cheats, and strategy guide.

Star Trek Trexels 2 Tips Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide:

1.) Do not Beam Out Without Exploring All The Area

After completing all objectives in the mission, the game will prompt players to either choose to beam out(leave) or continue. If you choose to beam out, then you will be taken to the menu of missions. We suggest you go on to explore the entire space. It is possible to meet with the police officer or acquire valuable resources(Dilithium) when you explore further.

2.) Reserving Dilithium For Rooms and Crew

You can purchase a third crew by giving up the resources(power command and research). However, the fourth crew costs you the sum of 66 Dilithium. Therefore, we advise that you not use this amount on any other job, besides this. Since a team assists you in producing the materials. Without resources, you are unable to instruct the officers. Check out the guide for crew members above for more details. To build additional training facilities on the ship, you’ll need Dilithium.

3.) Improve The Rooms To Move Rapidly

When you have reached the stage 6 in the Star Trek Trexels 2 game, it will allow you to upgrade rooms. All you have to do is select the room you wish to upgrade, and click on the button to upgrade.

4.) Utilize Hurry Mode to produce Quickly

As you know, you can assign workers to the production centres to create the materials. They take time to create the resources. It is possible to use this mode of production to make rapid. You need to press in the Production centre (anyone), and a green hurry button is at the top. Tap it, and then check the rate of success. If 100% is the case, utilize it. Otherwise, Not! If the device fails and fails to function, you must fix it, which will cost you money.

5.) Upgrade The Ship to increase HP, SP

Click on the Fleet tab, tap on the ship or flagship, and select upgrade, then confirm. Make sure to upgrade regularly to maintain your status in PvP mode, or be able to defeat your opponents in the PvP mode. Also, ensure that you put the characters that are in the slots. Characters deployed on the ship(fleet) cannot be used in battles with other characters. Therefore, make sure you choose carefully.

6.) Training is the key to Success

If you’re not preparing the characters from the Star Trek Trexels 2 game, You will not be able to make progress. Instructing the officers to increase their abilities in all aspects is better.

7.) Heal the Dead Troops

There’s a Sickbay facility on the ship, where you can cure dead troops. In the course of a mission, Brog defeats your character. When you return to the same mission, you won’t be able to play this character. To begin, open the shipping menu to select the Officer or character menu, then tap on the healing button. After a specific period or process, you’ll be able to use it. Do not go on an assignment if participants are hurt. There will be an orange line if the person is recovering from the injury. (Note that you should press on a character’s icon to drag it to a facility).

8.) Take a look at the Video Ad To Get the Benefit

If Brog overcomes a character during the battle, the game will present the player with an opportunity to take the Dilithium or view the video to reclaim the character. You must accept the advertisement and offer the character a second chance. If you need Free Dilithium and need it, visit the Quark’s tab, click spin the wheel, and you can obtain Dilithium from there. Check out the video advertisement to receive free Dilithium.


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