State of Survival Update v1.6.70 – New Valentine HQ Skin, Event

State of Survival v1.6.70 is just being released for Android and iOS. The latest State of Survival update has added Valentine’s Day HQ Skin and Events

State of Survival

This Valentine update is live on the State of Survival game. The survivors cannot participate in the new Valentine event, dubbed Romantic Voyage, and earn event-exclusive Valentine’s Day HQ Skin. In the course of the event, you must complete specific tasks, and the game will award you task points in addition to the reward when you complete the tasks. The event runs for four days. At every day, you will receive specific tasks to be completed. We will go over everything in detail and review all the information about this update. State of Survival Update v1.6.70.

State of Survival Updates:

v1.6.70 1.6.670 Valentine event and update is now available within the State of Survival game. Click the Events button in the upper right corner, then select Romantic Voyage -> there you will be able to check out the tasks you have to complete to earn reward points and rewards. The rewards include:

  • Epic Search Map item x1 5 points
  • 3Hours Speed-Up item – 15 Pts
  • Epic Hero Fragments – 25 Pts
  • Valentine’s HQ Skin – 35 Pts
  • Legendary Skill Book x10 – 45 Pts
  • Free 1K Biocaps – 45 Pts

How do I gain points?

Perform the tasks listed on the screen of the event. This includes login reward, consuming stamina, killing the infection, and so on.

Event Duration: 7th Feb at State 1. 12th February in the other States. 3 DAYS Event.

What Is HQ Skin and How To Use It?

If you already have the Valentine’s Day HQ Skin, then you can switch to it in the settlement. Click the HQ icon -> Skins > go to the HQ tab in the left-hand menu Choose Valentine’s headquarters -> activate. The troop attack is increased by 2.00 percent. The default skin doesn’t give any specific buffs similar to event frames. For instance, the Valentine’s Day HQ Skin gives the player a 2.00 percent boost to troop attacks.

Be sure to finish all tasks in the event’s timeframe and get all the reward points. There are other options to consider the following: –


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