Soul Seeker: Six Knights Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Soul Seeker: Six Knights is a brand-new gacha game on mobile from Clegames Inc. Explore our Soul Seeker Six Knights guide, including cheats, tips, cheats, and strategies

Soul Seeker

Soul Seeker: Six Knights is the most recent RPG developed for mobile developed by Clegames. It is a game where players create a strategic alliance and join the units to participate in the thrilling battles. The battle system isn’t wholly automatic; players can move their characters manually or use their skills to invite their opponents. Soul Seeker: Six Knights features more than 100 characters with unique personalities, PvP battles and tower mode, dungeons, and other features. The game asks players to create a powerful team of the most powerful heroes and take the enemy to the point of death. If you have difficulty getting the game’s mechanics right or searching for tricks and cheats, then the Soul Seeker Six Knights guide and Soul Seeker Six Knights cheats, tips, and strategies can help you.

Things To Know In Soul Seeker: Six Knights Game!

It is possible to choose up to seven heroes in the battle: the main hero, three heroes, and sub-heroes, and one borrow hero. However, in the actual fight, only three characters will be fighting. If you choose those in sub-slots, you can take over the main heroes once the gauge for switching is full. It is, therefore, more beneficial to put the partners in sub-slots to maximize the benefits.

Soul Seeker: Six Knights is a gritty game in which players search for sources in four game modes. This is the complete listing of game modes and reasons to spend time playing these games too: –

  1. Temple Armes Temple Armes mode allows you to earn the elemental stones(fire, water, water, wind, and many more) and EXP items. EXP items are food items. With EXP items allow you to level up your hero quickly. The elemental stones are needed for summoning heroes.
  2. Abandoned Fortress In this mode, players fight waves of enemies in search of equipment items.
  3. Dungeon of Demos – If you require runes, then you should invite the heroes from the class to gather runes. Give runes to players to boost their power.
  4. Tower Of Heroes – Players encounter elite monsters on every floor in this mode. The game isn’t straightforward, but the rewards are worth it. Mainly, for gold farming, This game is excellent.

Besides the game modes mentioned above, Soul Seeker: Six Knights has two additional game modes, adventure(the beginner’s entry) and the synergy dungeon. It is possible to play the synergy dungeons if you are the only player from a synergy group. You can see the friends that the hero has in the Synergy Illustration. Hit the hero button, then Synergy Illustration.

It is possible to earn standard equipment or in-game items during the adventure mode. Let’s go through the steps:


The characters in Soul Seeker: Six Knights are part of any of the five elements: fire(Red), water(water), wind(green), light(yellow) along with darkness(purple). The heroes have different skills, abilities, as well as stats, and roles. For example – guardian-type heroes are good tanks(high HP stats – defenders), priest-type characters have healing abilities(healers), and warrior/bandit/archer/wizard-type heroes are good attackers.

To find out the hero’s name, visit the hero menu and select hero illustration.

Beyond the heroes mentioned above, there are some real heroes as well. For example – Skill Benny, and Star Benny. These heroes are used to create primary heroes.

All of these heroes are available from grades(low up to very high) — Rare, SSR and SSR.

How To Get Heroes In Soul Seeker: Six Knights?

Heroes can be obtained through summoning using summon tickets, diamonds or friendship points. Also, you can exchange the soul stones of the elemental.

Through summoning, Click on the summon menu, where you can purchase diamonds, and get the hero. The drop rates are Rare(81.5), SR(15), SSR(3%), and Skill Benny(0.5). If you also have summoning tickets, you can utilize summon tickets. Typically, you receive the summon tickets as a reward.

Friendship Points The player can be summoned as a superhero when you spend 500 points of friendship. To earn points for friendship, including friends in the game. Also, when you join the team, include their principal hero.

In the same way, you can get the best armor, weapons, or rune to match the character.

Elemental StonesYou can obtain these stones by using the Temple Arms game. Utilize these stones to summon your desired hero.

How To Increase The Power Of Heroes In Soul Seeker: Six Knights Game?

  1. Level Up
  2. Evolve
  3. Upgrade Skill
  4. Equip Gears: weapon armor, weapon, or accessory
  5. Equip Runes
  6. Upgrade gears
  7. Upgrade runes

Leveling Up Heroes

There are two methods to increase the level of the heroes of Soul Seeker: Six Knights or an EXP item or add this hero as a team member and participate in the games; winning games will reward you with XP for the heroes of the team.

EXP Items: You can get food materials or an EXP item after completing quests in the adventure mode, temple mode, or events. Utilize this item to increase the level of your heroes quickly. To get it, open the menu for managing heroes, click on the hero’s portrait to level them up, then select the food item: bread roast duck, meat and Pork BBQ, Omelette, and Dinner.



Once you’ve reached the highest amount of heroes, you’ll be able to develop them. To evolve, you can use Benny, the star Benny, or any other main heroes. The heroes you select will vanish. Visit the profile of your hero -> evolve, then choose the heroes(Benny or the main) and then confirm. The cost will be gold.

Impact: Evolving can increase the hero’s level and stats and unlock the abilities.

Upgrade Skill

The hero’s star level determines the number of skills that are not locked. For instance, if you have a five-star hero with five skills unlocked. A four-star hero would have four abilities, a three-star hero is equipped with three skills, and the list goes on.

To upgrade the skill, click on the skill tab of the hero’s profile. Click the button to increase the skill level and select the hero with the material; you can select either upgrade the Skill Benny or duplicate your hero using this method.

Equip Gears

Gears are available in various types: standard, premium, common magical, rare or legendary, and set. When playing the Soul Seeker: Six Knights game, you can acquire these gears by summoning them, using the adventure game mode, abandoning fortress mode, or crafting (tap the menu in the sidebar on the lobby screen and select forge). You must have the most powerful gear available to help your heroes grow stronger.

Hero -> choose the hero, then the equipment, and then auto-equip.

Equip Runes

Four kinds of runes are used in the game, including attack runes, magic runes, and defense runes. Special rules of skill. It is essential to have the appropriate rune to match a hero. For instance, you can equip this defense-type rune with the defensive hero(Guardians). Runes of the attack type for the attackers. Runes of magic to wizards.

The runes are all in three grades : mid, mid(green), and high(blue).

Runes can be obtained when you play the dungeon demons, or as a reward, or by summoning.

Upgrade Gears

Because the quality of gear and its power stats influence the power of heroes, increasing the quality of gear will increase the hero’s strength. To upgrade your gear, Go to the menu for bags Equipment -> tap the gear, then upgrade and select the gears that are not needed as the item.

Upgrade Runes

To upgrade the rune go to the bag menu runes, then tap the rune to upgrade it -> it costs gold.

Merging Runes & Gears

Once you have upgraded an item or rune until it reaches its highest level, you’ll be able to merge. Please return to the inventory and press the gear or the equipment to join it. Hit the merge button, select the rune at the maximum level or bag, and then confirm. Merging can boost the grade.

Crafting Guide

From the adventure mode or other missions/events/modes, you can earn equipment material items such as iron, lumber, cloth, fragment, book page, and more. These items can be used to create equipment items. Click an icon in the left menu that is on the left-hand side of the lobby screen, then select to forge.

Earn Friendship Points

Click the menu in the sidebar > friends -> click the heart next to a friend’s name.

Synergy Dungeon Mode

Synergy Dungeon is quite a distinct mode in comparison to other games. For this game, you need to have a pair of Synergy heroes. If you do not have them already, you cannot play them. Therefore, try to get the most heroes you can to complete the chapters of this mode.

This guide is called the Soul Seeker Six Knights guide for those who are new to the game. Let’s take a look at our most popular Soul Seeker Six Knights tricks, cheats and strategies.

Soul Seeker: Six Knights Tips & Cheats: –

1.) Activate The Synergy Buff, If Possible

Synergy Buff

The synergy buff can provide an extra benefit for all or a few team members. All you have to do is join the two teammates in the team. For instance, Luna Sion and Sion are both partners. If you place Luna as well as Sion in the exact slot, the primary and sub, allies will benefit from a 5 per cent STR(Strength) Bonus. You can find the complete list of partners and buffs on the Synergy list(Hero menu>> Synergy Illustration).

2.) Evaluate, Before You Develop

There is no need to create every character or hero. To assess the surface to determine whether it is worth improving or not, visit the profile page, and then tap the button to evaluate -> there, you will be able to read the reviews for that hero written by other players.

3.) Must Include A Healer In The Team

If you have a priest or hero with a healing talent, ensure that you include them in your team since their skill can aid in keeping players, attackers and defenders safe after suffering so much injury.

4.) Deal Bonus Damage To Certain Enemies

Certain Enemies

As stated above, All heroes are part of any of five fundamental elements: water, wind, fire, dark, and light. Like the other elements, all monsters are part of any of the features. You could gain an advantage from the essential factor by picking the best targets or heroes to get bonuses. How?
Fire-type heroes deal bonus damage to wind element monsters. Wind-type heroes cause bonus damage to monsters of the water element. The water element heroes cause bonuses to creatures of the fire element.
You can see your opponent’s elements on top of their heads.

5.) Join A Guild And Earn More

Please find a local guild to join and pay to it with guild coins. You can use the guild’s cash in the shop for guild members to buy rune-related tickets tickets to the skill benny and Star Benny tickets.

6.) Complete All The Daily Quests

The completion of all daily quests rewards 100 diamonds. Therefore, make sure to finish all daily tasks quickly as you can. In addition, each week’s milestone awards 500 diamonds and a monthly milestone reward of 1,000 diamonds.

There are also story quests, and you can earn EXP items such as gold, crafting materials, diamonds, heroes and more.

7.) Pay Attention To The Events

You can earn tickets for weapon hero tickets, coins, tickets, and Benny(skill, star) by completing event-related missions.

8.) Don’t Forget To Claim The Hero Collection Reward

Each time you earn hero status, you will receive diamonds in exchange for. To claim your reward, head to the hero illustration menu and click the diamond icon located at the upper-right corner of the hero icon.

These are the top Soul Seeker: Six Knights guidelines for novices.


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