Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers Tier List – Best Warriors Guide

Are you wondering who are the top warriors from Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers? Find out more in the Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers Tier List that includes the best warriors

Saint Seiya

Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers features numerous warriors that can be drawn using galaxy stones. With numerous characters to be added to the squad, you may be trying to figure out who is the most effective and who’s the most mediocre. Also, when playing gacha games, do not spend your time making ineffective characters. Then, there is the necessity of a list of tiers that will give us a hint of which character to build first. As a beginner you may want to find out who are the top nats you’ll construct to destroy your foes. In addition, we will provide you out with our Saint Seiya SSS tier list.

The following Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers tier list, we’ve listed the most effective characters you can build to progress through the PvE and PvP mode. Remember that it is built on what is available in the JP version. Therefore, let’s get to the main section. If you’re new the game, we’d suggest studying our Reroll guide.

Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers Tier List – Best Warriors: –

  • Aquarius Camus – SS Tier
  • Leo Ailoia – SS Tier
  • Virgo Shaka – SS Tier
  • Sagittarius Seiya(Red) – SS Tier
  • Taurus Aldebaran – S Tier
  • Gemini – S Tier
  • Tenshiboshi Garuda Aiacos – S Tier
  • Chrysaor Krishna – S Tier

The best characters on the Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers Tier List. Let’s take a look at their information and then look over the A-rank tier lists.

Aquarius Camus – SS Tier

  • Color – Blue
  • Buffer and Balanced attributes and Balanced Buffers based on the combat DEF
  • Freezing Effect
  • The Passive Skill increase the chance of freezing

Leo Ailoia – SS Tier

    • Color – Red
    • Strength – Defense, Does Decent Damage, Buffs Allies

Virgo Shaka – SS Tier

    • Color – Blue
    • Strength and Strength Power of Attack and Evasion Rate. Lowers the PHY DEF of all enemies.

Sagittarius Seiya – SS Tier

    • Color – Red
    • Strength Buffer Evasion Rate, Strength Stats Buff Allies(Physical defense Strength, Attack Power)

Taurus Aldebaran – S Tier

    • Color – Green
    • Strength – Tank with high DEF, Defender

Gemini – S Tier

    • Color – Red
    • Force – Attacker, DPS

Sagittarius Aiolos – S Tier

    • Color – Green
    • The character you get for free , as a pre-registration reward
    • Strength Strength – allies(Physical Strength – ATK strength)

Chrysaor Krishna – S Tier

    • Color – Red
    • Strength CRIT, Attacker Bleeding Effect

Tenshiboshi Garuda Aiacos – S Tier

  • Color – Green
  • Strength Buffer Buffs, Evasion Rates, Buffs Crit Rate of Allies
  • These are the top characters that are featured on the Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers Tier List. Let’s look the characters that are also good and have the ability to eliminate waves of foes.
  • Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers Tier List A Tier: –
  • Aries Mu Blue
  • Healer. She is able to help allies. Additionally, buffs can reduce power.
  • Cancer Deathmask Red
  • Jammer. He’s a decent attacker and has the ability to reduce enemies defense.
  • Scorpio Miro – Green
  • Jammer. He is a decent damage-dealer and has an excellent bleeding effect, PHY DEF and has the ability to reduce defense of the enemy.
  • Capricorn Shera – Red
  • Attacker. Attack stats are decent however it takes a bit longer to boost the abilities. The buffs increase attack strength.
  • Pisces Aphrodite Green Green
  • Jammer. Strength; Evasion Rate PHY DEF ATK Power.
  • Libra Dora – Blue
  • Defender. Strength; Physical DEF Drinking DMG, increases the PHY DEF for all allies who have the ability. The effect of teamwork increases the defense spirit of the golden saints.
  • Gamma Star Fekdator – Red
  • Defender. Strength Physical DEF. Passive Skill improves defense.

So this would be all in this post on Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers Tier List.


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