Slash & Girl Cheats: Guide, Tips & Tricks

Slash & Girl – Joker World is a brand-new mobile game that will take you to Joker World, where you slash and hunt down jokers with an attractive girl.


RedFish Games, well-known for Panda Power and Badminton League games, has recently added a mobile game to its portfolio. The game is called Slash & Girl – Joker World. It’s easy but challenging – you’ll play as an innocent girl who seeks out the jokers of the world of jokers. If you’ve had the pleasure of playing the Blades of Brim game, developed by the team behind Subway Surfer and Subway Surfer, you’ll be able to find Slash & Girl quite similar. There is only one difference between in the surroundings and the characters. You’re on the right path if you’ve only discovered this game. We will share the Slash and Girl Cheats that include the guidelines, tips, and techniques that you might like. Therefore, without further delay now, let’s get to the leading site.

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You aim to get the highest score – the principal endless mode is travel mode, where you advance by beating the jokers. When you get more and move on, their level of them will rise and eventually, you’ll encounter high-level jokers that will be difficult to beat. To defeat the high-level players in Slash & Girl, you would require the gears, suit and weapon. Through the travel mode, you make money, gems and gears. With coins, you can upgrade the loads on the girl’s character. Additionally, with rocks, you can revive your girl’s character when she is dying. Learn everything in depth and look into all Slash & Girl cheats, tricks and tricks:

Learn About The Gears

Two main types of gear are available in Slash and Girl Joker World; weapons and suits. The higher the quality of the case or weapon is, the greater multiplier you’ll get. If you have a higher multiplier, you’ll receive more excellent bonuses and be you will be able to get through more jokers. Let’s discuss the grade of the gear; everyday rare, uncommon, epic, legendary, and standard. In the menu for roles in the game, you’ll discover the weapons of these grades are based on: Common have white swords on their left-hand side, rare green, rare blue epic – purple and legendary – gold.

If you have a better weapon, you’ll be able to get a greater multiplier, which helps you to get even further ahead of the top score. But, they’re challenging to find. If you’re looking for suits, head to the tab for cases in the menu for roles, and you’ll find working wear and sports, ninja night runner, night runner, and – to Aliyah. After the outfit is set, there is a multiplier bonus. It starts with Workwear, which offers plus 5% to Code-G, Nurse, and FU. This type of set offers a 100%-120 multiplier.

If you can complete all the suits in an outfit, or set, The multiplier reward will then be added to your account. For instance, for the workwear set, it’s 5%…

Increase The Multiplier In Slash & Girl Game

Get high-quality weapons, and complete outfits, and increase your level to increase the Slash & Girl – Joker World game multiplier. In the upper left corner of the primary screen, click the multiplier’s status for more information. It’s based on your weapons, roles and the suit.

Master The Travel Mode

  • Always make sure to hit the jokers. If you don’t have it, they will, and you’ll lose the HP
  • Gather the green gems and activate fever mode , and you could get a hidden chest with a high-quality weapons or suits
  • Completion of the quests for gems
  • Check out the video ad to read the review
  • Play this mode for a while to gain EXP and upgrade your girl to increase the multiplier
  • Make sure to buff your girl immediately after the game has started to get an advantage

Climb Up The Leaderboard In Events

In the event mode, you’ll earn lots of weapons gear, some of which may be only available in the event. Keep in mind the happenings and keep playing until you beat the high score to earn the best reward for your ranking.

Collect The Free Coins

At the bottom of the game screen, You will see the option to play for free. The game will give you free coins, depending on your own items. The rewards increase the more you collect items such as suits, weapons, and roles. You can earn them through playing the game. Play the travel mode mode, and you will collect lock chests.

This would make 5 Slash and Girl tips and tips for those who are just beginning. If you have additional information to share, leave a comment below.


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