SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2 Guide | For Beginners

Sega’s SHIN MEGAMI-TENSEI Liberation Dx2 game is a new turn-based strategy game. Our SHIN MEGAMI-TENSEI LiberationDx2 guide, cheats, and strategy is available.

Sega’s new turn-based strategy, which is available on Google Play Store or App Store, challenges you to defeat the demons and create a party of demons. SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2 features many demons and game modes, events, PvP and Classic, as well as many other game modes. It can be confusing for beginners as there are so many parts to the game. We have covered nearly all aspects of the game in this post: – SHIN MEGAM TENSEI Liberation Dx2 guide with tips, cheats, and strategy.

Guide To Basics: How To Play SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2?

Guide To Basics

This game does not have any unique mechanics. Everything is the same as other turn-based strategic games, except for the names of attributes, ingame currency, items and supplies. You must build a demon party and defeat your enemies to advance in the game.

The tutorial will guide you through the basics of summoning, battle, demons and more. It’s your turn. The story quests mode is where you start the game. You complete chapters to earn XP and supplies. Mag and many other items are also available. Your character’s level will increase as you earn more XP and clear more chapters. You can unlock new features like the Aura Gate, Black Market and Pandemonium by leveling up. You can select up to four demons as well as one support demon in battle. You just need to use the skills of the demons wisely and defeat your enemies.

Main Screen Guidelines:

This is the SHIN MEGAMI-TENSEI Liberation Dx2 basic guide for beginners. Let’s now move on to the ultimate guide and learn all aspects.

SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2 Guide⇓

This guide will teach you about demons, leaders, party management skills, summoning, items and fusion. You should read the entire guide.

This guide will teach you about demons, leaders, party management skills, summoning, items and fusion. You should read the entire guide.

These are the main characters. For battle, you can choose up to four demons. Each demon has different skills and stats. Let’s find out about their skills and stats. Demons’ Stats: –

  • St = Physical attack and defense
  • Ma = Magical attack and defense
  • HP = Hit Points
  • VI = HP, Physical/Magical defense
  • Ag = Accuracy, Speed
  • Lu = Evasion

How do I check the stats of demons?

  1. Click here to go to the menu
  2. Choose Party option
  3. Next screen, at the bottom of the screen, go to demon information
  4. Tap the demon to view its stats

How do you get demons?

There are many ways to get demons in Dx2;

  1. Fusion
  2. Talk to them during battle and become their friend
  3. Summon

Introduction To Demons⇓

Remember that each demon has its own stats, grade and skills. Fusion and summoning can be used to create high-quality (3-star) demons.

You can find the complete list of demons in the game by going to the menu, hideout, compendium and clicking on the link.

Party Management Guide⇓

SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI liberation Dx2 is a game where you have to create a party of the best demons. There are many demons in the game, so it is not easy to find the best. You just need to compare their stats, skills, and choose the four best demons for the battle.

How to manage the party – Add or select demons

You can go to the menu and select party. On the next screen you will see two teams. One should be yours, the other one would be Rika’s. Choose a team. Tap the demon to be removed. On the next screen, a complete list will appear. You can choose to replace any demon.

Skill Points (SP) Guide⇓

You can earn skill points as you progress in your game. These points can be used to learn skills. HP Plus is a skill that increases HP for all demon characters (team). What can you do with these points?

  • Click here to go to the menu
  • Select party option
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the party screen and click on the Dx2 information tab
  • Select a leader
  • Tap the SP icon beside a skill

Summoning Guide⇓

Summoning is the most common way to get the demons. You will need gems to summon 3-5 demons. Gems can be earned by completing missions, quests, or achievements. Go to the hideout and select summoning portal. There are three methods to summon a demon: superior (using gems), normal (summon files), or fragment.

You can purchase summon files on the black market or through the exchange of battle points

Hideout Guide⇓

Hideout Guide⇓

Hideout is the best way to access most of the features. You will find many options in the hideout menu. Let’s find out more:

  1. Liberator Headquarters – You can view the missions and check out LiberatorHQ.
  2. Chruch of Fall Gods – Here you can combine demons to create a new one
  3. Summoning Portal – Read the guide above
  4. Pandemonium: Here you can awaken demons and evolve to increase your strength
  5. Conversion to Aether
  6. Demon Dispatch – Send demons to missions and get free rewards and XP
  7. Black Market – This is where you can find the best deals and exchange in-game currency
  8. Compendium – A list of all characters
  9. Safe – After a set amount of time, it provides Macca and gems from Headquarters.

Fusion Guide⇓

The best way to get new demons is through Fusion in SHIN MEGAMI-TENSEI Liberation 2 game. This is a different summoning feature in that you must sacrifice two demons to obtain a new one. You will receive a new demon free of charge depending on the grades they have. Fusion costs Mag (can be obtained by clearing stages in story mode). Go to the hideout and choose one of two types: normal or multi. Multi-features would be locked. Normal will give you two choices: Demons that can be used and Demons that can be made.

Demons to Use: – Choose two demons for the test.

Demons to Make – Choose the output you want and then look for the demons required for fusion.

Aura Gate⇓

You will need action points to play this mode. This map can be used to access them. It is only accessible at a certain time. You clear all floors in this mode. You will battle demons, gatekeepers and other enemies on each floor. You can earn many valuable rewards from this area.

Dx2 Duels|

This mode allows you to battle against other players and earn rank points. You will be rewarded based on your rank after a season is over.

Hell’s Park|

You can complete the quests to earn incredible rewards in SHIN MEGAMI-TENSEI Liberation dx2. This is the most difficult game mode in SHIN MEGAMI-TENSEI Liberation 2 in which you must battle powerful enemies

  1. This is the SHIN MEGAMI-TENSEI Liberation X2 guide for beginners. Let’s now take a look SHIN MEGAMI-TENSEI Liberation X2 strategy, cheats, and tips.

    SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI Liberation Dx2 Cheats & Tips⇓

     #1.) Build A Powerful Party Of DemonsA

  2. strong demon party is essential to be at the top of the leaderboards in PvP and to defeat demons in Hell’s Park or Aura Gate. There are many ways to build a strong party.

    1. Only focus on 3*-5* demons
    2. Play the story mode to Level Up
    3. Pandemonium – Evolve and Awake Demons
    4. Add friends to get access the support demon feature
    5. Summon or fuse to obtain higher-quality demons
    6. To earn more valuable items, you can continue the story mode chapters.

2.) Attack On Their Weak Parts

Attack On Their Weak Parts

You use your skills to attack enemy troops in battle. Use your skills wisely, as weak spots can cause massive damage to the enemy. How do you check for weak spots? It is very simple. You can view the stats and skills of your enemy in battle. Below the skill icons, you will see the (WK) keyword. You can take note of this skill and then use it. The above image shows Brute Azumi (enemy) being weak against Zio skill.

#3.) Add Friends For 1 More Demon

We can only select four demons for the battle, as you all know. You can add a support demon to your team by adding friends. To see the friends feature, please refer to the main screen guidelines (in the basic section above). You can borrow support demons by adding a friend.

#4.) Activate Skills For Bonus Impact

The Skill Points Guide is located above. It gives a boost to party members and is worth activating.

 #5.) Earn and spend Frog Points

Completing missions can earn you frog points. You will find an event icon on the main screen. It is located to the right of the gems option. Click it to open the missions tab. Completing the missions will earn you frog points. These points can be used to purchase precious items like Yata Mirror (Evolving Material), Brand Cube (to obtain 4*-6* brand), summon files, Hell Bull, Monster Drew and many other items.

#6.) Dispatch The Demons

Hideout: Head to the demon dispatch tab to send demons on missions for precious rewards

#7.) Check Out The Black Market Daily

Here are some great deals. You should check this site daily to ensure you don’t miss any deals.

 #8.) Pay Attention To Safety

You can claim free gems and Macca here slowly. See the hideout guide.

These are basic tips, cheats and a strategy guide to help beginners in SHIN MEGAMI-TENSEI Liberation Dx2!


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