Score Match Overview, Guide, Tips, And Cheats

First Touch Games Ltd. The creators of the Score Hero game have recently added a brand new soccer title, “Score Match”, to their list of games. Here’s everything you need to learn about this game. Score Match game; Overview and guide, tips, and cheats for the Score Match game.


Score Match is a brand new soccer game available for  from the makers of the Score Hero game. It has a real-time multiplayer mode, with the sole Androidgoal you must complete is to defeat your opponent. However, it’s more complicated since you’re playing in real-time against players worldwide.

Score Match – Get Started



Genre; Sports, Online Multiplayer

Score Match starts with a tutorial where you are taught the fundamental aspects of the game. You will learn how to transfer the ball to other players, score goals, tackle and steal the ball, manage money, do box formation, team formation, and upgrade. When the training is finished, the player can handle all of the aspects by hand.
Score Match game has many types of games; Junior, Amateur, Semi-Pro, Professional, Deluxe, Premier, Supreme, Elite Master and Legend. It does not have a single-player mode, which means that you play against a real person; each time you play, you will be playing against real players. Start the scoring Match game at the Level Junior.

Score Match – Matches Level


The cost of a match is determined by the level at which you plan to play. Junior games cost 100 dollars, and semi-pro match matches cost 800 dollars. Cash is among the most valuable resources available in the Score Match game.

To unlock new game matches, you need stars. Earn stars by beating opponents in matches.

Score Match Gameplay


Press the Play Match button and start the game. You will compete with real-life players around the world. Once you’ve selected your opponents, you can bid to gain an advantage. This will it will cost you gems. If both players bid, the player who bids the most will gain the advantage.

If you are looking to kick off and start the game, then you need to make a bid. You can ignore or click the “No Bid” or “No Bid” options.

There is a predetermined time frame for matches two minutes. A player scoring two goals first will win the victory . Alternatively, the player with greater points by the game’s conclusion will win the victory.

If, after the game, both players have equal points, then the penalty shoot-out is the way to determine the winner.

Pay Match Score – Money and Gems earning strategies.

In the absence of cash, you are not participating in matches. If you own gems, then you can trade the gems in exchange for cash. If you have nothing to exchange, you must keep an eye out for free boxes and packages.

The free package is available at the end of every three hours. These packages offer cash, gems, upgrade cards, and more. The cash you earn from these packages is sufficient to play junior games. Save your money, and play with care to win the cash prize.

Goals and Goals for the Goal Packet

You can claim this offer once you have completed the required goals. Once you have claimed this package, you must wait a long time before you can benefit from this program.

Arena Boxes

The boxes can be obtained by winning matches. They can be opened immediately, exchanged for gems, or sit for a couple of hours.

There are various ways to play the score Match game to make money and win prizes, but the most effective is to have back-to-back wins. Find new arenas and win more money and stars.

Play Score Match Game with Players


Take a trip to the formation section. From there, you can alter the positions of players as well as the positions of players. The upgrade of these players will help to increase the overall performance of the team; strength, speed, and response, shooting or dribbling, and much more.

Therefore, upgrading is also beneficial. However, how do you improve players in the Match Match game?

Players need cards to improve their players. They can be gathered from goal kits, and box arenas.


You can also alter the order of the players’ positions; to make the number of players is 11, you can select the following formations: 4-4-2, 5-3-3, 4-3-3, 4-2-3-1, and others.

Find More Features in the Score Match Game

Log in to Facebook, enjoy many more features, and earn rewards. You can purchase a goal pack that lets you play across different devices, join the team of your friends and add your friends to your group, and many more are some of the features and rewards.

Tips and Cheats for Score Match game.

  • You will be able to easily win every match in the Score Match game, if you can move the ball in a way that targets the player with care, use the tackle feature in the right place at the just the right moment, and make use of penalty shootouts and free kicks. Don’t allow your opponent to steal the ball away from you.
  • Utilizing the tackle feature at just the right moment can help to take the ball away from the opposing player.
  • Get two goals in the final minutes of the game.
  • Touch the player(target the player) to allow the ball to pass quickly.
  • Keep the ball close to you.
  • Beware of your adversaries.
  • Only invest in your players when you have a little money.
  • When you’re short of cash from the Score Match game, open free boxes and packages and unlock boxes.
  • You can play Junior matches even if you don’t have much money.

Earn money and continue playing the Score Match game.

Closing remarks on the game of Score Match

Score Match is an excellent soccer game that is available on Android. It is a great graphics game with high-quality gameplay, great commentary, competitive games, and challenges. If you’re a fan of football games and want to play more, you must give it a shot. Get a Soccer Match game right here(Google Play Store). It’s draining my battery! 


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