Sacred Sword Princesses Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Auer Media & Entertainment has released Sacred Sword Princesses, a new mobile gacha game. You can find Sacred Sword Princes’ cheats, strategies, and tips here.

The Sacred Sword Princesses RPG is very similar to all the other gacha RPGs. You create a party of characters with different abilities, then fight the enemies in various game modes, including story mode, event missions, and PvP. By increasing your squad rank, you will unlock new functions as you move through the story mode, such as daily missions and leagues. Get unlocked. You are here if you’re just starting the game. This Sacred Sword Princesses guide will help you understand the basics of the game. We have also shared several Sacred Sword Princesses cheats, strategies, and tips to help you get ahead quickly. Let’s start, without further delay.

Guide to the Sacred Sword Princesses: –

You must build the best party possible in Sacred Sword Princesses. You can get many characters from the gacha. If you have the banner, you can spend diamonds and obtain a symbol, character pieces, or other valuable items. Battle system and controls – You can use an auto-battle mode for crushing your enemies. Let’s take a look at everything.

Sacred Sword

Characters Guide:

Three types of characters are featured in Sacred Sword Princesses: Melee (Sword Symbol), Ranged (Bow Symbol), or Magic(Wand Symbol). The melee weapons used by Melee characters are very effective in close combat. Ranging characters inflict massive damage on the enemies using their ranged attacks. Magic-type characters can unleash incredible skills in battle. There is also an elemental system. The four elements are a part of the Sacred Sword Princesses game.

    • Fire(Red)
    • Water(Blue)
    • Earth(Yellowish)
    • Air(Green)
  • Here is the information about the elemental systems:
    • Fire beats Air
    • Air beats Earth
    • Water beats Earth
    • Water is better than Fire.

If the enemy is of the Fire element, the Water element characters have an advantage. Tap the character button in the lobby. You can then tap the avatar of your personality – information.

Rarity: –

Their star level determines the rarity of a Princess/Character. Higher star levels indicate more abnormality. High-star characters are the highest-tier characters. A 3-star character is better than a 1-star one.

How to Get Characters

The gacha menu has the characters. There are many gacha banners, including starter step-up banners, exclusive character banners (Maya, Aya), premium banners, normal gachas, friend gachas, and others. Every day, you get a normal gacha to try for free. You will also need gacha vouchers and diamonds to get other banners. These can be obtained by playing the game, missions, story mode stages, or training challenges.

Get Characters

Battle Guide:

You can select up to three characters from your team to enter the expected battle. To automatically select the characters, tap the auto or configuration buttons. The characters will automatically start fighting their enemies once they enter the battlefield. You can access their skills in the bottom-right corner. Tap the icon at the top-right to add a friend.

Battle Guide

All avatars of team members can be seen on the upper left. To use the avatars in battle, tap on them. You can earn upgrades materials, gears/equipment, and squad rank EXP from the actions. All members of the party earn EXP to help them level up.
You can earn the maximum rewards if you complete all three missions in a stage.

Battle Guide

This is the Sacred Sword Princes Guide for Beginners. Let’s take a look at the top Sacred Sword Princesses cheats and strategies to master this game.

Sacred Sword Princesses Cheats, Tips, and Strategies: –

1.) 1.) Make Your Character Stronger

Are you stuck? You must know how to make your characters strong enough to take down the entire enemy squad. There are many ways to make your characters stronger. Let’s find out how to make your characters stronger:

Level up: The party members, can earn EXP from victories and battles. This is needed to increase the character’s level. The character’s level is an indicator of her stats. She gains an increase in attack, defense, and HP. You can also use the EXP tokens to grant EXP. You can view all characters by going to the character’s menu. You can tap the avatar to level up, choose the EXP token and spend gold on leveling up your surface quickly.

Equip better gears: You can purchase equipment/gear from story mode battles or other sources. Equipment can increase the stats of a character by a significant amount. Make sure your top characters have the best gears. These gears can be forged to enhance their effect. You can also evolve the equipment to improve its effectiveness.

Rank-Up: If you have enough shards, you can rank up or raise your character’s star levels. You can see the star level of your character by going to their profile. To submit your star level, you must first reach the max level. The gacha menu allows players to obtain the shards.

Talent Grids: Unlock ultimate skill and special abilities. Treasure – You can equip a relic or unique weapons. Once the character reaches level 7, you can make her awaken.

2.) 2.) Grind in the Daily Missions

To make your characters more robust, you will need many items. For example – to evolve a character, you need evolution material. These items can be obtained by grinding daily missions. Tap the adventure button at the bottom-right corner to play daily tasks.

  • Material items based on character elements
  • Cosmetics
  • Coins
  • Accessory
  • Dessert Daily
  • Jewelry Daily

3.) Complete the Tutorial Missions

To learn the entire game concept, it is a good idea to start with the tutorial missions Sacred Sword Princesses game. To open the tutorial missions menu, tap the challenges button in the lobby’s top-left menu. There are many valuable rewards you can get, including gacha vouchers and evolution material, chests, diamonds, chests and character shards.

4.) Check out the Event Missions

Events Missions don’t last for long so be sure to finish them as soon possible. These event missions offer valuable rewards such as scrolls and character shards. Tap the adventure button in the lobby’s bottom-right corner -> event missions.

5.) You can repeat the Story Mode Missions

You can replay the previous stages to earn rewards such as gears, EXP and material items. Go to the world map screen and select the location to continue the stage.

6.) Complete Daily Training

For more rewards, complete the daily training missions. You can unlock talents with Universal Crystal, Dragon’s Claw, or even stage exploration with Dragon’s Claw.

7.) Take Elemental Advantage in the Battle

If you have difficulty defeating an enemy or monster in battle, check their element and deploy the strong element characters. For more information, see the character guide.


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