Rilakkuma Farm – How To Get Hammer?

Looking for the hammer, you need in your Rilakkuma Farm video game? Find all methods to get the hammer used in the game to expand storage space.

The crops or items you gather in the fields or produce in the shops are kept inside the inventories. The game, by default, offers 100 slots to hold as many as 100 objects at once. However, you’ll require more space as you advance through the game. To expand the storage capacity, you’ll require a Hammer tool. This article will show you how to acquire a hammer from Rilakkuma Farm. Without further delay, let’s begin.


How To Get A Hammer In Rilakkuma Farm?

You can purchase the hammer(s) in the shop if you own jewels. Visit the shop menu to play the game. Scroll down to the sale section for today. There are daily deals. These deals are updated every day. Be sure to visit this area every day. With these deals daily, you can find deals that give hammers in exchange for jewels. Remember that prices can differ, and you might not find the item since the game releases new items daily. We recommend that you check this area daily and grab the best tools.


Another way to earn the hammer at Rilakkuma Farm is by participating in time-bound special events. These special events require you offer items(fruits or dairy products etc.).) to the characters. In exchange, you earn event points. At certain points that you reach, you will be awarded rewards. For example, according to the current Christmas celebration, there is a chance to win the hammer when hitting certain milestones: 300 points or 130,500 points, 800, 1000, 1,500, and so on. To the left on display, click the special event icon to view the current date of the event.

Click the present box to examine the milestones which award important items such as profile icons or hammers coins. These are two ways to acquire Hammer from Rilakkuma Farm. Are you aware of other ways to get Hammer? Please share it in the comments below and with your friends.


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