Rescue Wings! Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Rescue Wings! is a straightforward but challenging casual game available for Android and iOS and released by PlayStack Ltd. Let’s have an overview of this Rescue Wings! Guide, tips, cheats and strategies


In Rescue Wings! Players assist Scruffy, the dog, in preventing forests from getting blown by fire. The player controls the plane, then go underwater to create water bombs, and then throws them towards the location of the fire at the appropriate moment. It’s that easy! It’s a challenge to master. You’ll need to be able to handle the control, the plane movements, and throwing the water bombs at the correct time, and there are many things you need to be aware of to earn an award of gold at each stage.
There are a variety of game modes to play in: levels and adventure, as well as competitive. In the levels mode, you advance through the stages more brutally. To unlock levels, you must be flying consistently for long periods while in adventure mode. In addition, the competitive mode allows you to test your abilities by pairing you against other players. The players play three rounds. The player with the most impressive overall performance is the winner and receives rewards and the ability to boost your ranking or league. Let’s take a look at the Rescue Wings! Guide to Rescue Wings! Tips, cheats, and strategies!


1.) Master The Controls

There are some things that you should be aware of when operating the controls; you need to be flying straight to maximize the aircraft’s speed rate. If you continue to fly either higher or lower, it will slow down. To win the gold medals for each stage, you must concentrate on achieving the fastest speed you can as quickly as possible.

Two other things to consider include diving in and out. Before you begin the stage on your top, you should check the fire areas. For instance, it’s 3. Then, you must try to get enough water to protect all of these (3) places. Remember that you cannot return and retrieve the water back, so make sure to do it in one go. In specific scenarios, you could get multiple water areas. Always try to get as much water as you can.

If you are diving in, make sure not to dive too far into the water. Instead, use the acceleration button to propel the water quickly. When you emerge from the water, remember that you must fly in a straight line to achieve the maximum speed within a short time. Therefore, make sure to maintain your fly-up-down controls swift and balanced.

2.) Try To Get The Gold Medal At Each Stage

You can play the arena as frequently as you’d like. In the beginning, you’ll be playing to advance to unlock levels. The next time, you’ll find the deadline to earn that gold award. Make sure you collect all gold medals in each location to claim your Gold reward for free.

3.) Buy Better Planes In Rescue Wings!

Navigate to the interface for the primary game, and select the plane symbol to the right of the gear icon. From Here, you can purchase better planes. Tap any plane to see its statistics. The stats include the following:

  • Speed – How fast can a plane fly
  • Agility is how quickly an aircraft can react to dive into and out of the plane quickly
  • Fill Speed-This number will determine the speed of filling water.

When you advance in the Rescue Wings! Game, you’ll have to finish the level within a few seconds. This means you need to save money and purchase the top planes(high-level planes).

4.) Get Familiar With The Game Modes

  • Repeat the steps in the stages modes to get gold coins levels EXP. As your level increases, you’ll earn more coins as a reward.
  • You can get the boosters to go into adventure mode by watching the video advertisements, and then exploring the vast area . You can also unlock new levels.
  • Competitive mode revolves around abilities. You need to be able to be better than the other player. Make sure you don’t cause a crash, and concentrate on controlling the plane.

5.) Grab The Free Stuff In Rescue Wings!

Visit your local shop(tap on the button for gas at the top of the screen, then go to the free stuff). You can earn gas, free coins and gas by watching video ads.

That’s the whole point of Rescue Wings! Tips and tricks, guide. Please feel free to share your ideas in the comments section below!


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