Raid Shadow Legends guide: tips, cheats & strategies

Are you new to Raid Shadow Legends game? Learn about all the aspects through this Raid Shadow Legends guide available with cheating tips, tricks, and strategies for beginners

Raid Shadow Legends guide and strategies:

This article explains the best ways to play Raid Shadow Legends, about the champions, battles, artifacts, aura skills and more like masteries, becoming stronger, upgrading champions, and so on. Let’s move on into our Raid Shadow Legends guide and strategies:

Guide To Raid Shadow Legends Battles

Guide To Raid Shadow Legends Battles

The turn-based battle system used of the Raid: Shadow Legends game is quite simple to grasp. The player builds a team of champions that fight monsters or the team that is in opposition. If you’re playing Campaign mode to achieve 3* in battle, you must to take out the opponent’s team using 2 or less champions. There should not be any casualties. If you’re playing different games like dungeon, arena, it doesn’t matter. You can use the four champions. If you’re not receiving 3* from 2 characters, then join the whole team and advance even further. You can play the older stages at any time. Once your two most powerful characters have the greatest strength, try playing the stage where you weren’t able to get the 3-stars.

⇒When selecting the champions for the battle, you should pay attention to the elemental relationship. At the bottom-left corner of a monster or character, you can check its element. All these creatures belong to one of the five elements; red, green, blue, and purple. Red beats blue, blue beats green, and green beats red. If you select the strong element character, you will get an advantage(increase in damage, reduction in receiving damage(enemy attacks).

Raid Shadow

You use the skills of the champions to deal damage, apply buffs and debuffs, as well as give support. The green bar, located just above the head of the character, displays the health status of an ally and/or monster. The turn-meter is displayed on the yellow bar just above the head of the character. Your character will receive the turn if it is full. As you advance in battle, it fills slowly. Raid: Shadow Legends champions all have their own skills, roles, and stats. Before you can proceed to the battles, you need to read the skill details and role details of the champions. This will allow you to use champions’ skills at just the right moment and with the right target.

The attack effect is displayed by the color of an arrow just above the enemy’s head. The enemy is weak against the champion on the turn. The yellow arrow indicates that there is no additional bonus. The red arrow means that the enemy is stronger in affinity than your champion. In point 2 (above), we already covered the affinity mechanics. Your champion will do more damage if the enemy has weak affinity. There would be no bonus if it was the same (yellow Arrow). Your champion will do less damage if it is strong (red arrow). This is why it’s important to choose the champions carefully.

Battle Rewards

=Battle Rewards: -> You can see the rewards you might get for winning the battle on the stage selection screen. You could get a champion, scroll, potion, scroll, artifacts or accessory.This is the Raid Shadow Legends Guide for Battles. Let’s take a look at Raid – Shadow Legends Guide to Champions.

Guide to Raid Shadow Legends Champions

This is where you can find the top champions lists.

Getting Champions In Raid Shadow Legends

Tap the portal option on the main screen. You will be taken to the summoning portal, where you can spend the shards you need to summon champions. There are many shards available: mystery shards and ancient shards as well as sacred shards. The champion is determined by the shard type. Sacred Shard can be used to create legendary or extraordinary rarity champions. To obtain rare, epic, or legendary rarity champions, use the void shard. You will also need to spend silver. You can get silver from quests, challenges and campaign battles.

All Kinds of Shards in RAID

The Mystery Shard:

  1. Campaign Battles
  2. Shop
  3. Kaerok Castle
  4. Sewers in Arnoc
  5. Narbuk’s Catacombs
  6. Durham Forest
  7. Felwin’s Gate
  8. Palace of Aravia
  9. Tilshire
  10. Valdemar Strait
  11. The Deadlands
  12. Godfrey’s Crossing
  13. Hallowed Halls
  14. Void Keep
  15. Spirit Keep
  16. Magic Keep
  17. Force Keep
  18. Dragon’s Lair
  19. The Peak of the Ice Golem
  20. Castle of the Fire Knight

Ancient Shard: –

  1. All weekly quests completed
  2. Void Keep
  3. Keep Your Spirit Alive
  4. Magic Keep
  5. Force Keep
  6. Dragon’s Lair
  7. The Peak of the Ice Golem
  8. Castle of the Fire Knight
  9. Free (Once a Week in the Shop)

Void Shard:

  • Monthly Quest
  • Shop

Sacred Shard:

  • All monthly quests completed
  • Shop

Get familiar with the Champions’ Roles

Getting Familiar

Raid: Shadow Legends has all champions having one of the following roles: attack, defense support and HPAttackers can do a lot of damage to their enemies.With their skills, defenders defend allies during battle.Allies are supported by supporters who have healing and buff skills.HP champions are equipped with healing, defense buffs and debuff skills.You can view the role of each champion by going to the champions menu.

Guide To Aura Skills

Guide To Aura Skills

Some champions possess an unique aura skill that has an impact on all team members. A special icon representing an aura skill would appear at the top-right corner of the champion’s portrait. Galek, for example, has an aura skill that increases allies HP by 15% in all battles. The skill tab in the champion menu will allow you to check the aura skill of the champion.

Guide To Raid Shadow Legends Artifacts

Guide To Raid Shadow Legends Artifacts

There are five types: life, offense defense, defense, critical rate and lifesteal. These artifacts can be obtained from campaign battles or dungeon mode, or in the shop as a reward for logging in. The stats of champions are increased by equipment or artifacts (weapons, armor, boots and shields). A set effect is activated if you equip 2/4 of the same type of artifacts. You can see that life type artifacts increase HP and offense artifacts increase attack. Defense type artifacts increase defense. Lifesteal artifacts increase healing stats. (BY 15%).

You can equip these artifacts by going to the champion menu. Tap on a slot to select an artifact. You have three options: sell, equip or upgrade. You can sell the artifacts to get silver. To increase your stats, equip the artifact. To increase your stats even further, upgrade the artifact.

You can see the changes in champion’s stats by looking at the stats table.

Guide to Champions Skills

Click on the champion menu, select the champion, then click the skills tab. Tap the skill to see more details. These skills can be upgraded by acquiring duplicate champions or tomes. Tomes can be obtained through login reward, progression reward, or shop/packs.

Guide to RAID Mastery

By activating mastery skills, you can increase the champion’s attack, defense, and support stats. To unlock masteries, all you have to do is collect scrolls from the Dungeon Mode -> then use these scrolls. (champions-> masteries -> Tap the + button). To obtain the scrolls, you must raid the enemies of Minotaur’s Labyrinth Dungeon Mode.

Level Up The  Champions

Two ways to increase the level of a Raid champion are Shadow Legends and sacrifice low-grade champions. Tap the Tavern option on the main screen. Select the champion you wish to level up. Next, choose the champions you want to sacrifice.You can also add champions to the team for battle. They will gain experience after the victory.

Upgrade the Champion’s Rank

A champion who reaches the maximum level will lose any experience. The player must upgrade rank to increase the champion’s level cap. Tap the tavern button -> upgrade rank. Select the champion you wish to rank up. Next, choose the champions with the same rank. The star level determines the number of champions needed to rank up a champion.

Ascend the Champions

Ascending can be used to increase the stats of the champion. To accomplish this, you will need ascend potions. These can be purchased from the dungeon.This is the Raid Shadow Legends guide. Let’s take a look at the top Raid Shadow Legends tips and tricks.

Building Champions Wisely

The four types of champions mentioned above are: HP, support, attackers, defenders and HP. A set effect can be activated if you equip 2/4 artifacts from the same type. This should be done in a proper manner. To boost attackers, equip(set-effect), offense type/crit-type weapons. For defenders, defense artifacts. For HP, life artifacts. You can activate the set effect by equipping multiple or four artifacts from the same type. The Lifesteal set benefits all.

Go to the champion menu, tap the champion, then tap the review button at the top of the level bar. Then go to the recommended artifacts tab. Here you can view the recommended artifact sets for the champion.

Create a Balanced Team

You must include a defender (defenders are skilled, which protect allies), healers (to heal allies), attackers and buffers/debuffers.

Don’t Waste Tomes

To upgrade the skill of the champion, you will need to use tomes. This item is difficult to find. This item is rare and you should not waste it on an uncommon or common champion. These tomes can be used as a login reward or progression reward.

Repetition the Stages, Farm Resources

You can make champions stronger by raising their level, equipping artifacts and upgrading artifacts. There are many other ways to do this. To level up, you can add champions to your team and continue the stages to farm EXP. You can also repeat the artifact stages (you can sell non-useful artifacts to get silver). To farm potions, scrolls and artifacts, use the dungeon mode

Save Gems to Unlock Mine

We recommend that you save gems to unlock the mine if you plan to play this game long. Raid: Shadow Legends’ mine produces gems free of charge.

See The Market Deals

A market can provide high-quality artifacts (epics). You can find the best artifacts on the market by checking the daily deals.

Complete the Challenges

Completing daily challenges can help you earn tomes or ancient shard.

Completion of the Quests

Complete all quests to earn shards or level up quickly in Raid: Shadow Legends.

Register to Link Your Account To Save Progress

If you do not want to lose your progress, it is very important that the game be linked to a Plarium or Facebook account. You will lose your progress if you remove the game from your account and then install it again. To link the game with FB or Plarium, tap the player avatar icon in the upper-left corner -> connect Plarium ID or FB.

These are the Raid: Shadow Legends tips and tricks for beginners. Comment below if you have any more tips for other players


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