Questland guide: tips, cheats & strategies

Are you new to the Questland game? Learn all the fundamental concepts by reading this Questland guide with tricks, strategies, and cheats for newbies.

Questland can be described as an excellent turn-based game that is available on mobile devices developed by Gamesture. The game offers various game modes, including campaigns, events, PvP and so on. The initial levels are easy to complete; however, later in the Questland play, you’ll be confronted with formidable monsters. You need to be concerned about two things when playing this game: the upgrading process and looting! In this article, we’ve covered all the information about the game. Questland Guide, Questland cheats tricks, tips, and tricks. Let’s begin by going through the Questland guide first.

Start Here – The Basic Questland Questland

Here’s the progression guide for the basics of playing for beginner players: –

  • Take on battles and win
  • Craft armour and swords, as well as weapons.
  • Find resources to use by completing quests or by grabbing free chests
  • Working on character enhancements and upgrades
  • Take part in battle-related or other events
  • Explore
  • Get access to more modes, features and options by advancing

Questland Guide – Complete

To speed up your progress, focus on the quests you have to complete. When you complete the quests, you earn an enormous amount of exp needed to move to that next stage. The higher your level, the greater the number of upgrades you can make to your gear.

Hero Guide

The goal is to boost your hero’s strength so they can defeat the formidable bosses in battles with bosses and other opponents. To facilitate the power of your hero, you must equip the gear. Navigate to the hero tab , click the gear, tap on gear, and hit an equip button.

Only use the top gears. Select the gear tab and click on a pack. Select the compare to evaluate its characteristics against the equipment it is fitted with. Choose the one that is best for your particular character.

Gears Guide

There are five kinds of gear available in Questland. The five types of bags are

  1. Common
  2. Uncommon
  3. Rare
  4. Epic
  5. Legendary

How do I get the gears?

  • To get rare, unusual epic gears, go to the chest of bags in silver.
  • For epic loads, Open the golden chest.
  • To find legendary gear look inside the legendary gear chest
  • You can earn all these gears simply by playing the game, and beating the enemies through events and boss battles. As rewards, go through the levels in the campaign mode several times.


  • Main Hand(70)
  • Off Hand(60+)
  • Helmet(50+)
  • Armour
  • Gloves
  • Boots
  • Pendant
  • Ring

Use these gears to boost the abilities that your character has.

Questland Tips Cheats, HTML0 Tips ->Improve these gears to increase the overall efficiency of your character. The improvement can be made by upgrading, increasing bonuses, activating them, and reforging.

Upgrade Gear

If you upgrade your equipment, you boost the strength of the hero. It is necessary to have gold and sternum to upgrade. Additionally, the player earns reforge points for upgrading their equipment.

The power of boosting A Gear

If you own multiple gears of the same kind, you can utilize the second gear to boost the performance of your other bags. Raising a load increases the stats, defence, HP attacks, and defence. Also, there is more. In the section for equipped then, tap the gear you’d like to boost. Select the second item and confirm. The equipment that is used to promote can be damaged.

Reforging the Guide

Reforging is another method to enhance the gears. Reforging requires to reforge powder as well as gems or gold for reforging.

Gear Parts

Gear parts are available as rewards for completing the quests, levels or other activities. It is possible to join these pieces to create a complete selection of gear when you’ve got all the details. Select the hero tab, then parts and tap”merge” next to the equipment. You can then connect the components to a piece of gear.

Parts needed to join;

  • Legendary or Epic 30
  • Rare 15 – 15
  • Uncommon 10
  • Common 5

Orbs Guide Orbs Guide Questland

Orb is among the primary objects in Questland. Orb is one of the main items in the Questland game. Orbs can be obtained from:

  • Events
  • Completing the quest
  • Shops for trade
  • Craft

Three kinds of orbs can be used to boost their health and attack statistics as well as the defence statistics of the heroes. Orbs quality;

  • Uncommon
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Rare
  • Enhance The OrbTo improve the stats of orbs, use essences and balls that are similar to rivals. Bodies come in three varieties: attack, health and defence. Cores are used to boost the effectiveness of the orbs.

Quick Tips and cheats on Questland Game;

    • Make sure you are focusing on quests to get higher levels quickly.
    • Find the best gear, examine the characteristics, and choose the best one.
    • Improve the gears to boost defence attack, health, and defence points.
    • Get the chests for free and get silver, forever and golden after a specific period.
    • Increase the speed of the gears.
    • Go to the market to find the most affordable deals [Home> market -> city ->> shop for items
    • Take the passive income(home — city – -the bank to take)
    • Look at the video ad, get gems, and use the free lucky spins to get essential parts(to unlock the golden chest or the silver chest) or other benefits.
    • You can activate the bonus by finishing the collections(hero tab> collections)
    • Perform the daily tasks.
    • Make use of the jungle spin to earn chest keys for free gems, gems and coins(main screen > more > spin)
    • Secret Codes. You will receive it when you reach the level of 8. You can share it with your buddies to gain gems, a golden chest, a key, and an eternal chest key
    • One of the most effective ways to unlock the eternal key is to share the codes with your friends. Attain level 8 before you can begin communicating.
    • Participate in battle-related or other events.
    • Utilize your skills at the right moment in the final round to beat the boss.
    • You can play the campaign levels several times to earn rewards.
    • Avoid spending your money on low gear.


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