Perfect World Mobile Cultivation Level Guide

What is the cultivation level in Perfect World Mobile, and why is it necessary to boost it as soon as possible? Check out Perfect World Mobile Cultivation Level Guide


In addition to your character level, It is essential to concentrate on the cultivation level as well. When you increase cultivation levels, you can gain access to more talents and increase the level of utmost skill. When you start the game, your cultivation level is the base level. Players must complete the Cultivation quests, which are unlocked at certain character levels to boost the cultivation level. With this Perfect World Mobile Cultivation Level guide, you’ll learn the basics of the system.

Perfect World Mobile Cultivation Levels: –

  • Base – Level 1
  • Inspired – Level 9
  • Attuned – Level 19
  • Blessed – Level -29
  • Savvy – 39
  • Awakened – Level 49
  • Enlightened – Level 59
  • Immortal I – Fiend I – Lv. 69
  • Immortal II – Fiend II – Lv. 79
  • Lv. 89 – Immortal III Fiend III

At level 69, you can decide to follow one of the paths taken by sages, or the the path of a demon.


The quests are the quests are marked by the word “Cult”. Also, in the upper-right corner, under the mini-map, you will be able to check your character’s level requirements to gain access to the your next cultivation quest.

character level

In each Cult stage, you will receive an award. It is possible to equip these titles to your player and gain a tiny increase in stats. For these titles to be fitted, tap the avatar avatar in the upper left corner of the screen. Then, navigate to the Title tab. On the Titles menu, select the Personal tab. Scroll down until you come across Cultivation Titles. Select one, then press the button to equip the title. These titles are displayed over the character’s head.

That’s the entire point of the Perfect World Mobile cultivation level guide. Since you know that Cult quests can be unlocked at a certain level of character; 29, 39, 29 or 39, etc. It is recommended to raise the status of the surface quickly to unlock more powerful skills. It is possible to grind EXP in a myriad of games in a variety of modes. In the previous post, we shared some tips and tricks to assist you in getting your level up quickly. This is the URL to the post:

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In addition, each class has the opportunity to unlock a specific set of abilities available at the Cult levels. If you’re not familiar with the types, be sure you read this article to learn more:

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