Penguin Isle Pick 1 Item – How Do You Complete This Quest?

One of the quests in the Penguin Isle Game is to Pick 1 Item. How do you complete it? Continue reading for Penguin Isle Pick 1 Item quest.

Penguin Isle

The quest requires that the player opens the chest. It could be either the silver or the gold chest. These chests will contain items that can be used to help you complete the quest. Tap the shopping bag icon at the top-right corner of your screen to open the shop. Scroll down to the treasure chest section. To complete the quest, open the silver chest and pick one item from Penguin Isle. The video walkthrough is available here. We have provided step-by-step instructions for completing this quest after the video.

Penguin Isle Pick 1 Item Quest: –

Step 1. Step 1.) Tap the shopping bag. You will be taken to the shop, where you can purchase chests, time tokens, heart tokens, and gems.
Step 2. Step 2.) Scroll down the shop menu until the treasure chest section appears.
Step 3. Step 3.) Grab the silver chest. To complete the quest, tap the green button. This chest holds one item, which is all you need to complete this quest.
Step 4. Step 4.) Claim your reward
This is how you can complete the Penguin Isle Pick 1 Item Quest.
You should purchase a gold chest, and claim multiple silver chests to complete the quest. Gold Chest isn’t free, unlike Silver Chest. You will need 200 gems to purchase this chest. It offers more rewards than the silver chest, and contains more items. Gems can be earned by watching the video ads or completing achievements. Catches can be achieved by completing achievements in the game. You can also go to the shop to view the video ads for x30 gems.

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