Overdrive City: Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Overdrive City is the latest game by Gameloft, where you create and run a car town. Explore our Overdrive City guide for tips, tricks, cheats and strategies

Overdrive City

Gameloft is well-known for its Asphalt Game Series and recently launched a brand-new game named Overdrive City – Car Tycoon. In the game, the player constructs the city/town of their choice and then expands it to new levels. It blends racing with the mechanics of building base. There are a lot of cars that you can unlock, and upgrade. It also has production and trading capabilities. It also has production and trading functions. The Overdrive City guide is designed for novices and covers each essential aspect. Additionally, we’ve posted some Overdrive City tips, cheats and strategies you might enjoy. Without further delay now, let’s get to the main page.

The Overdrive City Guide and Tips

The game begins with the career mode, in which you will complete chapters on increasing difficulty. The aim is to level quickly, and gain access to all vehicles, buildings and facilities. And to expand the city even more. It’s possible to visit your friends’ towns and shop for items. We will go over everything in depth and learn all Overdrive City tips & tricks to:

Find out how to get more Cars.

For those new to the game, you’ll probably be wondering about the process of getting vehicles, the number of are in the game, and others. The latest edition of the Overdrive City Overdrive City game features over 50 Cars. They are divided into six categories: D, R, C, B, A, S, and D. There are regular cars, rare vehicles, incredible automobiles, or legendary ones. The higher the rarity, the more difficult it will be to find the blueprints for the vehicle. D R and R Tier Cars have a max of 5 stars. Vehicles in the B or C Tier Cars have a maximum of 6-Stars. The A-S Tier Cars are allowed to have seven stars.

Now, How do you access the automobiles?

When playing Overdrive City, the player must gather the blueprints of the vehicle they would like to unlock. The blueprints are obtained from the stages of career mode and the research centre (which opens at the level of 7 players) and as a reward for log-in. Click on the Car Center(the blue-coloured building) in your car town or base.

The car centre menu which displays the entire list of vehicles included within Overdrive City. Tap the car banner to see to determine if it’s locked or unlocked – press the green button to find out how to access the blueprints.

Visit The Research Center

Research Center is the building where the user can use the research money to purchase blueprints for automobiles. It has a variety of slots where deals are presented for the user to see. These deals are updated each day, and new car blueprints are released. Therefore, the first advice we’d recommend to you is to keep an eye on the deals in the research centre each day, and then download the blueprints of cars you most frequently use. Because the offers are only for a short time, it is recommended to check the section daily.

Step Up to unlock new Buildings, Modes and Buildings

To progress to level up Overdrive City, you need to accumulate XP. Look out for the purple level bar in the upper-left corner of the screen. It shows the number of points or experience (XP) you require for higher levels. When you tap this bar, you can see which level unlocks on the next screen. For example – level 8 unlocks race trial mode; level 10 unlocks truck depot. If you’re looking for ways to get your story up fast, go through the following Overdrive City tips: –

Accelerate Your Growth Fastly; This is How

Performance Center – this is where you can take care of the vehicles to earn massive amounts of XP. It’s one of the most effective methods to improve at overdrive city. Overdrive City game. The building is located to the right of the central car building.

Production – make the tools, materials or other components in the building. After the show is complete, you can claim the goods and earn an XP reward.

Achievements: Tap the achievements icon in the town of cars. Here you can look over the quests that grant XP and cash. You can complete these quests to gain XP and increase your level quickly.

Find Gift Boxes To Collect From Cars

Gift Boxes

Now and then, vehicles offer you gifts. You will see the gift box icon on the car that is in town. Be on the lookout for the hero and tap it when it appears. You may get free cash, credits, XP, etc.

Accept The Trade Offers

Trade Offers

Sometimes, cars in town will offer trade opportunities. There is a shopping label on the vehicle that is running in the city. It is possible to trade items in exchange for earning credits.

Continue to Produce The Products

Tools, Car Parts, and other materials are manufactured in buildings such as factories, industrial, internal components and body plants, the battery plant, etc. Be sure to keep the production going at all times. You won’t only receive the items produced, but as well the XP.

Also, make sure that you ensure that all production facilities are working all day long.

What product do you want to create? It’s all about the product you’re looking for. Do you intend to improve the vehicle? Make the needed components. Are you planning to finish the service of the vehicles in the performance centre? Check out the service quests and the required parts , and then make them, and earn a lot of XP.

Concentrate on the Career Mode

At first, you should concentrate on the career mode . complete the stages, earn blueprints, and unlock all the free cars. Additionally, you earn research points that you can use at the center of research to purchase blueprints for more cars.

Complete the Services

Do you require Keys or XP? Get the necessary services for the vehicles in the Performance Center.

Finish The Achievements

Do you need cash? XP? Completing the achievements will earn you.

Don’t Waste Credits & Cash

Don’t spend money hurrying the production process or speeding up production if you’re an online player who is free to play. Cash is difficult to come by and you need to make use of it in a wise way, such as buying new slot production into the structures.

Don’t use credit or cash, or on decorations.

Login Daily For Free Rewards

Every day, you receive daily rewards, such as research points as well as cash, sledgehammer keys and so on. Every seven days you’ll receive Epic Blueprints for your Car. Be sure to check in each day and get these fantastic rewards.

That’s the entirety of this article about Overdrive City guide, tips tricks, cheats, and strategies for novices.


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