Orbital 1 Guide, Tips, Cheats For Beginners

Orbital 1 is a strategy game that is designed for mobile devices created by Etermax, the maker of the Trivia Crack game. In the game Orbital 1, you build the most potent unit deck and fight with other gamers worldwide. Explore the Orbital one guide, as well as Orbital one cheats, tips and tricks.


Orbital 1 is a great strategy game on Android, like the Clash Royale game. In the competition of Orbital 1, the player competes against other players from around the world. Two things determine the winner:

  • Captain
  • Two Guards/Defenders of Captains/Companions.

Gain instant victory after defeating the captain.


If the two players cannot take out the defences or captains, the game will be tied, and you’ll get the additional time. In this extra time, the defenders play a crucial role. It would help if you destroyed the opponent to win the victory.

Orbital 1 is an exciting strategy game, and the gameplay is very significant. By using the most effective strategy, you will be able to overcome your players. In this article, we’ve covered everything about the game. Orbital 1’s GuideOrbital 1 tips cheats, strategies, and cheats.

1.) Orbital 1: Get Start – The Essential

Like every other game, the Orbital one game begins with a tutorial where you are taught the basics rules of the game, the practices of playing Orbital 1 and deploying units, upgrade cards, couriers and more. Following the instructions, players must manually manage everything from upgrading or managing the deck and so on.

The Basics The Basic you select the best troops [troops and gadgets] for the battle, then deploy strategically to ensure the safety of your captain and Defenders and boost the strength of your units by enhancing them.

The goal is to remove your opponent’s captain and defences as quickly as possible. The two players must deploy the teams on the battlefield strategically to earn prizes. Let’s begin our journey with the orbital tutorial as well as Orbital one tips;

2.) Orbital 1 Guide Complete

= Guide to Cards

Cards come in a variety of types;

  • Rare
  • Common
  • Epic
  • Legendary

Class of cards

  • Gadget
  • Air
  • Building
  • Ground

The approach of each unit differs. Some units attack from a distance, while other teams move closer to the enemy and begin their attack.

How do I unblock a new card?

To unlock more cards, you can earn awards and then jump onto the stadium next to you.

  1. Stadium 1 – 1 Trophy
  2. Drop – 100+ trophies
  3. OKU – 500+
  4. EIS – More than 900
  5. Kemba – 1300+
  6. OXBY – 1800+
  7. Keleti 2100
  8. Champions 3000+

To earn trophies, take part in fights!

There are several ways to acquire cards: win a contest, open the couriers, or use real money. To upgrade a unit, you’ll require the same card. For example, you will need chaser cards to upgrade to a chaser unit.


The different types of Couriers available;

  • Free rewards – poor quality
  • Silver is more valuable than free
  • Diamond is superior to silver
  • Glorious – more valuable than a diamond
  • Mysterious and more than beautiful
  • Epic is better than the cryptic
  • Mythical The best

The player receives a free courier after every four hours. Another way to gain couriers is to win victory in the fights. Make sure to wake the couriers.

This is the procedure you need to follow when playing this game: Orbital 1 game;

  • Create the most beautiful deck
  • Before you play, you should use this deck to practice, and be aware of the weaknesses of your deck
  • Upgrade your units/cards
  • Completing the quest
  • Seek out the best prices

= Orbital 1 Tips Cheats, Tricks, and Cheats

  • Create the most powerful deck

One of the main tasks of playing the Orbital 1. game is creating a solid deck. To construct a powerful deck

  1. Review the details of all your units
  2. Compare each other against one another
  3. Choose the top ones

Choose the most effective combination that includes all kinds of units: Air troops, devices, and attack from a distance/range and have quick moving speed

  • Don’t make a direct move! Orbital 1 Tips, Cheats, and Tips

After you have built the most impressive deck, start practising. Practice in the practice mode before you attempt to play in challenge mode. If you practice in the practice mode, you’ll be able to recognize the weaknesses in your deck.

If the test fails, Try a few changes and attempt again!

  • Battle/Challenge – Orbital 1 Tips

= What it does! It is essential to understand the units. If you aren’t aware of the teams, they aren’t able to be used to your advantage strategically. Visit the deck section and click on a unit to examine its information and characteristics; is it quick? Damage? HP? and more!

This is known as the Two Sides -> Both defences protect the captain from the front and the backside. You must be able to manage both sides. You can put your troops either in the front or the rear. The management of both sides is an essential job. If an attacker attacks the back defender, place the unit to the front and reverse.

= First Attack? It is best to wait for your opponent’s unit to begin to deploy your own. Check your decks, and watch for the turn of the opponent. If, for instance, the opponent has an air unit, You can deploy an air unit or unit which attacks from some distance.

= Completing the quests to earn courier points.

Avoid wasting your money on cards that aren’t worth upgrading.

Visit the shop section, scroll to the bottom, and then cards. If you find a great deal to be had, take the deal in exchange for gold for coins.

= Level-Up through upgrading the units. Levelling up increases the attributes[HP, damage] of your captain and its companions/defenders


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