Om Nom: Merge Cheats: Guide & Tips For Beginners

Om Nom: You can play with your little Nommies in this cute Idle game from ZeptoLab. Our Om Nom Merge cheats are tips, guides & strategies that beginners can use.

Om Nom

Hello Player! You are now in the world of Nommies. Your goal is to stop the fruit from growing out of control in the forest. The chaos will be controlled by the Little Nommies, who will eat the fruits. There are more than 40 Nommies in Om Nom: Merge. These Nommies will eat your fruit and give you gold, the game’s currency. They also help you rank up on the tournament scoreboard. It is easy to grasp the gameplay: you combine 2 Nommies of the same level to become a higher-level Nommie. The goal is to unlock all of them. This Om Nom: merge guide will show you how to play the game. We also shared some Om Nom Merge tips and tricks to help you save gold and make your progress faster. Let’s get started!

Merge Cheats

Om Nom: Merge Guide –

Nommies in Om Nom: Merge is characters that you place in the forest to eat fruits. This gives you gold. In the upper-left corner of your screen, you can see how much gold you have and how much gold you generate per second. You earn more gold the more fruit they eat. High-level Nommies eat fruits fast and can make more money. You can find the current level at the top of the game. Pass the story to unlock new features, forests, and fruits.

Merge Guide

The gem (purple gem) is the premium currency in the Om Nom Merge game. It can be used to purchase one more skill or more slots on the board so that you can get more Nommies at once. You can also use it to buy instant gold in the shop. It is best not to spend it on things that aren’t necessary, such as instant gold or Nommies from the Mommie Shop. Instead, you can use it to purchase additional skills and more slots on the Nommie board. Gems can be earned by completing daily quests and Om Nom Merge game achievements. The tournament also rewards gems for reaching the top rank on the scoreboard.

This would make this Om Nom Merge guide for beginners. Let’s take a look at the top Om Nom Merge tips, tricks & strategies that will help you progress quickly and have fun.

Om Nom: Tips, Tricks & Strategies for Merging Cheats: –

1.) Have The Best Nommies On The Field

High-ranking Nommies on the field can help increase your earnings. The amount of gold that you make per second is determined by the Nommie level, as we have already mentioned in the guide. To make more money, it is better to combine all available Nommies to create high-level Nommies. You won’t be able to advance quickly if you don’t merge/level the low-level Nommies. High-level Nommies can help you earn more gold.

2.) Wait for the Free Packs

Om: Nom Merge offers many options for buying Nommies. You can use the gold (spend on the featured character at the bottom-center), or from the shop and gift packages. We recommend that you don’t pay any gold on featured Nommie friends if you have low gold. Wait for your free gift packs to arrive. You can keep an eye on your gift bar gauge. When it fills up, you will receive a gift package, which includes a Nommie of a random level. To accept the gift package, you only need to have free slots on your board. To receive ten gift packages, you can view the video Ad.

3.) You can remove mommies from the board

You can delete low-level Nommies from the board or fields by dragging them to a delete icon at the bottom-right corner. You might get low-level characters in gift packs. In that case, it is possible to delete them. The maximum level of Nommie: 49

4.) Use the Gems Wisely

The purple gem can be used for many purposes, as we have already mentioned in the guide. You can buy Nommies at the shop to get instant gold, skill, and more slots on your board. To have more Nommies on the field, we recommend that you buy more slots. More Nommies equals more gold. How can you earn gems? Answer: Complete daily quests, and achievements, and claim free gems in the shop or tournament.

5.) Keep an eye out for the free offers

Mommie, the green color Nommie of Cut The Rope who guides you through Om Nom Merge, often gives free boosters to players – make sure you keep your eyes open for these boosters and grab them as soon as possible. You can watch the video Ad to get free supporters like an increase in your gold earnings or fast gifts.

6.) Grab the Chests

A chest or an airdrop (with a balloon) appears on your screen. Tap the button to activate the bonus. You can also double the reward by watching the video Ad and using purple gems.

7.) Activate the Gold Boost

Tap the Golden Apple in the footer menu to check the Gold Boost offer. This boost doubles your earnings and unlocks fantastic rewards. You can activate it by either watching the video or paying gems. The booster lasts for approximately 2 minutes.

8.) Claim Nature’s Gift

Om Nom: Merge offers five daily gifts to players who play the game. To see the gifts of nature, tap on the golden mushroom on the menu at the top. Every few minutes, you will receive a 

Gold Boost

9.)  Use the Skills to Get More Benefits

There are two types of skills: the water drop skill and the food emoticon. The water drop skill is helpful for quickly growing fruits and rain. The food emoji skill aids Nommies in quickly consuming the fruits.

These are the best Om Nom: Fusion tips, tricks & strategies for beginners. Do you have any other information and tricks? Please leave your comments below.


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