Naruto Slugfest Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies To Increase CP

Have you started playing Naruto Slugfest and wondering how to boost CP and increase your strength quicker? Check out this article to find the Naruto Slugfest guide, tips, strategies, and cheats.

Naruto Slugfest has been now released for some time. The Naruto Slugfest guide is designed for those who are new to the game and to help them get started. Additionally, many Naruto Slugfest tips, cheats, and strategies are provided that you will surely appreciate. When you start the game, you choose a class for your character. There are four primary classes to choose from. You can check out our guides for each class here, where we’ve discussed the most effective class. Another feature that is new to The game’s game system includes its Partner system. You can check out the partners’ levels here. Let’s look at the main information.

Naruto Slugfest Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies: –

When playing Naruto Slugfest, your ultimate objective is to make your character stronger. In the upper-left corner near the main character’s avatar, you will find for CP – Combat Power. There are many methods to boost CP and become stronger, such as by enhancing your gears(Ninja Tools) and upgrading your allies, Ninjutsu, and more. Learn everything thoroughly and look over the entire Naruto Slugfest tips & tricks to build strength: –

Naruto Slugfest

Recruit And Equip Partners To Increase CP

Partners are the substitute-characters in the Naruto Slugfest game. The main character will have two companions at all time, and will have the ability to use the partner’s Ninjutsu capabilities. All of the partners have distinct Ninjutsu capabilities. For instance, Tsunade can remove debuffs and heal allies using passive abilities. You can activate their ability using their icons. First, however you have to prepare them.

Recruit And Equip

Click the shuriken button beneath the mini-map, and you will be able to open the menu, then partner -> recruitThere will be two gacha choices: advanced and normal. The standard gacha will give you B and A-grade characters. In the advanced/fine gacha, you could be able to get S, A S, and SS grade characters. The higher the grade of the character, the better the CP you will receive.

In the menu of partners, you can tap the companion tab, and there you will be able to select your companions by selecting on the radio button(circle-shaped checkbox). Once the radio is set, you’ll notice their icons near the buttons for skills. Tap on their icons to activate the active skill. The passive abilities of the characters are activated by default.

Be aware that only players who are equipped affect the CP. It is, therefore, better to have the most powerful characters at all times. For more information, click here and here

  • Naruto Slugfest Tier List – Best Characters

This would then be Naruto Slugfest’s guide to the Partner system. You need to take them on by using the ramen vouchers, and then equip them with their acting abilities and statistics. Let’s find out how we can build them up and as they grow stronger. Then your CP will increase eventually.

Cultivate The Partners To Increase More CP

Growing the partner, you have equipped to cultivate the partners equipped in Naruto Slugfest can help you to gain more CP. Please navigate the partner menu and select the character you’re using> cultivate. And it contains three tabs: Ninjutsu training, training, and upgrade. The training tab is where you can take the talent pill to cleanse the character to get new stats. The character gets random stats. Their stats may be less; continue to do it repeatedly until you achieve the best stats. If you find the most effective stats, you can save the result by tapping the Save button. Additionally, before starting Ninja training, you can choose the stats for training: Agi/Agility, VIT/Vitality, Strength/Strength, and Dex/Dexterity.

The other Tab is Ninjutsu. You can use it to obtain the Ninjutsu Scroll to level the ability. You can get Ninjutsu Scrolls from the recruitment clan shop, clan shop, sky ladder shop, and other ways to do it. Just tap the + button, and it will list the various sources for acquiring the scrolls.

Upgrade The third sub-tab of the Cultivate section of the menu for Partners. You can make use of duplicate copies or shards of characters to enable the boost statistics.

In addition, you can also improve the performance of your friends by using food items, such the ramen.

These are the methods to build stronger characters with your partners featured in the Naruto Slugfest guide. Be sure not to spend your time on characters that aren’t worth it. You can find the the tiers here.

Equip High-Grade Ninja Tools

Ninja Tools and Character’s gears influence the CP. Select the bag option, and then on your next screen, examine all Ninja tools under the Ninja Tool tab. There will be an orange dot in gear, which is greater, but it is not equipped. Make sure you have the most powerful Ninja Tools available. You can purchase Ninja Tools or gears from the quests, such as trial tower mode trade stall, or assault mode.

Upgrade The Ninja Tools

Click the shuriken to access the menu and select forge. There you can utilize the increased charm to boost the character’s CP. It is available by doing daily tasks, a trade, prestige shop and Love shop, test tower, and even a treasure map.

That’s all that is in this Naruto Slugfest guide to gears. Get gears from the quests or trial towers, equip the top ones, and upgrade/forge.

Master The Ninjutsu

Master The Ninjutsu

Click the shuriken and then menu -> Ninjutsuselect the class you want to play; sub or main -> there is the option to build sets strong outbreaks, boost attack and counter defense, or even customize. On each page, you’ll notice the orbs; tap the orb , read the information -> level upwards or open it. Ninjutsu is a skill that is active at the bottom-right of the screen. On the Ninjutsu menu, click the button to set skill located on the right-bottom site, where you can equip 4 Ninjutsu abilities.

Complete Dailies To Level Up Fast

Naruto Slugfest Leveling Guide & Tips: The best method to get leveled up in the Naruto Slugfest game is by taking on the daily or missions. Click the mission button at the top menu -> everyday task Ninja Duel, Advanced Mission, Ninja Trial, and Clan Mission. Each of these daily tasks gives players a lot of EXP that allows them to increase their level quickly.

You need to join a clan to take part in clan-related activities.

Collect The Freebies In Naruto Slugfest

Hit the Rewards button in the top-center of the screen -> online rewards. You can earn x5 daily rewards through playing the game. Reward map for treasure, talents, pill coins, and so on. Sign-In daily to get rewards for free. Events: Participate in events and earn free rewards.

That’s the entire article on the Naruto Slugfest guide and Naruto Slugfest tips, tricks, and strategies for novices. If you have any additional tips to share, leave a comment below.


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