My Little Terrarium Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

My Little Terrarium, a new mobile game that allows you to create and decorate gardens, is relaxing. This My Little Terrarium guide contains tips, cheats, and strategies.

Mini monster Game Limited has released My Little Terrarium, a new Idle garden game for mobile. The game allows you to find all animals, such as elephants, pandas, and rabbits. You can also make them your friend by caring for them. You get one Terrarium at no cost at the start of the game. This Terrarium can be decorated with various plants and other items, such as animals’ houses. This page is for those who have just begun playing the game. This guide will help you learn the basics of My Little Terrarium. You can also learn My Little Terrarium cheats, strategies, and tips to help you get ahead quickly. Let’s get to it!

My Little Terrarium Guide: –

You can use the gold coin as your in-game currency to shop for plants, animals, and other decorative items, such as balloon cats or AD Balloon. There are many ways you can earn gold coins. Plants in the Terrarium produce gold coins over time. You can also fish, watch video Ads, and earn more. To zoom in or out on the world screen, tap in the upper-right corner. You can place one Terrarium in the empty slots and decorate it as you wish. Let’s look at My Little Terrarium’s cheats and strategies:

Terrarium Guide

Cook Food In The Home Building

You can take care of the animals, and even befriend them. This will ensure that they are happy in the Terrarium. You can also feed them. All animals love specific foods, such as Tuna. Making food in your home is one of the best ways to obtain food. Tap the first terrarium to make food. Please wait a while. It will take 5 minutes to make a food item. Tap the animal and then choose the food item. You will receive a gift if the animal likes the food you gave him.

Home Building

Give animals their favorite food

We mentioned that all animals have specific food preferences. If you give them the food they like, it will bring joy to their hearts and will be a gift. The statue can be unlocked by collecting all of the gifts. To check the statue, tap the small-sized animal icon in the lower-right corner. Identifying the animal’s favorite food can be difficult, so we have provided a list.

  • Cat’s Favorite Food: Tuna and Steak
  • Panda’s favorite food – Salad*
  • Elephant’s favorite food – Fruit and Salad
  • Rabbits’ Favorite Food: Jelly, Tea, Biscuits
  • Meerkat’s Favorite Food – Scorpion Cake
  • Desert Fox – Scorpion cake

Favorite Food

Create Cat Lab Special Plants

To open the Cat Lab, tap the potion bottle icon in the left center. You can create special plants such as Sunflower, Tulip, Lily, and Tulip. The epic plants are also available. These plants require material items, plants. Click on the plant you wish to purchase -> choose the plants that will merge (plants must have been added to the inventory and be at 100 growth). Terrarium allows you to grow plants.

Tap the Edit button at the top-right corner. Select the plant you wish to remove from Terrarium. Then, tap the Remove button. This will add the plant to your inventory to monitor its growth.

Take care of your plants.

You will need to water the plants regularly and remove the weed. Tap the water can become an icon in the upper-left corner of your screen to water the plants. To remove weeds, tap the AXE by hovering it above the plants.

Fish To Earn Gold Coins

To fish in My Little Terrarium, you will need an earthworm. These earthworms can be purchased by going to the free shop-> watching the video Ad to obtain earthworms. Next, tap on the lake-> earthworm-> fish-> this will tell the cat how to fish. Then, you can claim your gold coins.


My Little Terrarium: Place Amazing Items to Attract Animals

You can purchase items to attract animals by going to the shop and heading to the Epic tab. To attract rabbits, you can place the tea table in Terrarium. Bamboo tree for Panda. Baobab tree to save the elephant. To get animal hints, tap the free button at the top-right. -> Free -> There, you will find animal hints. These hints will give you an idea of how to attract that particular animal to the Terrarium.

Tap the Balloon to Get a Free Reward

Every now and again, the balloon will fly over Terrarium. Tap the button to view the video Ad. It could be food items, earthworms, or any other reward.

Solve the Puzzles to Get Gold

It is very easy to solve the jigsaw puzzle, and you will get a lot of gold. We recommend solving the puzzles to earn gold coins. These coins can be used to purchase Terrarium plants and other items at the shop.

Expand your collection

Terrarium space is limited, so you cannot have all your animals and their homes in one Terrarium. Buy more Terrarium, and give one to each animal. You can purchase different Terrarium shapes by going to the shop.

These are My Little Terrarium tips and tricks for beginners. Are there any other tips you would like to share? Leave a comment below. This article was last modified on February 10, 2020


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