My Little Terrarium Food Guide – Favorite Food Of Animals

You can earn hearts and affection from animals when you offer them their most loved foods. Check out My Little Terrarium Food guide Food items that they love the most

My Little Terrarium Food Guide

All animals that are featured in My Little Terrarium have food preferences. The game grants them food or even love, which you track within the albums. If you’ve completed all the hearts or gather all the prizes in the game, it will present you an image. If your animal’s heart is filled and he is not able to leave the enclosure. Therefore, if you don’t want your pets to disappear, it’s essential to give them food they love. We’ll go to the main site and look up the most loved foods of each animal.

Elephant’s Favorite Food: –

Fruits & Salad. Tap the animal and select the fork option to view the food selection. Pick a fruit or salad to gain heart or love.

Rabbit’s Favorite Food: –

Rabbit in the My Little Terrarium game likes Tea, Bread, and Whiskey Jelly. Tap the rabbit , and then give him one of his most loved foods to receive love or heart.

Meerkat’s Favorite Food: –

Meerkat loves Scorpion Cake and Worms. Do not give noodles or warm stew, or any other food to Meerkat since she will not like it.

Lesser Panda’s Favorite Food: –

Lesser Panda is a fan of fruits and salads. He doesn’t like worms.

Cat’s Favorite Food: –

Cat likes Tuna Can. Give her a tuna tin and then get some love/hearts. She doesn’t like carrots.

Blue Bird’s Favorite Food In My Little Terrarium: –

Blue Bird loves to eat blueberry tarts and worms. She isn’t a fan of biscuits, tea, or whiskey jelly.

Fox’s Favorite Food In My Little Terrarium: –

Fox’s most loved food is hot stew with tea and bread. Fox is not a fan of worms.

Koala’s Favorite Food: –

Kaola enjoys Noodles, Whiskey Jelly. He is not a fan of food items such as tea, blueberry tarts, and bread.

Desert Fox’s Favorite Food: –

Blueberry Tarts and Scorpion Cake are the two favorite food dishes of Desert Fox.

Shiba Inu’s Favorite Food: –

Shiba Dog likes Tuna Can, Steak. He does not like fruits and salad.

Sheep’s Favorite Food: –

Sheep like salad, warm stews. Sheep do not like tuna can, tea, and bread.

Reindeer’s Favorite Food: –

Reindeer likes salad, warm stews. But he hates tuna can, tea, and bread.

How to get food?

Tap the cat option on the top-right corner above the puzzle button. This will open the free shop where you can get free random food by watching a video ad or spend gold coins. You can get x3 random food 3 times a day by using the gold coins method.

Other than that, tap the house building in the terrarium where the cat lives -> cook. Or keep an eye on the free ad offers that fly over the terrarium. Sometimes they give worm or other food items.

That’s the entire content of this blog post in the My Little Terrarium Food guide The most-loved food items of each animal.


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