MY Little Fantasy Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategy

My Little Fantasy is a brand new Idle RPG for mobile by DAERISOFT. Explore the MY Little Fantasy guide, tips, strategies, and cheats to conquer every level.

AIRSOFT, The creators of Life is a Game, has released a challenging Idle RPG named My Little Fantasy – Healing RPG. The game is where players team up with allies, battle against the masses of enemies, and equip themselves with a world-level weapon, armor, and other accessories. After you have cleared a series of levels, you’ll confront the boss of the stage who holds the treasure chest. The boss’s defeat will earn you the chest with gears, EXP, and others. If you’re having difficulty understanding its mechanics, or need tips to conquer every level and get through the game, this My Little Fantasy guide and MY Little Fantasy tips, cheats, and strategies can assist you.

My Little Fantasy Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies⇓

My Little Fantasy

1.) The Basics: Up to two characters, one hero and one ally, can fight and fight the enemy. They can attack enemies instantly. However, you can boost the speed of attack by pressing to the battlefield screen. In addition, you can purchase various weapons. Each weapon has special active skills activated by tapping the icon. The hero gains EXP through defeating enemies during the fight; at the point where hero levels are above, you will be able to see for the EXP bar. When you defeat enemies, the bar’s gauge will grow, and the hero’s level will rise when it is fully filled.

2.) Level Up of Allies – In contrast to the leveling process of heroes, it is necessary to increase the level of allies by hand. After defeating enemies, you earn EXP stones(green). These stones can be used to improve the status of your partners. Remember that you cannot increase an ally’s level above the story of the main hero. For example, the Main hero’s level is 100. Therefore, the highest level of a partner is 100. You cannot increase it up to 101.
3.) Recall-Recall is by far the most crucial feature of MY Little Fantasy game. If you utilize this feature, it will return you to the first stage. The result is that you need to start your game over from the beginning. The benefit is that it will give you soul stones. Soul stone is among the most valuable items in-game. It can be used to boost the rank of your hero, ally, or even the entire team.

Ally Level Up

4.) Teleport Scroll Use – You are aware that recollecting can cause you to return to the stage you were in. This item can be used for teleporting to your next level. Remember that you are not able to exceed the maximum setting. For instance, the maximal stage can be 100. Therefore, you cannot transfer to 101 with this item. However, if you remember that you’re at Stage 1, you could utilize it to teleport to stage 100(the highest stage, as per this example). Tap the hero icon located at the lower right of the screen, double click the teleport scroll, then click move.

So that’s the MY Little Fantasy basics. Let’s learn step-by-step:-

Allies Guide – MY Little Fantasy – Healing RPG – How To Get?, Use?

Allies Guide

Allies assist you in a fight by inflicting damage on the enemy. That’s it? Not! All partners have distinct skill sets that they can use to their advantage. For instance, Hog can increase your ATK by 40%, your ATK by 40 percent, Flupei increases the gold drop rate by 40%, and Mayna can increase its DEF by 40 percent. You can also take your allies on quests, and activate them as a assistance. You can boost their power by leveling them up and ranking them up. Let’s find out more!

Allies assist you in a fight by inflicting damage on the enemy. That’s it? Not! All partners have distinct skill sets that they can use to their advantage. For instance, Hog can increase your ATK by 40%, your ATK by 40 percent, Flupei increases the gold drop rate by 40%, and Mayna can increase its DEF by 40 percent. You can also take your allies on quests, and activate them as a assistance. You can boost their power by leveling them up and ranking them up. Let’s find out more!

Tap the icon for ally -> tap the level-up button. For a higher rank, tap the ally you want to rank up, then select the rank option in the top left of the portrait . Then, hit to transfer.

MY Little Fantasy – Hero Guide

Hero Guide

You’ll need to restart the game if the hero has lost all his HP. This means that the hero is the most critical factor in battle. It would help if you kept it alive until the final victory of the opponent. To remain active for a more extended period, it is necessary to improve its stats like defense, HP attacks, etc. Here’s how to speed up your main hero: –

  • Equip Gears
  • Upgrade Gears
  • Synthese Gears
  • Rank Up hero
  • Limit Break Hero
  • Spend Rank Points

How To Equip Gears?

Tap the hero icon, and you can view the hero inventory. Here you will find the various gears you’ve purchased up to now. There are three weapon options available, one armor, and one additional item. Tap the weapon, then equip it, and then select the slot. Tap the armor or accessory -> equip.

How To Get Gears?

  • Beat the boss
  • From the shop

How To Upgrade The Gears?

You require Force Scrolls to improve your gears. The scrolls can be acquired through defeating enemies during combat, or purchased through the shop in exchange for silver coins and gold coins, or silver coins.

Tap the hero, choose the scroll you want to select the upgrade gear, and click the Strengthen button. The upgrade costs gold. It will cost you more as you progress.

How To Synthese Gears?

After you’ve got the gear(armor or weapon) to the level 20, you’ll be able to synthesize. This process lets you join two weapons/armor (level 20) to make a superior weapon or armor.

Tap the hero, choose the weapon or armor of level 20, then synthesize and select another weapon or armor of the level 20.

Rank UP Hero!

Achieving the rank of the hero increases the stats significantly; Max HP, ATK, DEF. To rank the primary hero, you will require soul stones. They can be obtained using memory features.

In the upper-right corner, Tap the icon for book type, then hero and transfer.

Rank Up Points

You’ll earn rank points as you move higher than the hero you are currently playing. Utilize these points to increase your ATK, DEF, and Max HP. In the hero screen, you can select the following options under the stats section.

Limit Break Hero

Limit Break can boost the hero’s grade(for instance, A to C) and also activate other abilities. Navigate into the menu for heroes, click Limit Break -and then confirm.

MY Little Fantasy Party Guide

You will require party EXP to boost the party’s level. Party EXP is obtained through defeating bosses in boss fights. On the top-left of your screen, click the icon for level/combat power -There, you will be able to check what amount of EXP is needed to achieve the next level.

In the exact same window, you can find several upgrades: Acceleration up, ATK up, Blessings, Experience up, DEF up, and HP up. You can spend gold on upgrading these upgrades. Increase the party’s level to boost the cap of stories to upgrade these items.

Recall – MY Little Fantasy

A recall is the best feature of my little Fantasy game. To unlock Soul stones, players need to remember. You’ll get soul stones based on your hero level, the allies level, and the level of your allies. If you’d like to have more soul stones on recall, you should increase the status of your partner or hero.

Go to the menu screen, then click”Recall. Rubies can be used to increase the amount of reward.

Stage Progress!

Stage Progress

Then, at the upper right of the screen, you will see the progress bar for each stage. Once it is at the highest level, you’ll be able to proceed into the phase next. You’ll need to beat the boss in battle every five levels to move on to the following levels. Tap the icon of the boss to take on the boss. If you do not tap it, you’ll not be able to progress. It’s, therefore, the best method to earn EXP gold, gold, and EXP stones.

This guide is for you. my Little Fantasy guide for newbies. Let’s take a look at our best tips, cheats, and strategies for MY Little Fantasy tips, cheats and strategies.

MY Little Fantasy Tips & Tricks|

1.) Send Allies On The Quests, Activate As A Support

If you’re looking for free gold, one of the best options is sending allies on quests. But, any partners who are sent to probes will not be able to join in combat. To send your ally on your search, just tap on the shield/coins icon in the upper-right corner, then tap the gold icon, choose the formation and then choose the person you wish to send the. You can collect the gold on the due date.

Rear Support Rear Support You can choose to set allies to support. For instance, if you select Flupei as a support unit, the gold drop rate will rise by 20 percent. If you choose Mayna as an option for support, DEF will increase by 20 percent. This means that their passive ability will come into play. Tap the shield/coins icons -then tap the hand icon formation, -> assign Allies to be supporters.

2.) Buy Potions Often

The game will end when the main hero dies. If you’d like to keep your main hero alive, ensure that you purchase potions regularly. Shop at the store where you can buy potions with gold. Before you begin the battle against the boss, be sure you have enough potions on your hand since the game will not permit you to purchase potions in the boss battle.

You can use this potion simply by pressing on the brew icon, while the player will use the potion automatically. You can alter the settings for auto-use in the menu. Click the menu button in the top-right corner , then select the > button to change the settings.

3.) Get Free Rewards By Watching The Video Ad

In the upper-left corner of the display, just below the camera, click the reward icon(i). You can earn a lot of rubies, gold, scrolls, and other items by watching the video ad.

4.) What To Do If You Get Stuck

My Little Fantasy is a challenging game. As you advance or progress into higher levels, you’ll face top bosses with massive attacks and HP/DEF numbers. Therefore, you are likely to remain in these stages. Two methods to get out of this dilemma: do not play boss mode, or you can recall.

Grind It is a game that does not allow you to progress to the next level until you have defeated the boss. If the boss keeps taking on a hero, orally, do not fight it. Take on the foes and gain EXP to increase the level of the main hero and his supporters. Purchase options and grind for until it can(level to the status of your main character and ally). Once you’re ready, you can begin fighting.

Recall: Recalling can give your soul a stone. Utilize these stones to rank your allies up and the principal hero. The process of ranking up is among the best methods to increase the effectiveness of a partner or hero by a considerable amount.

Follow the above guide to learn how to empower an ally or the primary hero.

5.) Buy Costumes – It Matters

In the upper-right corner, you can tap the costume icon . From there, you can purchase costumes, armor, or weapons. The costumes offer a unique advantage for the hero. To buy these costumes, you’ll require coins. Do the special missions to earn cash. Click the boss icon located at the top of the screen(near the shop icon), then challenge. The challenge can be completed three times per day. Beat the boss and gain coins and artifacts. Artifacts help improve the treasure.

6.) Strengthen Yourself

Here are the best methods to boost your power. These are the methods to increase your power:

  • The main hero can be upgraded as well as allies
  • The rank-up allies and the hero
  • Equip high-grade gears
  • Upgrade your armor, weapons, and weapons accessories
  • Upgrade treasure
  • Purchase costumes
  • Activate support units
  • Limit break
  • Increase Party stats

7.) Dismantle The Useless Gears

If you’ve got lots of useless equipment and equipment, it is best to take them apart for the scrolls. Tap the hero and choose the gear essence -> collect the scrolls.

So here are the top MY Little Fantasy tips for players who are new to the game. If you have additional suggestions to share with other players, please add them to the comment section below.


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