Monthly Idol Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategy

Monthly Idol by 608Factory is a mobile game that allows you to run an entertainment agency. Monthly Idol strategy, tips and cheats are available in our Monthly Idol guide.

Monthly Idol Guide

Monthly Idol Guide: Get Started With Basics⇓

Let’s get to the mechanics of the game quickly. The game allows you to run a small entertainment business in which you hire trainees and earn money selling albums, scheduling meetups, and performing concerts. This is not all. You need to be familiar with Passion, HP and Idol Home. Our Monthly Idol cheats, strategies, and tips will help you if you are just starting to play the Monthly Idol.

How to Recruit and Trainee Trainers, Unlock New Rooms, Create Idol Homes

Idols and trainees are needed to make money. You can produce albums, meet up with fans, and perform at concerts. Trainees make money. It’s not easy. You will need a lot of money to organize concerts, sell albums and schedule meet-ups. You will make a profit if everything goes well. You will lose your fans if the Idols fail their fans.

Trainers: Trainers help idols. Example: A dance trainer can improve the idol’s dancing ability. There are two rooms in your office that you can access when you start the game: a dance trainer and a vocal trainer. To train an idol, select one of the rooms and tap it.

How to Get Trainee or Idols. -> Click the casting button. -> You can cast trainees and idols. F-SS Rank trainees are available (F, D. C, B. A. S. SS). SS, S. A., B Rank trainees can help you make trillions by making albums. F-Rank and D-Rank trainees, on the other hand, are the worst. Especially, F-Rank. F-Rank trainees are the best option if you’re just starting the game. These Idols are not easy to obtain in the Monthly Idol Game.

How to Get Trainers In Monthly Idol Game You need to create the space for the trainers. To hire an Acting trainer, for example, you will need to first build the acting room. Click the shop button and then click the job offer tab. There you will find a list of trainers. These trainers can also be upgraded with the gold. Monthly Idol trainers can be upgraded to improve their training performance. Your trainee will see rapid improvements.

How to Build Rooms for Trainers -> Go to the shop menu and select Office to complete the requirements to unlock the rooms. These requirements include company level and office room level. The same screen can be used to upgrade an office room. You will need EXP to increase your company’s level in Monthly Idol. This can be earned from concerts, schedules and other events. The manage button allows you to check your company level.

Monthly Idol Guide To Management⇓

Idol Group You must have at most three trainees within your agency to create an Idol Group for the monthly idol. You can cast them with the gold. You have two slots in the beginning game. This means you can only create two groups. The gems can be used to expand the slots. To set default concerts, schedules, and albums, choose a group from Idol’s group menu.

Adding more trainees ->Once the Idol Group has been created, click the first tab (named Idol Group Name) and then tap the + button. The gems can be used to increase the number slots.

Editing IDol Group -> To remove a trainee from your Group, click on the first tab (group name) and select expulsion. This will expel him/her. You cannot bring it back. To use this feature, you need to have at least four Idols. The player must have at least three idols within the group.

Contract -> You can view the contract period in the Idol Group section. As you perform better in the game, it will be extended.

Making Albums -> You might be able to get the award at the end the operating period (award ceremony) if you are able to achieve high-ranking; SS+ or S, A by producing an album. The operating period can be viewed in the upper-left corner of your main screen (calendar icon). Based on these attributes, the audience assigns a rating to the album. It is cool, cute and pretty. These attributes can all be improved by equipping Idols with matching items.

You can go to the production menu and give your album a name. Next, choose a theme. As you play the game, you’ll discover new themes. You can then choose a concept. And at last, select the members/trainees/idols. You can now check the grade of the trainees by clicking the link just above the budget section. Click the next button. Click the next button to select the producers (it will cost you gold). Wait a few seconds. Sell.


Understanding the concept is key. All these attributes and concepts are linked to the Monthly Idol game’s stats: vocal, dance, lyricism and composition.

  1. Cool -> Vocal
  2. Cute -> Dance
  3. Pretty -> Lyricism
  4. Sexy -> Composing

Your office already has a vocal and dance coach. To increase their stats, send the idols to your room. Example: – Train the Idols in Lyricism to increase their pretty concept. To unlock your office’s rooms, refer to the guide. Ask in the comments section below if you have any questions. From the shop menu, click on office to create lyricism or composing space.

You can use hair, clothes, or special items. These items can be found by looking at the video ads -> use the ads to gatcha function.

Schedule ->

If the Idols have a low HP or decreased passion, this could cause the schedule to fail. The gold can be used to restore HP. Tap the Idol to restore HP.

Go to the manage tab and select an idol. Just below the HP bar you will find the passion. You can restore passion points by improving settlement (read the concert section below for more information) or feeding them. Shop -> Food -> Cup-ban As you buy it, its cost will increase. For free restoration, always make sure to settle.

Concert -> Settlement: How To Unlock Concerts

You can view the concert venues in the section. Just below the venue portrait, the game allows you to see how many seats remain. Once your team sells all the seats, a new concert venue will be unlocked. In short, spectators matter a lot.

Select the Idols from the concert menu. You can now check the information about the Idols and the number of spectators/seats. To increase the number of spectators at the concert, you can increase the fan base. All seats will be sold.

Settlement -> Before you start the concert, you can adjust the settlement ratio. If you set it at 5:5, it would mean that there would be 50-50 distribution. If you are greedy and make a small profit, Idols will lose their passion. Keep it at 6:4 or 5 to 5. You can increase their passion by giving them more profit.

Ticket Price -> The ticket price can be adjusted. It all depends on the number of spectators. Sell tickets at the maximum price if the spectator base exceeds the available seats. For example, a spectator base of 11K is compared to a seat capacity of 1K. Balance it if the spectator base exceeds the number of seats. For example, a spectator’s base might be 11K while seats would be 50K. Sell tickets at a fair price.

Idol Home – Monthly Idol Game

You will be able visit your home once you have reached the company level 10. Interior is now available. Decorate your Idol home using fan’s gifts, wallpaper, furniture and pets. You can design rooms by going to the interior menu. Go to the shop menu and select furniture shop. Fan’s gift: -> choose the fan gift to be placed in the home. Pet -> Completion of the mission to obtain pets. Example: 100 times make intimacy with your cat. In order to make intimate contact with your cat in Monthly Idol, you must interact with her. A cat will often appear in front of your office. Tap it to confirm. Other tasks include producing albums, putting on concerts, and creating the schedule.

Monthly Idol Game


You can find the SNS section by going to the manage menu, selecting the idol, then scrolling down. You can also create and upgrade social media accounts to boost your buffs. FakeBook boosts fans growth, Insutagram regains passion, Titter improves Idol concept, and YouTuboo allows you to earn gems.

How to Increase Monthly Idol Fan Base

  1. SNS accounts can be created
  2. Make albums
  3. Schedule
  4. Do concerts
  5. Enhance their skills

To increase your events’ number, tap the melody and heart icon.

This Monthly Idol Guide includes some Basic Idol Tips for beginners.

Quick Tips & Cheats For Monthly Idol Players⇓

 1.) Tap the Yellow Bird on The Car

Tap The Yellow Bird On The Car

You will see a yellow bird sitting on the white car if you look around the office. You can tap it to view the video advertisement for free items. These items can be cool, cute, sexy and enticing.

 2.) Improve Idol’s Ability

You should imrove high-rank (B, A, S or SS+) Idols. This can be done by feeding low-rank Idols or using them as an ingredient. Cast the trainees by going to the trainee tab and tapping the trainee. Then, feed the Idol to increase its abilities. You will lose the character you used as an ingredient.

When you get the duplicate Idol(you already own), its grade will increase.

3.) Earn Gems In Idol Field Day

Earn Gems In Idol Field Day

After completing a amount (in sept and february) of concerts or schedules, you will be asked to take part in Idol Field Day. These certain are mini-games that you can win gems if you win. You can earn 500 GEMS for a gold medal, 200 GEMS for a silver medal and 50 gems for a bronze medal.

 4.) Level up fast by concerts

Level Up Fast By Concerts

You can quickly level up in Monthly Idol by focusing on the “EXP” feature. You can also earn easy money at the concerts. Pink gems can also be earned during concert events. To earn XP, tap the EXP icon located above the audience. This is the fastest way to quickly level up in Monthly Idol.

5.) 5.) Complete the Quests to Earn Gems

Tap the quest icon at the top of the screen to get 250 gems.

We would love to hear from you if you have any other tips. Please leave a comment below.


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