Merge Star Guide; How To Play, Craft, And Defeat

Merge Star is an exciting and addicting Idle & merge game for mobile devices developed by Nanoo Company Inc., the developers of the Dark Sword game. Explore the Merge Star guide; how to play, create the perfect weapon, and take on opponents.


There are a lot of merging games on Android on the Google Play Store. Merge Star is the newest game and is really good and addictive. It’s among the most popular merging games. The idea behind this game is like other games that merge that you merge two items, and then get the latest version. However, this game also has Idle gameplay, so you must be aware of boosters and upgrades to beat your enemies. In this article, we’ve covered all the information in our Merge Star guide, everything you should be aware of. So let’s get started on our review of the MergeStar guide and save time.

Merge Star – Adventure Of A Merge Hero – Guide – Part 1

In this section, we will go over the fundamentals of the game, including the way to play, your goals and the entire course of the game.

= Get Started – Merge Star Guide

You’re playing the game as a warrior that can join two objects and create a new weapon. You begin the game by bringing your pet along and taking your opponents. After you have cleared several challenges, you’ll need to take on the boss. Your character/warrior will automatically attack, but you must make sure you are taking care of upgrading.

= Your Tasks – Merge Star Guide

In the Merge Star game, your duties are:

  • Enhance your pet’s or warrior’s abilities
  • The process of upgrading crafting
  • Merging – like an expert
  • Utilizing skills at the right moment
  • Beat the boss
  • Repeat

Let me go over each of these duties in detail.

= 1.) The Main Characters and Items

You are the role of a warrior. You own an animal. The warrior, you have to take down opponents. The pet also fights enemies. The main objects and characters are:

  • Warrior
  • Sword/Weapon
  • Shield
  • Helmet
  • Pet

Both Helmets and Shields are defensive equipment. The sword determines the strength of the attack. Pet is an essential part of the game and plays a significant role in dealing with damage.

= 2.) World Map

  • Desert
  • Craft Dungeon
  • Volcano
  • Seashore
  • Forest
  • Mine

You can unlock these areas by increasing the level of your pet, warrior, and other things.

= 3.) How do you create new weapons using merging? – Merge Star Guide

This is among the primary tasks you need to manage. Just tap on the hammer icon. It will appear at the bottom of your screen. When you click on it, you’ll have your inventory. You can toggle between the shield, weapon the, helmet, and pet sections by tapping on the icons. If you want to make a weapon, move to the weapon section. Or, for those who want to make a helmet, move to the helmet section.

To begin crafting start crafting, press the hammer again. To join, press down on an item, and drag and drop it over the identical item. You will receive the new weapon.

4.) All Sections; merge Star Guide

The first is “upgrade merging”. This is where you can boost the craft speed, the amount of crafting equipment, bonuses and more. This section is about crafting and joining.

The following section is “upgrade your warrior”. This is where you can review all upgrades that are related to your pet and warrior. You can improve your move rate, speed of attacks and many more things by using coins.

Treasure Section: This is where you can get treasure that has magical powers to increase the effectiveness of different spells and abilities.

5.) = Random – Merge Star Guide

On the left-hand side of your screen, you will view your status: damage per hit and shield power. You can also see your the pet’s power of the attack.

6.) = Skills – Merge Star Guide

As you advance through the game, your skills are unlocked, and you can use them to defeat the boss. To use a specific skill, go towards the hammer area on the left of the bottom of the screen, and tap your skill(you will be able to see an exclamation point when the skill is activated)


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