Mafia City Guide, Tips, Cheats, And Strategy For The Beginners

Mafia City Game from YottaGames ranks among the top strategy games on Android. You play the role of a boss in this game. You have to manage your base and defeat all enemies. To make your progress quick, check out our Mafia City guide.

Mafia City

You will be familiar with the game’s mechanics if you have played strategy games such as Clash of Clans or Clash of Kings. All you need to do is build and upgrade buildings and train troops/units. Conquer the enemy city and complete quests. We have provided everything you need to know about the game for beginners in this post. Let’s get started with the Mafia City Guide.

1.)  Get Started – Mafia City: The Basic

It begins with a tutorial that teaches you about the basics of the game, how to play Mafia City, and about upgrading, buildings, attacks, and many other topics. You can then manually manage all the things you need after the tutorial.

The Basic – In Mafia City, the player must take care of many things, including buildings, troops, leaders/you, and enemies. To complete chapters, you only need to meet the objectives at the beginning. This is the Mafia City Game process.

Start the work by identifying your goal and completing it.

To increase your production of resources and power, upgrade your buildings.

To unlock high-level troops, train your troops, and upgrade your troop buildings.

Attack enemies

You will need to improve the city’s infrastructure, such as a hospital, club, investment center, or club. You can also build and upgrade camps to create your powerful gang; bulker camp, shooter camp, biker camp, and bulker camping. Let’s get started with the Mafia City guide.

= Buildings Guide – Mafia City Game

Each building has a different role. For example, if a building is a counterfeiter, it produces cash. A cargo hub produces cargo. You need to be aware of all facilities.


The Mafia City’s main building is the mansion. Upgrade the Mansion to unlock new features and buildings. It also allows you to increase your robbing speed. You must meet the requirements to upgrade it: the cash amount, wall level, and resources. Just tap on the Mansion and click Upgrade. That’s it. As you move forward, your help or amount will increase. It is also better to upgrade other buildings, such as counterfeiter, cargo hubs, wall-level, etc.

Invest Centre

One of the significant buildings is the Invest Center. You all know that training is slow, and cargo and other resources are needed in many upgrades—your crew’s performance matters in battles. To improve your overall performance [training speed, income, attack power, and more], go to invest center and choose one of these properties to invest in. This is one of the best ways to increase your gang’s power. Continue investing. Upgrading Invest Center unlocks new properties.


A hospital is where troops and units are treated for injuries. After attacking enemies with your forces, you must heal the wounded troops so they can fight again. As there is a limit to the number of wounded soldiers you can treat, it is impossible to treat all the troops at once.


You can increase your training speed and capacity by upgrading the club. Upgrade all clubs to improve your Mafia City’s training speed and power.

Radar – Mafia City Guide

Two functions of radar are spy and enemy status. You can find out the identity of the leader of a crime ops team and their destination. It also detects the enemy’s resources, defense crews, weapons, and other information. It can be upgraded to get more information about the enemies and alerts.


There is a limit to how many crews you can send to attack enemy troops. Upgrade this building to send more troops against enemies. The maximum capacity of the crime ops crew can be increased by upgrading the diner.


Here you can exchange your equipment. The Pawnbroker building can be upgraded to increase trading speed and decrease the check consumption.


  • This building protects your valuables; you can upgrade it to improve its protection.
    • Black Market

  • You can trade resources for gold or other rewards. For the best deals, check them daily.
    • Bootleg Market

  • You can also trade with other members.
    • Ammu-Nation

  • This is the place where arms are made and stored. It can be upgraded to produce more.
    • Smelter

  • The smelter produces metal. It can be upgraded to increase production speed and storage capacity.
  • These are the Mafia City buildings. Let’s get started with the Mafia City cheats and strategies guide.

2.)Mafia City Tips, Cheats, And Strategy Guide

1.) Keep An Eye On Citizens

Mafia City’s main items are boosters, cash, and gold. Tap on the citizens to unlock these items. Tap on any citizen walking along the street to get valuable items like boosters, currency, and gold, as well as energy points and money points.

2.) Mafia City Babe

Tap on the Mansion to see a girl. Earn favor points by playing the game. Continue to collect favor points and unlock new skills. Tap on the skill option to see the complete list of skills. Earn favor points to unlock more skills. These skills can increase production, defense power, and other abilities. To play the game, you need roses. You will be rewarded with them.

3.)Focus On Upgrades – Mafia City Tips, Cheats

The game’s objective is to upgrade all buildings. To make progress quickly, you must take care of all buildings you have built. Upgrade all buildings instead of just the Mansion.

4.) Increase the power of your gang

  • There are many ways to increase your gang’s power.
    • Invest in the Invest Centre
    • Tap on your avatar to equip weapons. You can also get weapons from the Pawnbroker.
    • Train your troops
    • To unlock the potential of powerful troops, upgrade the training centers.

5.) Miscellaneous tips, and cheats for the Mafia City game

  • After the battle, you should heal your troops.
  • To treat more patients at once, upgrade your hospitals.
  • To send more troops to the battle, upgrade the diner.
  • For rewards, complete the daily contract tasks.
  • You will receive many rewards at the beginning of the game. To get fast progression, head to the Items tab and use these items.
  • Continuously train troops


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