Minimal Dungeon RPG Guide – Tips, Tricks & Cheats

Minimal Dungeon RPG is a brand new mobile game developed by CapPlay. Learn more about it and read the Minimal Dungeon RPG guide, tricks, cheats and strategies to conquer levels

Minimal Dungeon

Coplay, the Eternal Cannon Incremental game developer, recently unveiled a brand-new Minimal Dungeon RPG game. It’s a challenging game that allows you to go in the narrative mode, and finish levels that increase in difficulty. You’re on the correct page if you’re just starting playing it. Its Minimal Dungeon RPG guide covers the fundamentals of the gameplay. Additionally, we’ve posted various Minimal Dungeon RPG tips, cheats and tricks that may help you if stuck on a particular level. Therefore, without further delay, we’ll get going.

Minimal Dungeon RPG Guide, Tips: –

The first five levels in the game are pretty easy to complete – as monsters/thieves/beasts are not too powerful. After completing the first five levels, the cities and camps are unlocked, allowing you to sow seeds, plant fruits, grind through the woods, and then play in the Dreamland Mode. The objective is to increase the hero(yourself) more powerful by increasing the fundamental attributes of HP to fight for your life, ATK to increase damage, and DEF to receive less damage from enemies. We will go over everything in depth and look into all Minimal Dungeon RPG tips, cheats and tricks:

Use Your Skill Points judiciously.

Through exploring the levels or forests, or any various game options, you will earn hero EXP. This is needed to get to an additional level. As you advance within the game, it grants you points of skill which you can use to boost the ATK, HP, and DEF statistics. In the upper-left corner, be sure to notice the level bar that is round in shape.

It shows the current state of progress and the number of skill points you have earned. Press the + button in the upper right corner of HP/ATK/DEF to use the points you made. Now, which one of the attributes do you prefer?

HP – The more significant the HP, the greater the chance of survival or hit points you’ll receive from opponents. You won’t be able to fight if your HP is zero and monsters heal themselves. You’ll have to increase your HP stats to take on powerful foes who have more HP.

ATK – If your goal is to cause more damage to the monsters and take them down quickly, invest ATK points

Defence – More DEF boosts the chance of reducing damage. If you attack your opponent, they’ll also attack you, which causes HP to decrease. If you can improve the DEF, you will be able to enhance the reduction of damage and, in turn, increase the survival rate.

All these three stats are important. We would recommend you to take a defensive approach and spend more on HP+ATK. Also, don’t ignore the DEF stats completely – keep investing a little there too.

In some of the Dungeons, you get to increase ATK by spending gold. HP and DEF stats can also be improved by sacrificing fruits.

Points Wisely

Equip Better Gears In Minimal Dungeon RPG

You can earn gears when playing the story mode. At each level, you’ll discover secret mines, dungeons and bonus levels that allow you to cut stones, trees or boulders. You can also find treasure. At the fifth level, you will have all kinds of gear, such as a sword, ring boots, and armour. The tools include: Ax to cut down trees and gather wood, Pickaxes – to collect stones, torch – to eliminate the fog, etc.

Check the gear’s stats and select the one with more HP/DEF/ATK stats. Click the bag icon in the lower left corner, then equipment and then are gears that you could equip. You can also trade these gears within Minimal Dungeon RPG for gold coins. Tap the bag, then press the red colour sell button to make it available in exchange for cash. When you tap the gear, it displays its performance – check the gear against similar gears and choose the most effective one.

Grind to Get Stronger

If you’re stuck, you have no option to advance other than to improve the stats of your hero; HP ATK, HP and DEF. The only alternative is to keep grinding.

(1) Exploring – Go to the story mode, then explore and earn coins. The player can use these coins to purchase the box available in the camp for $1000. In the box, you can acquire rare items, which could boost the hero’s stats by a considerable amount.

(2) Visit the forest(camp/city Materials). Then you can go through the woods repeatedly to grind EXP. Earn points, level up and increase the attributes.

(3) Take on enemies to earn coins, keys, fruits, and other rewards. The keys can be used to unlock boxes that are located in the forest(camp/city Materials) or in story levels.

(4) Players can obtain gold keys by killing the bosses in Minimal Dungeon RPG when you kill the bosses.

Unlock and Play Dreamland Mode

You can open dreamland mode in the city/camp at the camp after you have enough stones and wood. Visit the Material Dungeon -> forest and cut the trees, break stones to gather wood/stones. This will take you into a random dungeon where you will locate the boss boxes, boxes, and grind EXP similar to the story modes.

You must grind during this game mode if you’re stuck on your story. To access dreamland, players need pieces of gold, which you can create in the camp/city by paying gold coins(above the button for farmers).

Start Seeds Within The Garden

In the game, Minimal Dungeon RPG, fertilizers and seeds are available through killing bosses, monsters or monsters. Or, playing games – in the camp. You can sow seeds and harvest the ripe fruit. It takes time for the fruit to ripen. The fruit. You can accelerate the process by fertilizing. Visit the screen at the city or camp, then to the garden, plant seeds ->, apply fertilizer, and then harvest the fruit.

The Garden

Sacrifice The Fruits For Better Stats

Another of the most effective methods to increase your hero’s statistics for the Minimal Dungeon RPG is by offering fruits to the Altar. The altar can be found in the city/camp and story missions, or in dreamland. Tap it to sacrifice food items to boost the hero’s defence HP, AP, and HP. AP, also known as Action points, are essential for playing the game – exploring, grinding, cutting, and so on. All of these activities require AP.

Watch the Video Ads to Unlock Boxes

You’ll need to view the video advertisement in some dungeons to unlock the box. Therefore, make sure you take advantage of this opportunity in case you don’t want to be able to lose valuable items inside the box.

This is the entirety of this article in this post-Minimal Dungeon RPG guide, tips and tricks for beginners. Do you have additional tips and tricks to finish levels? Discuss with other players by leaving a comment below.


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