Metal Fist Tips, Cheats, And Guide To Get More Victories

Metal Fist is a new fighting game developed by Vivid Games where you take on the role of an athlete and take on your opponent with punches and weapons. These are Metal Fist tips, cheats to beat the competition and a guide for beginners who want to play Metal Fist


Metal Fist, a new multiplayer game featuring a wide range of weapons, fighters and game modes, has been released for mobile devices. It allows you to enjoy the most enjoyable combat experience on your smartphone. The game has a solo mode, where you take on bad guys, and after a few rounds, you must defeat the boss. Metal Fist features a variety of game modes, including 1vs1,, and tag battles. Let’s look at Metal Fist game tips, cheating, and an introduction to the game.

Metal Fist – Get Started – #1 Guide


In this article, I’ve given some details about the game, including upgrading your level chests and heroes’ weapons and Game modes, game controls, and more. Let’s get started: –

Fighters/Heroes In Metal Fist Game

As stated earlier, the Metal Fish game features numerous fighters and heroes. There are plenty of characters to choose from in the game. You can choose from a variety. Yes! Most players are restricted at the start of the course of play. They can be unlocked using Hero Cards. Also, look up the following: the top offline games on Android.

In the game Metal Fist, all the characters have unique abilities and attacks. The player utilizes these extraordinary abilities and skills of heroes in battle to take out the enemy. To use these skills and special attacks, you must be aware of the controls.

Controls within Metal Fist

It comes with two types of controls, a button and a D-Pad. It is, by default, switched to the button. You can change it to D-Pad by selecting options. Check on the right side next to the D-Pad. The D-Pad controller is more effective than buttons as you don’t have to release your fingers often to navigate the character. With D-Pad, you put your finger on the screen and move your character.

On the right, jumping, attacking, and skills are available. Just tap the attack button for shooting, then use the skill button to perform the passive skill, and tap jumping to avoid enemies or do whatever you want.

Metal cards Fist

Hero cards, cards and weapon cards are among the primary items of the Metal Fist game. By using these cards, players can improve their heroes and weapons. These hero and weapons cards are available from chests found in Metal Fist – Fighting game.


The chest is a different essential item in the Metal Fist game. There are many ways to obtain bins within Metal Fist; level up your profile, beat the bosses in boss fights and win in multiplayer modes.

How do you level up?

Experiments are needed to improve players’ profiles. The XPs can be earned by playing battles in solo or multiplayer modes. One of the benefits of increasing your level is that you can unlock the chest for free in the Metal Fist game.

Metal Fist Tips Cheats, Tricks, and Cheats

Metal Fist is a

Metal Fist is easy, but If your opponent thoroughly knows the game, cheats, tips and tricks, it takes work to win. But, winning is possible even if your opponent is more substantial. How do you achieve this? Check out these Meta Fist suggestions:

1.) Know your skills

You can defeat your opponents when it comes to Metal Fist fights if you are aware of the fighter’s abilities. Your character has some unique techniques; use them in the battle to take out your foe. In the heroes area of Metal Fist, tap on an individual symbol, and select a special attack. Here you will view your character’s special attacks. Utilizing these techniques, you can boost the damage potential.

2.) What are the best heroes and weapons in Metal Fist?

Before you can begin your battle, You must decide the best character. It is easy to determine your favourite hero by comparing their qualities. You can also check the weapons you still need to unlock, and pick the best. Go to the heroes section, then hero -> note the attributes(damage and strength, damage) and then check them against each other.

3.) Beware of Attacks from the Opponent to Beware of HP Loss

There are two ways to gain the win in the Metal Fist game; defeat the opponent, or save HP. There is a set duration for each game. If both players do not win the other, then the one who has the highest HP wins the match. This means that HP is crucial, and you must save it. Avoid attacks from your adversaries and keep your health points.

4.) Combos – never let your opponent attack you

How about not giving an opponent a chance? It’s an excellent strategy to beat every match using Metal Fist. It doesn’t matter who you are fighting. Once the battle is over, attempt to hit an initial strike. If you’ve done it, then you’ll be able to do combinations. Since, when you get hurt, the fighter needs just a moment to wake up!

5.) HP lose? Traps? Environments?

Another feature that makes Metal Fist a great game is the secret traps and boosters. Everywhere you go, there could be some trap or champion. Check every corner, upwards, and downwards, to determine theirs. Look at the screenshot below in Metal Fist; there is a lever. Hit it and witness the magic happen.


It could also exist as an HP booster as well, so grab it before your opponent, and it will appear after a few times.

6.) Use traps, skills, and Boosters when necessary!

The most effective way to gain victories to win in Metal Fist is to attack timings, timings for skill usage as well as the use of traps and boosters. Utilize your skills at the right moment, and use traps and boosters efficiently. For instance, if an HP booster will boost your health, and breaks the cage before your opponent.

7.) Free Chests of Metal Fist

The chest is among the few items available in Metal Fist; there are numerous ways to unlock chests for free. You can level up your profile, visit the shop section to open the default chests for free, watch the video advertisement to unlock more compartments, and defeat bosses in the boss battle.

8.) Enhance Your Hero’s Power Of Your Hero

Your character in the Metal Fist Fighting game should be sturdy. You can boost your heroes’ strength by upgrading them and equipping them with powerful weapons instead of the standard. Make use of weapons with special attacks.

These are Metal Fist tips, cheats and strategies to win more wins in all kinds of battles, including 1v1 Free for everyone and tag fights. Metal Fist’s guide is a must-read for anyone who wants to win. Metal Fist guide is also helpful if you’re playing in the very first instance. Download the Metal Fist game


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