Merge Magic cheats: guide, tips, and tricks

Are you new player to Merge Magic game? You can get freebies and advance quickly by using these Merge Magic cheat codes that come with many tips, tricks and even a step-by-step guide

Cheats for Merge Magic, tricks, and guide:

In this article we’ve covered what we call Merge Magic cheats & tips. Beginning with the grinding section – you’ll learn about coins, how to obtain money for nothing, how to use coins, how to store coins and many more. When we come across new cheats, tips, and tricks to play the game, we’ll publish it on this page. If you have any cheating strategies, tips or tricks, share it with us in the comments section below. Therefore, let’s not waste time and get to the main page.

Merge Magic Cheats & Tips – How To Get Coins For Free?

Merge Magic cheats

It is the only in-game currency used in Merge Magic game. On the Garden screen, located at the top of the screen, you can determine the amount of coins you have at the moment. You can keep a certain number of coins at any time. When the limit is reached the limit, you will not be able to take the coins. To summarize, use these methods to earn coins at no cost: –

Selling the objects

You can earn coins through making sales of dead plants eggs, blessed trees, and so on. Well, you can! However, you should not! Selling unique objects like eggs, blessed trees or eggs would not be the best idea since blessed trees can help you create blessings that removes the curse off objects that reside in the land of curses. Eggs also provide creatures like fairies Dyr or other. These creatures aid you building, harvesting and other ways. Therefore, selling valuable objects would not be a great idea. You can also harvest from dead plants simply by tapping them.

In essence, you Sell only(dead plants or common objects/trees) whenever you require. To sell, tap on any object, then press on the sale button. You will receive the coins. The best method is to try the levels and play them again, then mill the blessed treethen sell.

Select Coins As Reward

Select Coins As Reward

When you have completed a level in the Merge Magic game, you are asked to pick the rewards. Some would be completely free, and in some cases, you’ll have to pay gems. If the reward is included in rewards that are free choose it. Then, visit the Garden and take it back.

Merge Magic Coins In The Level

In the course of the level, you could find coins on getting rid of the cursed land in the chest. In the majority instances, the players earn the prize when you finish the task of creating mythical Idol to gain. Once you have lifted the curse off all broken idols you’ll be able to create a mythical idol. However, we suggest that you remove the curse from all tiles and uncover the treasures – you could receive a reward that is hidden – coins. You should adhere to this rule , as long that it’s not a challenge level. level(timer).

From The Goal Stars

From The Goal Stars

Goal Stars is a reward object that rewards you with various items like blessed orbs, coins and gems. You can combine the golden goal stars to earn more rewards. They appear randomly in the gardens or are obtained by completing the quests at the levels. Tap the goal star to earn an award for free.

Lift the Curse In Garden

As you increase your magic power through collecting creatures, you’ll be able to grow the garden. To do this it is necessary to remove all the curses from the land that is cursed. In those areas that are cursed there are many rewards, including cash-free coins and treasure chests and more.

Build Coin Storage

To construct your coin store, press the chest or egg button at the bottom right and then click the hammer tab, then choose coin storage. After that, double tap the construction site to ensure that a creatures or fairies can build your coin-storage. After the work is finished then you’ll receive the coin for free. You can combine the coin storage structures to find additional storage. We have mentioned that there’s a limit on coin storage . You will not be able to take coins if storage space is full. Don’t forget to create and upgrade your coins storage in the Merge Magic game.

Merge To Earn More Coins

If you’ve got three or more than three similar coin levels on the field, don’t take these coins. Instead, combine the three coins and you’ll get the highest level coin. There are more coins to be found in an upper-level coin. For instance, the old coin provides one coin, bronze coins provide 4 coins, and the silver coin provides 15 coins, and the true silver coin is 50 coins.

Shop at The Shop

On the lower-right click the chest or egg button and then go to the treasure tab There you can purchase the treasure chests that contain coins. The price will be premium gems(not suggested).

Magic Merge Cheats and Tips, as well as a Guide to Earning Quest Stars To unlock Content

Magic Merge Cheats

To unlock the new eggs of creatures and chests, as well as buildings within the shops, you must to earn quest stars. Quest Stars in Magic Merge can be earned by completing the levels or complete quests within the gardens. Navigate to the mapthen complete the levels to earn stars.

In the Garden In the Garden, on the left you can tap the icons for stars to verify the quests. Completing these quests will gain stars, unlocking new items and content.

Play Again For Rewards – Unlock Chests

From the levels on the world map where you earn chests as well as in-game currencies, objects(blessings, blessed trees and more.). We recommend that you go back to the previous levels for rewards. This is one of the most efficient methods to earn free creatures, eggs coins, blessings, etc.

These are Merge Magic cheats and tricks, tips, and guides for newbies. We’ll update this post with additional cheats, tips, and tricks in the near future. Are you aware of a trick or trick? Leave a comment below


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