Merge Gun: Shoot Zombie Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Merge Gun: Shoot Zombie, a new Idle & Merge game for Android or iOS. This Merge Gun: Shoot Zombie guide has tips, cheats, and strategies.

Merge Gun

The game’s title says it all: Merge Gun: Shoot Zombie consists of two tasks. You must merge your guns to obtain a better gun. You can also use the weapon to kill the zombies. There are 50 guns you can unlock. The gun’s maximum level is 50. You can combine two 49-level firearms to get the 50th level. The goal is to unlock all the guns. This page is for those who have just begun playing the game. This Merge Gun: Shoot Zombie guide can help you get to grips with the basics of the game. We have also shared some Merge Gun: Kill Zombie cheats and strategies that can help you get ahead quickly. Let’s start, without further delay.

Merge Gun: Shoot Zombie Guide: –

You will need coins to buy guns. Coins are earned by the guns you have in your gun slot. Pay attention to the coin bar at the top of the screen. It displays how many gold coins you earn every second. You can increase your idle earnings by unlocking more slots and having high-ranking guns on the board.

Your guns+guns level on the board determines how many coins you earn Idle and how often. It would help if you leveled up to unlock more slots. The current status can be seen in the upper-left corner.

How can you increase your level? You must merge the guns to level up. Joining the same-level guns will give you EXP, which is necessary to level up in Merge Gun: Shoot Zombie.

In-Game Currency: –

Energy – To play zombie shooting battles.

Coins – To buy guns.

For buffs and to buy guns, you will need diamonds. You can earn by completing the levels and achievements to unlock new-level guns.

This guide will help you to master the Merge Gun: Kill Zombie. Let’s take a look at the top Merge Gun : Shoot Zombie cheats and strategies.

Merge Gun: Shoot Zombie Tips & Tricks: –

 1.)Have The Best Guns On The Board To Make More Money

We have already mentioned that the guns on your board generate the gold coins. The level of these guns is essential. You will earn less money if you have lower-level guns. You will make peanuts if you have level 1 guns on all of the slots. Level 10 guns in all places allow you to generate thousands of gold coins within seconds.

  • Before you quit the game or go offline, ensure all gun slots are filled with high-level guns.

2.)Buy From The Store Or Wait For The Boxes

Did you know that the cost of a gun goes up each time it is bought? No? Tap the Buy Gun button in the bottom-right corner. This will allow you to check the price. You’ll see an increase in the price. It will go up every time you buy more. We recommend that you grab the free offer from the store, even if you have low coins. Go to the menu and then watch the video advertisement. You can also wait and get the supply boxes containing the guns from time to time. You have to wait for them.

3.) Grab the Airdrop

  • Every now and again, you’ll see an airdrop appear on your screen. Tap the icon to unlock more rewards.

4.)Complete The Task And Achievements For Diamonds

Tap the task button on the right side to complete daily tasks and earn diamonds. These diamonds can be spent later in the game to purchase high-level guns.

5.) Grab the Free Offers

Get the daily gift

The lucky wheel

Watch a video advertisement to get the acceleration offer – tap on the speed meter button at the left side of your store button.

Stop the piggy bank.

These are our Merge Gun Shoot Zombie tips and tricks. Have more tips? Leave a comment below.


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