Man Or Vampire Guide, Tips & Cheats To Bite The Enemies

Man Or Vampire is a beautiful adventure dungeon exploration game developed by HIDEA to be played on smartphones. Explore the Man or Vampire guide, including cheats, tips, tricks and strategies

We have mentioned the game in our top games for Android games guide, and today we’re providing a comprehensive guide. Map Or Vampire is a brand-new adventure game designed for mobile devices that features strategy gameplay and a captivating story. Man Or Vampire game features many game modes, including adventure mode, story mode missions, and a variety of soul-filled characters. In this article, we’ve covered almost every aspect of the game that you ought to know about: – Man Or Vampire’s Guide, as well as Man or Vampire, cheats, tricks and strategy guide to help you master the game.

The Basics Man Or Vampire – How to Play

For those new to the game players, it can be challenging to know what to do following the training and how it works. The man Or Vampire game could be challenging for those who have yet to play similar games before. But don’t worry! In this section, we’ll provide you with the basics of the game and instructions on how to play. Let’s get started!

You can play as a vampire or man in the Man Or Vampire game. Vampire (the game offers three types of characters: vampire, human and, finally, you, the primary persona; vampire or man). If you play in arena mode, you can choose a vampire, or a human can select the human persona.

Principal Objective: –

In the Man Or Vampire game, your primary goal is to create an adventure group composed of souls(humans and vampires) and advance the main character’s level. Most modes, like Arena, Land Of Darkness and the story chapters, are locked at the beginning of the game. Increasing the character’s level is necessary to gain access or unlock these modes. Check out the guide to levelling up below to discover how to increase your main character’s level.

The Adventure Mode How to Play


The game begins with an adventure mode, where you explore regions to earn cubes. The difficulty of these regions is raised as you progress. Heroes, average legend, hell, and routine. What is your objective? You must discover a certain number of locations in each dungeon or area. On the top-right side, click the mini-map, then proceed to the yellow highlighted section. Just below the mini-map, look up the number of regions you need to clear to finish the chapter. Once you’ve cleared a chapter/area in this manner, you’ll be presented with an equilateral cube. Check out the cube guide below to find out more information.

Get Started Guide

In the very first chapter(Welcome To Heaven), you encountered a character that was not known to you and decided to name it an angel. Be aware that in the Man Or Vampire game, you are an actual soul(man and vampire), and you will be a brand new soul when you die. In the beginning, you discover that the person you encountered during the initial phase of the game is the thief, and she scams you. All you have to be able to play is earn gold, then recruit and search for souls from the group, increase the character’s level, beat your opponents in the adventure mode, and make it to the top of on the leaderboard in Arena mode.

Here’s the how-to guide to playing Here’s how to play guide: –

1.) Take a look at the image below. To begin the game, press the Start Adventure button.


2.) The following screen will appear. You can tap the mode’s name to switch to Scenario/Story mode , or the Adventure Mode. Be aware that in the adventure mode you are able to select a specific number of souls, or the principal character. The main character needs to be included. If not, you won’t be allowed to play it. We’ll discuss the main character’s soul choice in the party guide(read further below).

In the upper-right corner, you can tap the cube reward icon. On the next screen on the left is a chapter list, which includes Soul Graveyard, Forgotten Desert, Chaos Opening, and other chapters. The chapter you complete will award you the cube, and you can open the cube by using this menu. For instance, you finished the Forgotten Desert chapter and earned a cube. You can go to the cube reward menu, tap the chapter, and then open your cube. Based on the chapter’s difficulty, you will be awarded the reward.

3.) There are a few more options to be found on the main screen(see the image above). Check out this comprehensive guide to get all the information you need.

How do I change into Arena Mode?

In the primary screen when you click left you’ll be taken to a different screen. Arena mode. Arena mode lets you can play with other gamers. You can even create a your own defence.

This is the primary Man or Vampire tutorial for beginners. We’ll now go over the complete Man Or Vampire guide and, after that look over our Man Or Vampire cheats strategies, tips and tricks.

Man Or Vampire Guide: –

In this chapter, we will be learning about the characters in the party, including the main character, advancing his capabilities, changing the class evolve, awakening Land Of Darkness Souls vampires, battling, and more.

Souls Guide

In the Man Or Vampire game, you must build a group of souls to travel through the dungeons packed with dangerous creatures and monsters. Souls can also be utilized to boost or boost the leading player’s level. It’s easy to acquire these souls. All you require is the orb of your soul. Soul Orb is a product that can be used to find for the orb. After you have found it, you can purchase it for diamonds, coins or gems. The possibilities are:

  • 1-star soul
  • 2-stars soul
  • Three stars soul or higher

The grade is a measure of the stats or quality of the soul. How can you get souls?

In the primary screen of the Man Or Vampire game, on the right, you can tap on the Soul Orb icon(check the main screen’s picture guide in the entire section above). Then, press the search button again to find souls. When you’ve got enough gems or gold, you can purchase it(read the cheats and tips section below for more details). Once you have it, you can use it for the party or to increase the level of your main character.

Party Guide

You can select as many as four souls for the group. Souls you choose to fight will earn EXP and Mana when they explore and defeat the foes in the fight. As with other souls, the principal character will not earn EXP. If , you want to increase your soul’s level, then take them to combat. How do I edit, access or manage the players in the Man Or Vampire game?

  1. Return to the primary screen
  2. Make sure to tap the campfire.
  3. You will be able to see the list of souls that you have.
  4. Tap on a soul to take it off or join the party
  5. Click the recommend button to choose automatically.

Research Guide

The buffs can be activated through research. Go to the main screen -> tap the throne/chair(research – see the essential part above for more). Once you have done that, you’ll get all buffs. You can unlock new buffs with gems or increase the character’s level. For research, you’ll need an item called Ancient Research Paper. This item can be obtained by defeating the enemies in adventure mode, or as an incentive.

Extract Guide

It is possible to extract souls of low quality and obtain an item referred to as a seal stone. It can be used to enhance the soul. The path is Main Screen , then tap the Extract Button(Star in the image above in the primary portion). After that, press on the chest(main screen). There you will view the complete list of the items in your inventory, including consumables, equipment and various other things.

Soul Stats

The three most essential traits of the soul are strength, agility, and intelligence. To improve the abilities of souls, you require bonus points. Once a soul has reached an additional level(you can either use potions or even add the character to your team. When you defeat the monster, the character will earn exp as well, and at a later point, it will be levelled up), You will receive bonus points. You can use these points to boost these stats. Visit your party screen(tap the campfire button on your main display), then tap the soul, then characters information and then tap the + icon(under the general information section) to redeem on bonus points. If you still need to spend the bonus points, it won’t reveal an icon that says +.

Notes: Potion It is available through your cube rewards. Click on the backpack, and you’ll see it under the tab for consumables.

Skill Guide

As with bonus points, you can earn skills points as you move up. You can use these points to boost the effectiveness of the soul’s abilities. Visit the party, tap the soul and then the character’s details,, and go into the tab for skills and click the + icon to confirm. It will cost you gold as well as SP. Be sure to verify the probability of success before upgrading or unlocking the ability.

Main Characters Guide

In the Man Or Vampire game, it is impossible to progress without increasing the character’s level. There is only one method to increase the level. Visit the main screen and at the top left corner, click the button to level. This will bring players to the primary character’s level-up screen. Select the souls you wish to add to the level of your main character. TIP: Always utilize 1* soul to raise the level of your main character. Choose a 1* soul and press the button to level up. Then, your main character will eat the soul, and it transforms into the form of a vampire. The vampire will disappear.

Check out the guide to souls above for information on how to get more souls from this game.

Battle Guide

The process of locating a dungeon will be complex as many creatures and monsters protect it. Every area is populated with these creatures. If you encounter an adversary and then the battle begins. All you have to do is move over to a purple or red tile to strike. If you touch the same tile and your HP increases, you can defeat the enemy. The switch onto a white tile can protect you from attacks by enemies. This is the walkthrough to follow: –

  1. Red Tile – To Attack enemy
  2. Green Tile – Enhances your HP, and makes you the target of enemies.
  3. White Tile White Tile Dodge the attacker
  4. Purple – Kill enemy with more buffs
  5. Yellow Double attack

Awakening, Enrichment, Element and Affinity

The game is in Land Of Darkness mode; you face potent beasts. Therefore, strengthening your soul would be a good idea. Here are some methods to boost the power of characters:

  1. Enrichment – It is a way to raise the level cap(for instance, the highest level for a soul is 100, you can use this feature to boost its max level). It is possible to use a sealing stone(read the extract guide previously) to accomplish this.
  2. Awakening: After you have raised your soul to its highest level, you can utilize this feature. It will raise the level of souls(for example, if you have a soul with 2*, use it to increase its star/grade to three*). Use the blue colour potion bottle or item to wake up.
  3. Element – To improve the quality of the attributes, HP Mana, Evasion Rate, and many more.
  4. Affinity – Increases the specific features like Critical Strike, Damage and many more.

Go to the screen for your party > character -> information -> information tab. Under this tab, at the bottom, you’ll be able to gain access to these options.

Change The Class

There are three kinds of classes; Melee, Magic, and Ranged. You can alter the role or class of the primary character. Here’s how: visit the screen of the party main character > information. Change the job,, select a class, spend the gold, and confirm.

Man Or Vampire Arena Guide

When you play in the arena, it is possible to will only choose the vampires. How do you determine the type of a character? Visit the game’s main screen, click the campfireclick on the character, then info. On another screen near the top, close to the name, you’ll be able to see the type of character; vampire or human. Enter the arena mode screen. Click the campfire and choose the top four vampires. This mode lets you fight with other teams and earn vampire coins. The vampire coins can be exchanged to purchase valuable items like monster elements, premium souls and much more at the shop.

Now, you are ready to start the defensive. To start the fight:

  1. Click the arena button on the screen.
  2. Press the button to start the duel.
  3. Take on the opposing team quickly and gain vampire coins or rank up.

This is a quick Man Or Vampire guide for players who are just beginning to learn. Then let’s look over our best Man Or Vampire cheats, strategies and tips to get the most out of the game.

Man Or Vampire Tips & Cheats: –

#1.) Engage in a Smart Negotiation Process to Get Souls For A Low Price

It will take many souls to increase your character’s level. However, since there is a high price(gold) is high be sure to bargain. You’ll see a negotiate option in the search screen(leading screen, click soul or search, then negotiate). Then, you need to select which character you want to negotiate with. Note the success rate, average, sound, and bad characters, and pick the one that is the most appealing. If the test is a success, you’ll get a discount.

#2.) Look For Treasury Cheats, Fountains, Altars In The Battle

Treasury Cheats

While exploring the dungeons or playing any game mode, you’ll encounter this fountain, altars and chests several times. Be sure to tap these to unlock the most valuable items, such as buffs, items, and more. There will also be wooden boxes; take them apart, and you’ll receive a valuable item.

#3.) Choose to focus on 3-Star Souls or 2-Stars

1-Star souls could be better for combat. It is better to avoid developing these poor-quality souls, and instead focus on the best souls, 2*-3*.

#4.) Speed Up to Increase Strength

A strong group of souls can be challenging. It is necessary to improve them, develop them , and awaken them. Be sure to select only the most potent souls since only those souls will be rewarded with EXP after the fight. Replay the battle in story or scenario mode to earn more coins, XP, and other items.

#5.) Research To Activate Buffs

When you do your research, you can apply buffs to your companions. This will assist you in increasing the level of your numbers. The research guide is available above.

#6.) Make Use Of the skills at the Right Moment

In combat, On the left side of your screen, you’ll see the icon for the character. When you complete the round or cause damage to the enemy, the character will increase mana, which is needed to use the ability. Once you’ve got enough, the skill icons appear next to the character’s icons. Click it and cast. Be sure to apply it when having difficulty winning the fight. Find the blue altars to gain mana or HP. Seek out that red altar.

#7.) Get Free Gifts From Hoochiri

In the primary screen in the upper-left corner, click on the Hoochiri’s Icon, and you will be able to claim your free gift after a certain period. All you have been doing is playing, and then you can claim your reward.

#8.) Get The Daily Deals From The Store

Click on the store icon and go towards the tab for daily sales. Check out the video for free gems. There are other deals to be bought in exchange in exchange for coins, like the feathers, elements cards, holy water, and more. Remember that these offers are only available for a short time. Be sure to keep an eye on the deals regularly and take the deal you’re seeking.

#9.) Invite Humans to Go on A Journey

On the primary screen on the right-hand side, you can tap on the icon for scrolling. Then, you’ll see the request. In most cases, you will receive two requests each day. All you have to do is to start the quest, choose the human beings, and wait for them to arrive. They will come back with a large quantity of gold. Make sure you send the expedition members daily to earn free gold. Another option is Board investment. You could invest in gold and gems to reap more rewards through this method for free.

#10.) Kill Every Monster For Reward

In the Man Or Vampire game, you can collect various rare items simply by killing monsters. This will not be a good idea if you only eliminate your regions(ignoring any monsters). You can find a rare item just by eliminating the monsters. We suggest playing the same areas in the adventure mode to gain more. In addition, if you have scrolls, you can set an auto-play option for the game. In the game, in the bottom-left corner of the screen, there is the scroll icon. Tap it and then use it. You can earn scrolls by using cubes.

#11.) Upgrade The Gears To Enhance the Power of Your Character

Visit the information of your character screen and then go to the tab for items. You will be able to see the gears. Select a gear to equip. The gear’s quality will determine the character; it will boost your stats of the vampire or human character. Also, you can improve the gears. Click the gear, then upgrade and confirm. Tip – Save gold in upgrading C, and D-grade gears. Upgrade only S A, S or B grade gears.

Here are some of the essential Man Or Vampire cheats, strategies, and tips for those who are new to the game. We’ll soon provide more guides and tricks for the game’s topics, including arenas, Land Of Darkness, and many more.


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