MapleStory M Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategy For Beginners

Nexon’s MapleStory M mobile adventure game is now available. MapleStory M strategy, tips, and cheats are available in our MapleStory M guide.

MapleStory M, the mobile version of MapleStory has just been released for Android via Google Play Store. It challenges you to defeat elite bosses and face powerful waves of snails and mushrooms. MapleStory M features many game modes, including story- quest and dungeon. Daily events, expeditions, Mu Lung Dojo and many others. Today’s post will cover everything you need to know about MapleStory M: MapleStoryM guide and MapleStoryM strategy.

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The Basics – Get Started – MapleStory M – How To Start Like A Pro!

Before we head to the cheats, tips & strategy guide part, let’s learn the basics first. In MapleStory M game, the very first step you have to do is select the best character class(the class guide is mentioned below). You can play with one character at a time. The game offers you to create multiple characters in different character slots. You can switch, delete, change anytime on the character selection screen. Now, let’s talk about the gameplay; at the beginning of the game, you have only access to story-quest mode. And it’s auto. All you need to do is tap the quest and the character will automatically do the job for you.

Completing the quest grants a bunch of items to the character; for instance; powder, EXP, Mesos, equipment, pets, and much more. As you level up in MapleStory M game, new game modes such as the daily dungeon, elite dungeon, mini-dungeon, Mu Lung Dojo, Nett’s Pyramid will get unlocked. Unlike story-quest, in these game modes, you battle against powerful elite monsters and earn precious items such as the rare weapon, armor, and items; gold leaf, exp, and Mu Lung. All the items can be acquired by playing the game; read the resources guide below for more details.

The Quick Walkthrough Touch

Let’s learn some basic tips here;

  • Complete the quests if you require resources to improve your weapon or armor
  • To obtain high-ranking items, play in dungeons
  • Follow the quests to make MapleStory M a fast and enjoyable game.
  • Mesos should not be wasted on low-rank weapon upgrades
  • Gold Leaf is an in-game currency in MapleStory M. Don’t misuse it.
  • The dungeon modes will provide you with high-quality rare weapons
  • By ranking up (i.e. normal to rare), you can raise the weapon’s grade.
  • By leveling up skills and weapon, the player can increase his attack power.
  • Auto-Battle in mini-dungeon mode for quick leveling
  • When fighting against a powerful enemy, disable the auto-battle feature. Perform manual actions, dodge, fever mode and hit & run.

These are the basic MapleStory M tips and tricks for beginners. Let’s begin the MapleStory guide . After that, we will be sharing our top MapleStory tips, tricks, and cheats . You can also see The best adventure games for Android

MapleStory M Guide

MapleStory M Guide

  • This section covers almost all aspects and mechanics of the game. This guide will explain you everything about characters, weapons, forging, pets and more. You should make sure you check everything.
  • Guide to Class

MapleStory M allows you to choose one job or class when you first start the game. There are five different jobs or classes of characters or characters.

  1. Bishop
  2. Dark Knight
  3. Night Lord
  4. Bow Master
  5. Corsair

Let’s take a look at each class in detail. Check out our MapleStory M Best Class recommendation.

Bishop: –

Bishop is a support character in MapleStory M and one of the most powerful characters with amazing buffs. You don’t have to use potions to recover HP or Mana, as its buffs or skills are sufficient. Bishop’s ability to teleport is very useful in fighting against powerful monsters. We can also use it as a way to avoid an enemy attack. Bishop’s passive skills, such as MP Eater and MP Increase, allow you to cast more skill.

  • Dark Knight:

    Dark Knight is a MapleStory M defensive character. This character has a very high defense and HP stats compared to other characters classes. You can avoid enemy attacks by using warrior leap skills; double jump. Dark Knight can also deal damage, in addition to its defense and HP. Dark Knight’s passive skill, which increases Dark Knight’s damage power tremendously with each level, will become available as you progress. Also, check out Top offline RPG Games for Android

    Night Lord:

    Night Lord is an assassin character in MapleStory M. It is an Assassin type character, so you can easily guess its speed. Night Lords speed helps them dodge enemy attacks and move fast. Dark Knight’s Dark Knight has a higher attack and defense power, but its Night Lord is much slower. Night Lord, unlike Bishop, does not have the ability to restore mana or HP. Therefore, you will need to use potion.

  • Bow Master is an archer-type character in MapleStory M who attacks enemies from a distance. Bow Master’s defense and HP stats aren’t as good as other jobs. However, damage power is very good. You can deal critical damage to your enemies with the Passive Skill of Bow Master.


    Corsair, a MapleStory M range-class character who attacks enemies with a gun, is also available in MapleStory M. Speed and damage are good stats. It lacks support skills, so you have to use potion repeatedly.

    MapleStory M Best Classes: –

    Our recommendation is that Dark Knight or Bishop be your MapleStory M class. Dark Knight can deal damage and has better defense or HP stats. You also have powerful buffs that will help you in difficult battles. Bishop excels in all stats. Supportive skills and buffs can help you defeat elite monsters during boss battles. They are both good at dodging due to their active skills: teleport (Bishop), double jump (Dark Knight).

    This MapleStory MBest class guide explains the pros and cons of each class. Let’s now move on to the skill- or equipment guide.

    • MapleStory M Skill Guide

    There are three types skill in MapleStory M: active, buff, and passive. You can assign buff or active skills to the hotkeys or combat controls. Passive skills can be used to increase the stats of the character or give them an advantage in the background. All character classes gain new active, passive, and buff skills at level 30-60, 60, 100 and 100. By tapping the reload icon, you can create three skill sets. You can also switch to any character by tapping the reload icon. Hotkeys can be added up to five additional skills. Example: Bishop’s energy bolt skill is in the main attack slots. The picture guide is: –

  • MapleStory M Skill Guide
  • Skill Building:

    Spending skill points wisely is a good idea. When you level up, skill points are earned. You cannot reset your skill points free of charge, it will cost diamonds. Now the question is, which skill should be upgraded and which one not? It is best to prioritize buff skills and active skills (that you use often or like). You can switch to a new active skill once you reach the milestone level.

    • Equipment Guide

    MapleStory M allows you to obtain equipment through quests, rare and epic weapons/armors from dungeons, events, or as a reward. Tap the menu button in the upper-right corner to go to the bag menu screen. You can then equip or un-equip weapons, armors, and accessories like rings; Hog, as well as check out the items that you own.

    To check stats, tap on the item. This includes the rank, type, level, impact, type, rank, and other details. For example, tap an equipment to check the rank. Let’s now learn how to improve the stats of weapon with our MapleStory M Forging Guide.

    • MapleStory M Forging Guide

    Forging, as mentioned, is one of many ways to increase the weapon’s attack power, armor defense power, and impact of accessories. All this can be done in the Forging facility. Click the menu and choose forge option. You will see six options on the next screen. Let’s find out more:

    Equipment Level Up Guide

    Choose the Level Up option in the forge facility. Select the weapon or gear you wish to level up. Now it is time to choose the material. Polish or other gears can be used as a material. If you wish to improve the quality of Bishop’s wands, for example, select it. After you have made your selection, select the material. We recommend that you choose normal/low-quality gears. You can also use polish. Polish is an item used in this process. You can earn polish items by completing missions and quests. To verify the details of an item, long press on it. Cost; Mesos.

    Equipment Rank Up Guide

    MapleStory M allows you to increase the quality of your gear by increasing its rank. Go to the forging plant -> choose the rank up option -> pick the equipment (it should be at its maximum level; see the level up guide). To rank up your weapon or armor, you will need to have the rank up stone. The game will automatically select it if you have it. You can exchange it for gold leaf if you don’t have it. Below, we will discuss the MapleStory M Resources Guide gold leaf. You can also complete quests to earn rank up stones.

    MapleStory M Equipment Fusing Guide

    Two pieces of equipment can be fused (maximum level), to create a new one. Fusing could result in a high-ranking item. You only need to go to the forging plant -> select the fuse options -> choose the base (equipment at maximum level), and then the material (equipment at maximum level). Cost; Mesos.

    Gear Enhancing Guide: –

    The stats of the weapon can be enhanced to increase their attack, defense, or other attributes. If the destroyed rate is zero, then you can enhance. Scrolls can be used to stop destruction if it is high. To learn more about the items that have been destroyed, please refer to the transfer guide. Go to the forge facility and click on the Enhance button. Cost: Mesos.

    Change Options in Forge Facility:

    You can modify the item’s potential abilities here. Cube is required. The cube can be purchased in the shop for gold leaves. What’s it? It restores the item’s potential (Rare – Epic).

    Transfer: –

    You can also use the destroyed equipment as a resource and convert its original stats to the same weapon type. Select the destroyed item first -> choose the equipment of that type (bow, wand, or more)/rank (normal, rare, or greater).

    This will transfer the stats from the destroyed item to the chosen item.

    This is the MapleStory M Forge Guide for Beginners. Let’s now move on to the MapleStoryM resources guide. This includes gold leaf, Mu Lung and Mesos.

    • MapleStory M Resources Farming Manual: –

    Gold Leaf:

    The player can earn Gold Leaves/Gold Leaf in MapleStory M early on by completing the achievements (menu -> challenge, task -> achievement). It is possible to farm more Gold Leaves or earn them in Expedition mode (menu -> Dungeons -> Expedition). This unlocks at level 70.

    How to Earn More MapleStory M Gold Leaf?

    You can get the equipment and earn gold leafs. Go to the game’s main menu and choose bag. At the bottom-right, select the extract option. Select the items that you wish to extract, and then confirm. Extracting items can also be used to obtain cubes.

    To earn gold leaf, play Nett’s Pyramid mode. How do you use gold leaf? You can use the gold leaf in the shop (menu -> at bottom-left, choose shop->gold leaf).

    Mesos – MapleStory M Guide;

    MapleStory M’s liquid currency is Mesos. It is useful in many ways and you will use it often. It can be used to upgrade or enhance the skills, weapons, armor, or other items. To earn Mesos, complete the quests and defeat the monsters.

    Mu Lung Dojo Points: –

    To earn these points, play the Mu Lung Dojo mode. These points can be spent at the Mu Lung Dojo shop.

    This is the MapleStory M resource guide. Let’s now learn more about the pets.

    • Guide for Pets

    In the early missions, you can get pets free of charge in the first event. These pets give buffs to your character classes: Bishop, Dark Knight Knight, Night Lords, Corsair and Bow Master. Select your character and tap the menu button to choose your pet. These pets can also be used to collect items (drops after you defeat the monsters). How to get pets: Through story-quests. As a reward, draw.

    Crystals can be used to obtain food (menu -> Cash shop -> pets food -> pet food).

  • Mounts

You can travel quickly by riding pets or vehicles, such as a frog, bike, scooter, turtle, owl, bunny and many more. The first one is free. Hog. You can find it by going to the bag menu and clicking the bottom-left corner. You can also purchase the rest at the shop. How do you ride? You can ride by selecting the mount from the panel located on the main screen. You can’t use your main attack while riding.

  • Trade Station

This feature can be accessed through the game menu. You can sell and buy items from other players. You can search for the item that you wish to purchase. Select the item you wish to sell from the sell tab. You can also trade premium items for in-game items, such as mount. You can also see The best time management games for Android

This is the MapleStory guide . Let’s now take a look at some cheats and tips.

MapleStory M Tips and Cheats: –

    1. To earn gold leaf or a cube, extract the items
    2. Upgrade only rare or epic rank gears
    3. Transfer the item to be used
    4. To earn rank-up stones, powder and more items, focus on the quests
    5. Participate in events to earn valuable items like respawn tickets, medals
    6. Click on the event tab to claim your offline earnings and attendance reward (through the challenge menu).
    7. To grab valuable items, complete daily missions
    8. Get a treasure box for free in the cash shop
    9. Get cheap deals by checking out the trade station every day
    10. To level up quickly, play Mini_-Dungeon
    11. Use auto-battle in mini-dungeon
    12. For more benefits, join the party or guild
    13. To raise your grade, rank up gears
    14. Get high-rank items in elite dungeon mode
    15. Nett’s Pyramid offers accessory and gold leaf opportunities
    16. You can keep improving your character’s stats with leveling up your skills
    17. Pay close attention to passive and buff skills
    18. To master the game, refer to the guide.

      So these are some MapleStory M tips and a complete MapleStory M guide for the beginners


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