Magia: Charma Saga Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Magia: Charma Saga is an exciting new side-scrolling game for mobile devices developed by Superacid. Look at the Magia: Charma Saga guide, including cheating tips, tricks and strategies.

Magia: Charma Saga has just been updated on the mobile app stores; however, this time, Nexon isn’t the publisher. The game was developed and is currently published through Korean Studio; Superacid. It features four playable characters: ranger, mage tank, and swordsman. Each of these characters has an individual style of attack as well as skills and storyline. The best part is that you can play every character. You can switch between characters or create a brand-new one on your login page. If you’re just starting to play the game, our current Magia: Charma Saga guide and Magia: Charma Saga tips, cheats, and strategies will assist you.

Magia: Charma Saga Guide

Characters Guide

When you start this game, players are required to select a character from the four options available. You can also make a new profile for each character to try all the characters’ attacks and skills. The four characters are:

  • Tank/Knight – Morgan Von Shill
  • Mage – Leta Vines
  • Swordsman – Aiden Rutland
  • Ranger – Caldera

Select the character that best suits your playing style. It is easy to switch between characters playing the game. All you need to do is press the menu button in the screen’s upper-right corner. Then, at the top, select to switch the character. The screen for character selection will appear. You can then change to a different character. It’s possible that you are thinking about how these characters differ, and what makes them unique. Let’s find out!

Character Skills:

  • Tank – The knight guardian from Magia: Charma Saga is the tank character. He uses the shield as well as melee weapons during the fight. The shield skill protects the entire body and absorbs the destruction. If you are fighting the hordes of foes, the shield skill is beneficial since it can absorb all harm from enemies.
  • The swordsman is another melee-based character in the Magia: Charma Saga game. The character uses his sword as a weapon, and can deal colossal destruction to enemies through a combination pattern. This is a unique ability that enemies won’t have the chance to stand up.
  • Mage Mage Leta Vinis is a sweet mage-like character who uses his magic wand to fight off enemies. If you are a fan of action games, then go for this one.
  • Ranger – She battles with the strength of a dragon. She deals enormous damage to opponents from a short range. Her abilities can stop enemies from moving towards her, or it is possible to claim she knocks back enemies.

So, which is the best character from the Magia: Charma Saga game? We recommend that you test each character out, as they all have different skills, stats, and attack styles. It all depends on the way you play.

Magia: Charma Saga Tips To Defeat Foes In Difficult Stages

1.) Build The Character

The first thing we’d like to discuss is building the character. The character you create will perform in a fight based on their statistics, such as maximum HP attack defense, evade, accuracy, and recovery of HP critical hit mana. It would help if you focused on improving all these stats to be able to defeat the most formidable monsters in your primary quests. Through this tutorial, you’ll discover how to create the character:

I am utilizing the gears!

Gears guide Gears comprise weapons, armor, and other accessories. For the section on armor, there are several options for shields, pants, gloves, and feet. The better the quality of the gear is, the better the statistics. For instance, a top-quality weapon could cause enormous damage to opponents compared to lower-quality equipment. The quality of a piece of gear is normal, rare, or epic. To test the quality of the gear, visit the “bag” menu(tap the icon for bags at the upper-right corner) and then click the gear -> go to the information page. If you’re a beginner, you’ll get the standard gears available from the quests for the campaign mode. Go through all the quests.

You’ll need to utilize the summon feature if you want higher-quality gear. Learn more about how to summon in Magia: Charma Saga summons guide.

Summon Guide The Summon Guide is located on the right-hand left side; click the summon button. Once there are two banners: premium star summon and premium summon with crest. You can use the star summoner to obtain the gears. There are two methods to summon, either using summon tickets or seeds. Seeds are the highest-value game currency used in the Magia: Charma Saga game. You can earn it by completing quests, the milestone rewards, and completing accomplishments.

Refining, Enhancing, and Enchanting the Gears In Magia: Charma Saga

Even if you’ve got top-quality or rare gears, it is still necessary to upgrade them to improve their stats. For example, you may utilize a weapon to fight your enemies. If you wish to destroy them quickly and efficiently, it is recommended to upgrade the weapon. The upgrade involves refinement, enhancement, and so on. Learn more about the following it has to offer:

Refining Guide: You need to refine stones to improve the quality of the gear. You can get the refining stones through subquests and main quests, through breaking down the gears, as a random reward, by removing the chests/crates. To refine your gears, go to the bag menu, click on the gear(weapon, armor, or weapon), and then refine. To refine armor, you require refinement stones for armor. To make a weapon, you will require refinement stones for weapons. Destroy the weapons that are useless for refining stones for the weapon. Remove the useless armor to make refinement stones for armor. Farm in the adventure mode. World map> quests. Refining stones can also be found in qualities like superior, usual, excellent, etc.

Enhancing Guide Enhancing is different from refining. When refining, you give EXP for the equipment, and the level increases when the gear can gain enough. To enhance the process, you make use of enhancement stones. They are obtained by removing useless gears or by obtaining them from other sources. To upgrade a gear, navigate to the bag menu, tap the gear , then increase -> and verify the success rate. If the enhancement fails and the gear is damaged, it will lose its durability , and when it reaches the dead point( no durability ), it will not be able to improve the gear at all. It’s a risky way to boost the stats of your gear.

Enchanting Guide: Enchanting can grant extra stats on the item. Click the menu button, then select forge on the left, and then enchant. Choose the gear, look up your current stats(current) and then select Ether, and confirm. This will change the extra stats.

Sub: Ether Guide

Ether Guide

Ether is a second currency available in-game in the Magia: Charma Saga game. You can earn it by purifying your companion. Visit the Inn and tap on the pet of the companion to purify. Earn Charma by fighting and purifying for Ether or other things.

Magia: Charma Saga Crest Guide

Crests are obtained using the summoning method: navigate to the summon menu, then summon crest with seeds or the ticket. The crest can be used to earn bonuses to stats. To access it, click the menu button located in the upper-right corner. Select gear on the left side> crest and use the crest to equip it. Four types of crests exist: DEF, HP, CRI, and ATK.

Craftsman’s Altar Guide

In the gear section of the Craftsman’s Altar, you can avail of the statistics bonus by registering particular gears. Click the gear slot and If you own the gear, then register it to receive the boost in stats. The stats boost information is located just below the slots. For example, it could boost fixed DMG, MAX HP EDV, etc.

Potential Guide

N/A. Make use of the gear to exchange any potential.

Crafting Guide – Magia: Charma Saga

Charma Saga

The blacksmiths in town can make the gears provided you have schema and the necessary material. Schema is the blueprint of a piece of gear. It is available through chests or summons, or any other game source. Navigate to the forge menu, choose a schema, then, If you’ve got the required crafting materials and an adequate amount, press the crafting button. The materials include items, fragments, etc. Please tap on the item to verify the source of its acquisition. It can be found in dismantling, fusing, summoning, and other sources.

2.) Evade, Jump, Use Skills Wisely

Skills Wisely

When fighting, it is essential to pay attention to enemy actions and attacks. In close battles, it is essential to avoid every attack from the opponent. If you are stuck, you’ll lose HP, and, at 0 HP, that character will not be capable of fighting. You can examine your HP and mana statistics in the upper-left corner of your screen. To dodge or avoid, you can press either the jump or the evade button in the controls’ lower-right section on the combat screen. Make sure you utilize the abilities of your character at the correct time . Skills can cool down. If you cool down, it is not allowed to use the skill. Click on the Develop menu, then skills here, and you can register the abilities. Utilize the runes to build up your skills.

3.) Do The Premium Summon Pull

 Premium Summon Pull

Don’t throw away your seeds in the summoning of the crest; at the beginning game. It is more beneficial to save seeds for the 10X pull and purchase the gears. Quality gear and rare ones will ease your work. The crest can help. However, it is more efficient first to pull the gears.

4.) Complete The Achievements

If you’re looking for seeds you can earn, you must focus on completing your achievements. Within the main lobby on the left-hand side, tap the challenge button and select to finish -> there, you can look over every challenge.

5.) Complete The Time-Limited Event Quests

On the right-hand left side of the game screen, press the event button to see the special missions. You must complete these tasks to earn free seeds.

6.) Grind And Develop

Visit your world map(bottom-right menu) and select the location for your adventure (for example Efenora forest) Efenora forest) These phases can be completed repeatedly to earn benefits such as Schematic, refining stones, crafting materials, gold, etc. Repeat these steps until you get refining stones, refine the gears and boost the number of stats. Repeat these steps until you earn schema, then craft gear. If you have lower-tier gear, remove it in exchange for rewards like enhance stone, refine st

7.) Dismantle The Gears

If you’ve got no-use gears in your inventory, take them apart and dispose of them to gain upgrade materials. Make use of these upgrade materials when upgrading the main gears(which are the ones that you equip with the character you play).

8.) Get The Online Reward

Visit the town or town map to locate the Angel Statue. The statue awards several things to the player when they are online in the game. Be sure to get this reward.

That’s the entire point of the Magia: Charma Saga guide and Magia: Charma Saga tips for beginners. If you have any additional information or suggestions, please do not hesitate to share them in the comments section below. Enjoy your day! Thanks for taking the time to read this article.


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