Lyn: The Lightbringer Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Lyn The Lightbringer is a brand new RPG developed for Android and iOS by Nexon. We’ll look at our Lyn The Lightbringer tutorial, including cheats, tips, and strategies.

The game Lyn: The Lightbringer game The player creates an impressive team of heroes that fight monsters and other players in various game modes like challenges, arena, and campaign. Combat is automated. The heroes take on the enemy instantly. You have complete control over their capabilities. You can make it automatic. Learn everything in depth. Lyn: The Lightbringer’s Guide, as well as Lyn: Lightbringer’s Strategies, tips, and tricks!

Lyn the Lightbringer Handbook

1.) The basics of forming a Team


On your team, You can include as many as five players. The game has a formation system. The game allows you to set the heroes on three distinct lanes. Within each route, players can assign up to three characters. There are three lanes: front line, midline and the rear line. The front line should you should deploy the defensive players. Place supporters or attackers in the middle rope. In the back line, it’s recommended to include magic or marksman characters. Alongside those heroes, it is possible to could add a mighty beast to your squad.

On the bottom of the screen for games, click the team optioned team -> choose a hero, and then select the line. You can also use an auto-organize option that can be used to make the formation easier to manage.

Your team’s total power(CP) for your group is also displayed on the top of the editing team.

2.) What is the best way To Get Heroes In Lyn The Lightbringer

Heroes can be obtained through summoning or playing the advent mode altar. This will cost you blue or red diamonds. Sometimes, you receive scrolls as a reward. These summon scrolls to obtain heroes(Bag consumables, then bag> scroll, then use).

To summon heroes to summon them, tap the call button at the lower right of the screen> summon hero to spend blue or red diamonds. Press the summon rate icon in the screen’s upper-right-hand corner to determine the chances.

3.) Lyn: The Lightbringer – Hero Upgrades/Combine/Dismantle/Skill

To compete with your friends in arena play, or even defeat the most powerful monsters, you’ll be required to upgrade your players in your team. There are many methods to upgrade your heroes or boost their power, such as:

Level-Up/Develop The game allows you to build your heroes through two methods: you can earn XP by fighting or use low-grade heroes to build/level up your hero you want to level up. The team members gain EXP during battles, upon the victory. The EXP is needed to increase the level of the hero. The other way is to open the hero menu and choose a hero, then develop -> choose those heroes you would like to sacrifice to increase the hero you want to level up.

Evolve > Evolving can increase the level of the hero’s stars. The hero has to be at their highest level. Once that is achieved, you can develop the hero. To create heroes, you require crystals. Blue, red and evolution stones. These items are available through challenge mode in the game, adventure, or arena shop/advent shop.

Enhance toEnhancing enhances the hero’s stats and ultimate skill level. To improve a hero’s performance to the level of Lyn: The Lightbringer, you will require a duplicate of the character and some crystals. For instance, to upgrade Hayes to a higher level, you need the same units; Hayes. These units can be obtained by summoning.

Combining toWell, this function does not boost the number of stats. Using this function, you can combine heroes of the same class to make an improved hero. For instance, Combine three-star grade heroes, and you could end up with a hero of four stars. On the tab for combination, it is possible to combine two maximum levels of characters(Same class) to create random heroes with another star grade.

Dismantle >If you have a few unneeded heroes in your bag, You can dismantle or erase them. You can receive the skills stones.

Gear Gear You can purchase the gears through the shop, time rift raid adventure mode, or by summoning. These gears can be used to make items, armour, and weapons. You can boost the power by reforging, improving, or upgrading. You can also combine the gears to create a piece of more efficient equipment.

Skill Skill In Lyn The Lightbringer All the characters have unique abilities that they utilize in the fight to kill opponents or players. It is possible to upgrade the skills of these characters’ skills through gold or skill stones. The skill Stones can be earned by destroying heroes as a reward for playing time, through the arena shop, or accomplishments.

4.) Lyn The Lightbringer – Essence

The essence is required to develop the heroes. There are five kinds of personalities in Lyn the Lightbringer; defence (blue), attack(red), marksman(yellow), magic(purple), and support(green). For instance, if you want to build into a character that supports you, you will require green essence. It is available via challenges mode(essence fields) or from the achievements or the advent shop.

It is possible to combine essences to make a better version. For example, you need a 3-star core. You can obtain it by combining nature with two stars. Select the bag option> material, tap the essence, combine, choose the quantity, and combine.

5.) Lyn The Lightbringer Game Modes

  1. Adventure mode – gold, gears, tokens, crystals
  2. Guild raid – Accessories
  3. Dragon Ruins – Gold Farming
  4. Essence Fields – essence farming
  5. Time rift – gears farming
  6. The Altar for Advent – the advent tokens, heroes
  7. Arena tokens – arena tokens
  8. Accessories for the Raid

6.) Currencies

  1. Blue diamonds
  2. Red diamonds
  3. Green diamonds
  4. Gold
  5. Knight Tokens
  6. Deathmatch tokens
  7. Hero coins
  8. Guild coins
  9. Friendship points

Then this is the Lyn the Lightbringer guide for novices. Let’s review our Lyn The Lightbringer guide: Strategies, tricks, and tips!

LYN The Lightbringer Tips and Tricks: –

1.) Form A Perfect Team Formation

Forming and forming the right team is very crucial. Putting the defenders in the front line, the attackers and supporters in the middle line, and a marksman/magician in the back line is recommended. This makes it more balanced; the defenders protect their allies(attackers, magicians/sharpshooters, and supporters). Attackers attack from within a range(behind the shield or defender) and as well as the healer who will aid allies. In your five heroes team, you must include a healer, attacker, and defence. Make sure you study their skill information, and statistics.

2.) Power-Up, The Heroes

It’s impossible to progress in a boring team. You can boost your characters’ abilities to increase their levels, develop and equip equipment, improve capabilities, improve, upgrade, and improve gears.

3.) Completion of Achievements

Through these accomplishments, you can earn many expensive items, such as enhanced stones or essence, red diamonds, etc.

4.) Complete the Daily Tasks


The rewards for Daily Missions are excellent. By fulfilling these missions, it is possible to earn crystals EXP, red diamonds, and more. On the right-hand side of the screen, click the E icon, then select the menu icon. Here you can view the daily tasks.

5.) Claim Play-Time Reward Everyday


As with the other Nexon game, Lyn The Lightbringer awards players in proportion to the time they spend playing. Click the E icon, tap the alarm clock, and then take the reward. You can get crystals, skill stones summoning scrolls, gold, and a chest.

6.) Join A Guild As Soon As You Can

After you’ve reached the required stage, you can join a guild and gain access to various game features like territory battles and guild battle raids. You can also receive rewards or access the shop of guilds.

7.) The effects of unlocking and upgrading

In the team editing menu, click the knight traits option. You can unlock or upgrade a variety of characteristics that will help you during battle. Click the option to create a formation effectHere you can improve the line effect: front line, back line, and midline.

8.) Make A Special Focus on the High-Grade Heroes

It is necessary to have 3* or higher grade heroes to play in high-arena leagues and battles in the campaign. These 1-2* heroes will only be viable temporarily. It is better to concentrate on top-quality heroes instead of creating ineffective characters. Utilize the red crystals to summon the best heroes.

These are the fundamental Lyn tips from the Lightbringer for those who are just beginning. If you have additional suggestions, please share them in the comments below!


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