Looney Tunes World Of Mayhem Level Up Guide And Tips To Level Up Fast

If you don’t level up, it is impossible to unlock new stages or acts in the Looney Tunes World Of Mayhem game. Look at the Looney Tunes World Of Mayhem levels guide and strategies to increase your level quickly within the game.

Are you looking to unlock new game modes(competitive challenges, competitive) and toons(space region, desert region, space area) or unlock actions in Chapter Mode? There’s only one option! Level Up. After you have completed the first act in the chapter on the forest, you’ll realize how crucial it is to level up. Since in Marvin’s Invasion mode, you must finish the chapters. The chapters are then divided into acts. You need to satisfy the minimum level requirement to unlock the latest show. For instance, in the chapter on the forest, for you to play the act 2, you need to attain the level 8. To play the third act, you must to get to level 16. In addition, toons from the cities, farms, space and the desert region are unlockable at a specific group. In this article, we’ve provided an entire Looney Tunes World Of Mayhem Level Up guide and some suggestions to speed up your progress.

Looney Tunes World Of Mayhem Level Up Guide

The first step is to discover how to increase our level. In the upper-left corner of the primary screen, you can see the bar for level. The player will get levelled up when the blue gauge is at the highest level. To improve it, you have to earn points called XP. Here’s how you can get more XP points to increase your level quickly in the Looney Tunes World of Mayhem: –

1.) Repeat The Battles In Marvin’s Invasion Mode

When playing Marvin’s Invasion mode, you’ll be able to play three stages daily. Each time you win a winning score in these stages, you’ll earn points for XP. The amount you make is contingent on the difficulty. In the later stages(act two or three), you can get more XP compared to the first stages(Act 1.). Therefore, we suggest going through the steps from where you earn more XP.

2.) Complete All Daily Goals

Complete All Daily Goals

You can earn more XP for accomplishing the objectives than the rewards you earn by completing the levels of Marvin’s Invasion. Each day, you will be given only daily goals. Each goal you achieve provides you with a significant number of points. When you have completed each day’s plans, you can get a reward which gives you double XP rewards. This is among the most effective methods to increase your level quickly in the Looney Tunes World of Mayhem.

3.) Complete The Quests

The quests differ from the daily objectives. How much XP you reward is also different. You can, however, collect gems, toon bits, and other items by completing quests. Alongside the toon pieces and gems, You also earn an XP reward. Be sure to follow the investigations.

Toon Level Up Guide And Tips

There’s a different method to increase the level of toons. You will require an item called a potion to boost the status of your toon. The potion item gives an XP boost to the toon. It can be used for any toon. To access the collection of characters or toons, go to the character screen, tap one you would like to upgrade and hit the button to level up. The higher the level of the toon, the better its stats, Defense, health, and attack attributes. Are you running out of potions? Here are some ways to acquire potions in the game. The following are the tips:

1.) Play The Potion Alchemists Mode

When you get to the threshold of level 10, you will be able to unlock a brand new mode is unlocked: Challenge. The Challenge mode is comprised of many sub-modes. One of them can be described as Potion Alchemist mode. It is possible to play the daily challenges three times and get potions. You can unlock acts 2 and 3 to earn additional potions.

2.) From The Marvin’s Invasion Mode

But, it’s not the best method to farm potions. However, if you require some, visit the store, complete a some of the stages and get several potion items at no cost.

3.) Attack The XP Potion Crate Holders

Crate Holders

It would be best if you looked out for XP potion crates in the competition mode and beat this team to get the box. Once you have it, give the container to the bank and form a solid offensive toon group. These XP crates hold plenty of potions.

4.) From The Shop – Offers Tab

Go to the store, and, inside the store, you will find the offers tab. Find the XP potion offer and take it for exchange in gold coins.

Here are some tips to get a head start in the Looney Tunes World Of Mayhem game. Be sure to read our other posts:


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