LifeAfter: UMP9 SMG Crafting Guide & Usage Tips

Find out how to farm and get all the materials needed to make UMP9 SMG in LifeAfter. See our LifeAfter UMP9SMG Crafting guide and Usage tips.

LifeAfter chapter 4 will ask you to create a UMP9 or Thompson SMG to move on to the following quests. Once you reach Manor Level 5, the UMP9 SMG will be available by default. To craft Thompson SMG, you will need the blueprint (Formula), which can be obtained from the R&D facility by fusing formula shards. You can find our LifeAfter midgame guide if you are unsure how to obtain Formula Shards. We have provided a detailed LifeAfter UMP9SMG crafting guide and usage tips. Let’s get started!

LifeAfter UMP9 SMG – Ingredients or Resources Requirement

Resources Requirement

You will need (10) Hard Aluminium Alloy, (12) Hexagon nails, (24) Grease and (4) Polymer Coating to make a UMP9SMG. (Gear Workstation->Make Weapons-> UMP9SMG). Let’s find out how to gather these resources.

Hard Aluminium Alloy. Hexagon Nail. Grease.

The gear workstation can be used to make hard aluminium alloy (Gear Workstation->Make Weapons-> Workable->Hard Aluminium Alloy). It requires tin ore and aluminium ore. Tin Ore – You can find tine ore in Charles Town and Sandcastle through quarrying. Aluminum Ore – You can quarry aluminium ore in the Snowhighlands. Old Cypress – Old Cypress can be found in Snowhighlands by logging.

Polymer Coating

Tree Oil: Tree Oil can be found in the LifeAfter game. Ginkgo Seed must be planted on Farmland to obtain tree oil in LifeAfter. Ginkgo seed can be obtained by logging trees (drop rate is low), from a camp occupied/map merchant (In Snowhighlands near the house points, locate the merchant), or from a Stronghold Merchant (In Snowhighlands, play the barrack battles mode to earn feat. Ginkgo seed can be exchanged for feat points.

Hexagon Nail: You probably already know this. You can read the UZI crafting manual here. Grease – Grease is available from the Snowhighlands by killing Imperial Soldiers or hunting animals. This guide will show you how to obtain Polymer Coating .

You can craft anything once you have all the resources you need in your bag or manor chest.

LifeAfter UMP9 SMG Upgrade

You can upgrade UMP9SMG by using the modifying function in the R&D device. You will need R&D data. The game will display the results of your modification to the UMP9SMG formula. Compare the stats to find the best one. Do it once.

LifeAfter UMP9 SMG skins

You can create UMP9 SMG skins simply by melting shards in an R&D device. It can drop randomly. UMP9 Rainy Day Vanguard and UMP9 Snow Elite – Fusion III. UMP9 Collector’s edition – Only available if you have selected gun maker cert.

This is the UMP9 crafting tutorial for beginners. Let’s take a look at the UMP9 SMG tips.

Useful Tips for UMP9

1.) Use Mondragon in Fall Forest and UZI at Sandcastle. UMP9 can also be used in the mouth swamp. UZI is not recommended for use in Mouth swamps. It is best only to use it when it is needed. Once it reaches 0, it cannot be repaired.

2.) Use in Nancy City battles. These modes don’t cause much damage.

3.) Use UMP9 only when you are on fire (Heat symbol). You will need to wait 12 hours before you can return to normal.

 4.) Don’t forget to collect Polymer Coating daily, as you will be using more UMP9s when in Mouth Swamp mode.

That’s it for now. This site has more guides and LifeAfter Tips. You can search the keyword LifeAfter using the below search box. You can ask any questions.


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