LifeAfter: How To Get Potassium Nitrate And Make Plastic?

Potassium Nitrate is one of the scarce ingredient in the LifeAfter game. It is used for the creation of plastic. This is how you can get Potassium Nitrate for the LifeAfter Game

LifeAfter Potassium Nitrate Farming Guide|

Within one quest in the Survival manual players must craft (6) pieces of plastic as well as (6) sets of iron casting. For the production of the plastic you will require the resin and potassium nitrate hemp stem, and cloth. In all of these sources the potassium nitrate is one item that is scarce and difficult to obtain. This post will show you how to acquire potassium nitrate free(through crafting) as well as the extraction of camp ore, drilling engine oils, and more. Let’s get started!

Two ways to get Potassium Nitrate In Your Life After

There are two methods to obtain potassium nitrate: you can purchase it through gold bars, or you can extract it by using an alloy drill bit or mining equipment. We strongly suggest to avoid the first option. On the counter for trade, players can sell these items (1 one) for more than 100 gold bar. Another option is to make it. Let’s explore both options.

LifeAfter – How to Purchase Potassium Nitrate

Potassium Nitrate

Visit The Town hall(101). Locate Central Market. Enter the central market and make your left. Make sure to touch the table, and you’ll be presented with an possibility to make a trade. Select the trade button. A new window will appear. On the left-hand side there are categories. Expand the category Resources -click on mine resourcesthen you will see the sale of potassium nitrate. Click it, then select quantity , then purchase. If you plan to purchase, be sure to study the sale price. It will differ. You could also sell your goods on the site. You can go to the sell page within the same windowchoose the items you would like to put on sale, then select the price, then sell.

 central market

There are players selling potassium nitrate in excess of 100 gold bar. This is a huge amount. We wouldn’t recommend to buy this product. The quest states that you’ll need (6) items of the plastic. For every unit you will need (2) the units of potassium Nitrate. Thus, 2*6 = 12. This will cost you one hundred gold bars. It’s crazy.

LifeAfter How to Create/Obtain Potassium Nitrate No Cost?

To craft potassium nitrate, you need: –

  • Camp Ore Extractor
  • Drill Engine Oil
  • Drill Bits made of Alloy

Camp Ore Extractor

Camp Ore Extractor

Camp Ore Extractor is the mining equipment that you will need for extracting from the resources(ore). To begin, you must create it. Begin by going to the bench for materials -> craft. Then, under the tab for formulas, click to the bottom and locate the the campore extraction. To make it, you will require stones, wood and hemp. All of these materials can be obtained from the fall forests. Once you’ve crafted it, you’ll need to plant it on the fields.

autumn forest.

Farmland is where you can plant your seeds, sow the crops and place a pen for livestock. If you’re in the zone of development then locate the farmland and take away stone and stuff(it costs bar of gold). Then, tap on the plant option. The farmland options will be displayed and you can go into the mining tabselect ore excavatorand then put it. If you’re camping the farmland is located near the gate to the manor.

Drill Engine Oil


Drill Engine Oil is the fuel you require to operate the mining machine in LifeAfter. How do you get it? You can purchase drilling engine oil through the wilderness chests, the city of trade and the vault vendor in camp. If you’ve joined the camp, make sure you visit your town hall, which is private to you and in the vault/bank outside of the camp there is the merchant, who you can interact with him, and then look for items inside his backpack. From this seller you can purchase drill engine parts

Alloy Drill Bit

Alloy Drill Bit

The Alloy Drill Bits are the tool required for extracting the iron using a mine machine(ore extractor). If you’re near the excavator for ore and you are offered the option of extract. Then, you have to choose the alloy drill. What is the best way to purchase an alloy drill bits?

mining machine

You will receive the (1) piece made of an all-alloy drill by finishing the new quests for area found in Chapter 3(Newbie quests). If you’re not completing these quests for newbies or would like more drill bit sets made of alloy then you must farm it out in the Sandcastle. It is also possible to obtain this item from the snow the highlands or Charles town. In these regions it is necessary to look for chests. From these chests, one might find an all-alloy drill. We recommend that you explore the Sandcastle. Where can you find chests in the sandcastle?

Alloy Drill

The abandoned houses are where most of the chests can be found in sandcastle. The mini-map (In sandcastle) is available. Many abandoned houses can be found around the castle. The chest may be found if you climb up to the roof. Keep in mind that these zombies can be found in these homes. Also, avoid the castle (those with machine gun holders could kill you). Although it may take some time, farming is better than wasting gold bars.

Life After You Have Taken The Potassium Nitrate

Extracting The Potassium Nitrate

After you have set the camp ore extraction device in the farmland area, move close to it to begin extracting. Use the alloy drill bit. Add fuel and cool it. And, wait. It takes time to dig out the ore. Wait a while. You will then see the ore in drilling section. To mine potassium nitrate, you will need to get close to the ore. You’ll also get stones.

This is how to get Potassium Nitrate from the LifeAfter game. You will also need potassium nitrate for leather, fertilizer and smokeless gunpowder. Please comment below if you have any questions!


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