LifeAfter – How To Craft Repair Bench Facility?

Repair Bench is one of the useful facilities in the LifeAfter game, which lets you repair/dismantle/empower gears. Let’s discover how to make a repair bench in the game LifeAfter.

Life After: How to Craft Repair the Bench Facility?

To make a bench for repair for LifeAfter, the LifeAfter game, you will require iron ore and wood. (Wood 600 and Iron Ore 4). Cut down the trees to collect wood. Break up the rocks to gain Iron Ore. Iron Ore is the other resource can be obtained by breaking rocks. Use the pickaxe, or else you won’t receive this resource. When you have enough resources, visit the town hall and go into the shop for furniture. Within the furniture shop, there is the furniture maker. Engage with the object of the furniture maker and then select craft. Next, select Repair bench in the menu. It takes around 10 minutes to build the repair bench. Then, they deliver the repaired bench into the mailbox located in the development zone. Make sure to check the mailbox, and then claim your repair bench. In the house, choose furniture -> build and repair benchthen place it wherever you’d like. That’s it. Learn step-by-step with LifeAfter How to create a repairs to your Bench walkthrough guide(With Photos).

Visit the Town Hall Once You Have enough resources to construct a the Bench Repair In LifeAfter

Build Repair Bench

The first thing to do is verify your position by using the maps. Press the mini-map on the upper-right corner. It should show you the zone of development to go to the Town Hall. In the map, you can mark your helicopter point(red color exit sign) then go there, then open. A map will open showing all locations. Select the zone option>> Hope (101). It might be different if on an alternative server. After choosing the server -then tap the Proceed button.

proceed button.

Once you have reached the town hall you can tap the mini-map to go to Furniture Store. It’s marked on the mini-map by the hammer icon.

 furniture store

Visit the store. The option to make furniture will be displayed on the screen. Click the craft buttonselect repair bench from the formula list , then craft. Do this for 10 minutes. After that, you can return in the development zone. (Open mini-map, look for the helicopter point and then proceed into the zone of development).

development zone

When you’re finished then go inside your house(ground/home foundation) to build> furniture -> select repair bench, then set it up.

LifeAfter Repair Bench

LifeAfter Bench for Repair -> Repair Dismantle, Rebuild, Empower Extraction

The repair bench included in the LifeAfter game lets you make gears, remove gears, make gears stronger, and take the objects.

Connect to Repair bench objects>

Repair: The wear and tear of the equipment like weapons, armor, weapons, and tools diminishes as you make use of the gears. The gauge that is orange located at the lower right of the gear’s icon shows its the durability. If the gear’s durability is reached the gear will cease to function. It is possible to fix the gear with the help of the new dollar. Tap on gear -> fix. Remember that you cannot repair all gears. Click on the (i) icon on the right to gain more information.

Dismantle: This tab lets you can see the items that can be removed. The dismantling process will break the item in question and also provides the material.

Empower Gears – You can give a special impact to your gear through giving it power. Select the gear , press the + buttonthen select an empowerment effect and press the button to empower. This will cost you empowerment points that can be earned by removing items.

Extraction – On this section, you are able to extract items in order to earn points for empowerment.

We recommend that you make sure that you have the special effects set.

This will be the LifeAfter Repair Bench Crafting walkthrough guide.


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