LifeAfter Trading Guide: Earn Gold Bars By Selling Guns, Items

In the LifeAfter game, players is able to sell rare items, weapons and armors by trade and gain gold bar. Take a look at this LifeAfter trading guide and FAQ

LifeAfter Earning Gold Bars Through Trading⇓

In the LifeAfter game, players can trade rare items, weapons or armor through trading to get gold bar. Look over this LifeAfter trading guide

Earning gold bars through the LifeAfter game is not difficult. There are numerous methods to make gold bar, trading is just one of the most popular. It is possible to sell rare weapons and other items in the trading city or the central market’s trade stand. Many players offer rare items like rare guns, armors, and make a lot in gold bar. In this article you’ll learn how to trade in the LifeAfter game, sell weapons, items and more. Let’s get started!

Central Market as well as Trade Zones

If you’re in the camp, you are able to visit the camps that won the competition to become trading cities. If you’re not in a camp, you are able to trade on Central Market. Camp – In 101’s private town halls Go to the entry/exit point, then open(helicopter) and trade zones and then visit every trade zone. Then, you’ll be able to see numerous trade booths. Go to any and select to trade. Click on the Sell tab and choose the item you wish to sell. You will receive a notice after the item has been published within the Trade Center.

Central Market Central Market It is possible to trade in the central market, whether you are a part of an organization or not. Visit Hope 101 Hope 101 through helicopter and go into at the town hall. Locate the central marketenter and walk to the trade stand. Select to trade, then sell, then select the item you wish to sell, then select the amount and price. You’ll have make payment for the booth fees and then, after the item is has been sold, you receive the gold bars(After taking out taxes).

LifeAfter – How To Sell Guns or Armors?

Sell Guns or Armors

You can’t sell rare guns or opened guns. The same applies to armors. What is an open gear? If you create the uncommon gear that comes with a ribbon-wrapped packaging. After you have gotten the rare weapon or gear at the gear workstation the game will store it into your backpack. Press the backpack and select the rare item -then it will present you with the possibility of opening the item or keep it. If you do open it, you won’t be allowed for it to be sold. Secure it, and later you are able to sell it on the marketplace for trade.

The Rare Gun or Armor!

Rare Gun or Armor

In the LifeAfter game Rare gears are showcased with diamond symbols and ribbon packaging. However in the event that the item isn’t tradable it will not have any diamond symbols. And, if you try to go to sell the item the item will inform you (“this item cannot be sold).

Example(Rare Gear) Example (Rare Gear) LifeAfter How to Sell UZI?

This case will clarify some ambiguity. We created UZI SMG about 5-6 times but it didn’t come equipped with diamond symbols or the wrapper for the ribbon. After that, we altered our UZI SMG formula/blueprint after which the issue was solved and we received the unique UZI SMG


In the end, we can claim that one must upgrade or modify your gear(gun/armor formula) and it is then accompanied with the unique packaging tag.

How do I modify the Blueprint/Formula?


With the formula research tool it is possible to forge or modify the gear. If you do not have this facility or equipment that you can build, you can purchase it at 101 furniture stores. Then, get close to it apply -> formula modifications select the UZI SMG, then select Modify after scanning, you’ll be able to be able to see two attributes of the formula both original and new. Check the stats, and pick the one with the highest statistics. This could be a way to improve the formula of your gear.

 research facility

Note: In order to modify the equipment, you require R&D information. In the screen for modification you can see the cost of modification. It could be an error too(drop in statistics).

Life After Selling Guns/ArmorsMake It Pure!

If you’re still getting the gear that isn’t rare, even after crafting with a new formula, ensure that you create it using authentic materials. Don’t make use of the friend’s or the roommate’s resource, and don’t purchase from the stores.

Then this is LifeAfter The Trading Guide for beginners. It is recommended to never sell precious resources


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