LifeAfter Friends: Invite, Share Resources, Roommate

LifeAfter has a co-op mode which allows you to team up with friends. LifeAfter Friends Guide – Friendliness. Invite. Roommate. Sharing.

LifeAfter allows you to create a team of friends with whom you can play, live, and do many other things together. Many LifeAfter players are still trying to figure out how the friends mechanics work. Today’s post will cover everything you need to know about how to invite friends, share resources, become roommates, the benefits of friendliness, and more. Leave a comment below if you have any questions! Let’s get started: LifeAfter Friends Guide!

How To Invite Friends and Create a Team⇓

LifeAfter Friends


Your friend and you should first be friends in the game. Send the friend request to your friend if you are not friends in the game. Tap the chat box at bottom of game screen to send a friend request. Next, click the contacts tab. Enter your friend’s name in the search box at the bottom-right of the contacts tab and hit the Search button. To send a friend request, tap on the Add button.

Prerequisite: Your friend and you must be on the same server. The game allows you to change servers by opening the game screen. The game currently supports both NA and SEA servers. Both of you should be on the same server. For example; Charles Town, Nancy City. Your friend who has chosen Charles Town should also be on Charles Town. The server selection is another problem you may face. The game won’t show the SEA server list if your phone language is English (US). To see the SEA server list, change it to English (India). If it doesn’t show NA servers, you can also change the phone language to English (US).

After Adding⇓

After Adding

When someone you know accepts the request to friend You will see their name on the list of my friends under the tab for contacts. (To accept the request of a friend visit the contacts tab, then click”Accept”). Select the name of the friend in the My Friends menu -> invite them to join and create. Following this the friend is invited, they will receive an email notification. (Open the chat boxthen you’ll see that message “received 1 team invitations” Click that message and join).

This is how you can get together with your buddies. This is your first move. Once you’re part of the group, pick an area to visit. For instance, choose the autumn forest, and inform your friend to go there. Once you’re at the same spot, start the mini-map, and from there you will view the position of your friend. If it is not it is, the system will request you to change lines to go visit your friend.

How To Share Resources With Friends In LifeAfter⇓

Friends In LifeAfter

You could share resources such as hemp, wood, stone as well as berries with your friends. Make sure your friend is nearby. Click the location icon on the bottom close to the chat boxthen tap the name of your friend and then give the gift. The recipient will be notified that will prompt them to accept or decline. Let your friend know that you are accepting. Then, choose the items and then confirm. Once you have confirmed the items, your friend will have the option of accepting the resource.

This is how you give away resources to your friends in the LifeAfter game.

How Do You Invite a Friend To Your Home, Manor or Base – LifeAfter?

LifeAfter game.

Manor invite differs in comparison to the feature roommate. Read the guide for roommates below. When you invite a friend to your Manor the guest will have the option of visiting your Manor via the helicopter. In this case, for example, The two of them are close friends. A B has invited B to his home. B is located in the development zone, or at the town hall(if situated in the camp). If B is in the development zone, or town hall (if in a camp). B can avail the possibility of a private visit that lets him visit A’s manor by helicopter. In most cases, you can choose the open option when you go to town hall, the Dev Zone or Town Hall. If you’ve brought your guest to Manor and you have invited them to Manor, they will be given the option to visit privately.

If you want to invite your pal to join the manor to join the manor, tap the chat box located at lower left of screen, then go to the tab for contacts. In the list of friends you can tap the name of your friend and then select the option to initiate a session. Chat window will appear. icon right next to the typing boxthen go to the grid tab(third one) select manor, select the visit time and then send. Then, your friend will be able to see the invitation message from manor in the tab for chats that have recently been opened. Instruct him to tap on the message to claim the invitation.

game screen

That’s it. Now, the visitor is able to visit your manor via helicopter. This feature lets you communicate with your friends who aren’t within your camp. If you sign up to an organization and the game grants you an entire Island which you can go to the manor of a friend on foot.

LifeAfter game.


How To Invite Camp Mates To Stay With You – LifeAfter Friends & Roommate Function

Roommate Function

This feature is only available while you’re at the camp. Then, you are able to invite a friend to join you at the house. This also lets your roommate build items using the materials you have. The camp feature isn’t useful when playing this kind of game. There are millions of players who play this game. However, the majority of people do not get access to camps. We’ll publish the details of the camp in the next blog post. When you’re at the camp, you may invite a friend to join you. Here’s how The steps are:

Visit your manor at Camp Island. At the gate of the manor there is The Manor Controller. Engage with it and select to control. Click the Info optionthen tap the + icon under the roommates, and permissions, and an additional window will appear on your screen . You will see the name of your friend. Your friend should reside located in your home, otherwise you won’t notice their name. Below the name of your friend you can look up the points for friendliness. You need to have a friendliness score of 300 or more with the friend(to become a roommate).

Life After Friends How Can You Improve Friendship?

There are numerous ways to build friendship with your partner. One of the most effective and simple methods is to form a team with your pal and play with them; collect resources, take on opponents. 2. Go to your the manor house of your friend, interact with the sign of the home and then give a “like” to the manor of your friend. 3: fight for the stronghold. 4: Give bouquets of lily and roses. You can check the points for friendliness through your manor controllers – tap + icon (make sure that your friend is within the manor).

This is the LifeAfter Friends ‘ guide on how to boost friendship, be roommates, play with each other and invite them to your home. We’ll post the camp guide soon.


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