LifeAfter Chapter 4 Walkthrough Mysterious Area Full Walkthrough

Get lost in the muddy and snowy landscapes in the LifeAfter Chapter 4: Mysterious Area. Let’s go through LifeAfter Chapter 4, Mysterious Area complete walkthrough

We’ve already shared the initial three chapters’ walkthroughs in our previous posts. Now it’s time to reveal the Life After Chapter 4 Mysterious Newbie Quest full walkthrough. The chapter quests are quite simple. No, it’s not -_-. I was able to complete the first five chapters of this chapter with ease. However, in the fifth portion, it took me several hours to discover how to defeat the believers or assassin. The task was quite difficult for me. There is a way to finish them off and not lose any HP. Rest quests were easy to finish. Let’s begin and discover everything step-by-step fashion – LifeAfter Chapter 4 walkthrough Crocodiles Fire AXE, Swamp Believers, Life Suckers, and many more.

LifeAfter Chapter 4 Walkthrough – Part I – Upgrade Manor

Quest 1.) Reach Crafting/Gathering/Combat Level 20.

I’d suggest that you finish your bounty quests(Fall Forest, Sandcastle, etc.) to get this goal accomplished quickly. It is also recommended to play other modes like Stronghold and participate in Mystic Creature event, as well as NPC-related missions. Also, do the daily tasks to gain a lot in mastery easily(Tap daily, then here, you can look up the tasks, then complete the missions to earn points. Once you have earned 30/60/100/145, you’ll earn the mastery point). You must activate your duties(In Hope 101 speak to the person next to the helicopter, and then go to Commerce Bureau and talk to the person who is near the Quest boards).

Quest 2.) Upgrade Manor To Level 5.

To upgrade the Manor’s level to Level 5 in the game Life After, you’ll need 25 wooden Boards(Craft it with your Material Bench), (25) Brick(Material Bench), (5) Cement(Material Bench) and (5)Screw(Craft it with the workstation for gears).

Quest 3.) Buy Hemp Rope.

I’m not certain regarding this quest if you aren’t in camp. If you’re at the camp, you go to the armor shop and purchase hemp rope using contributions from camp as well as the brand new dollar.

Quest 4.) Buy Nails.

In the town hall in the camp go to the store for weapons and speak to the man then trade and purchase nails.

Quest 5.) Make Solid Chest

It is possible to build a solid chests using the materials bench -> craft> furniture.

LifeAfter: Chapter 4 Walkthrough – Part II – Icy Blizzard

Quest 1.) Make Fire Axe, Make Assembled Pickaxe.

To finish this mission, you have to obtain your Fire Axe and Assembled Pickaxe formula. Click the home button in the top-left corner on the game screen . Tap abilities > gatherThere are three columns: mining, logging and hemp. Select the first talent in the Logging column(basic logs) or upgrade it until the level of 3. This unlocks an ability called the Fire AXE formula in LifeAfter. In the column for mining select one talent(Basic Mining) and raise it to the level of 3. This will allow you to unlock the Assembled Pickaxe recipe in LifeAfter. After you’re finished tapping the make option then scroll downthen locate Fire AXE, Assembled Pickaxe. Create it. You’ll require iron ore, stones and wood to make these level 3 gathering instruments.

Quest 2.) Go on a helicopter ride up to Snow Highlands.

Snow Highlands is a beautiful map from LifeAfter which allows you to gather aluminum ore, mushrooms as well as kyanite, flax leaves as well as other things. It is always recommended to travel with torch as well as hot water and enough wood to build the campfire. Sometimes it’s possible to experience a blizzard. In this case you must go to the shelter shown on the map. Sit on the bench to get warm. It is also possible to recover HP there(Sit in the benches).

Quest 3.) Gather Aluminium Ore, Flax Leaf, Old Cypress

Aluminum ore is obtained by quarrying(break rocks) and flax leaf from harvesting hemp and old cypress through the logging of trees. Make use of your fire AXE and pickaxe to extract aluminum ore as well as old cypress. When it comes to Flax Leaf, the drop rate could be very low in the initial stage. It can be increased by unlocking/upgrading your hemp talent(abilities gathering -> collect and final talent in hemp column).

Quest 4.) Hunt 3 Animals in Snow Highlands

Take a look around and you’ll find deers as well as yaks, ships and. You can hunt them down to complete the mission.

Quest 5.) Defeat Five Infected

You can utilize the UZI as well as bows to shoot down those who are infected. It is recommended to join forces with your fellow campers or friends to complete the quest, especially in case you’re not a pro fighting. It is possible to find Infected near the barracks.

Part III – Enhancement

Quest 1.) Make Level 3 Enhancement

For this mission, you’ll need the material bench as well as crafting level 3 improvement. Then, you can apply it to floors and doors. Tap build -> improve and then apply the enhancement.

Quest 2.) Make Common Ammo Box

In this mission you must make an ammo box that’s common. Craft workstations for the Gear Workstation and make weaponsthen you’ll find the most common option for a box on the menu -> craft. To create it, you require smokeless gunpowder, hard aluminium alloy, beast horn and a wooden board. Beast horn can be obtained through the killing of imperial soldiers or hunting animals on the Snowhighlands map(LifeAfter).

Quest 3.) Make UMP9 SMG or Thompson SMG

For this LifeAfter Quest, you have to build the gun. You can make an UMP9 at any time as it is unlocked by default. However, in order to create a Thompson SMG, you need its formula first. We’ve posted the entire crafting instructions here: UMP9 Crafting and Use

Quest 4.) Make Bullet Proof Armor or Battle Vanguard

You need to create some of the armors in order to finish the LifeAfter quest. We all have the ability to craft Bullet Proof Armor, I’ve provided the details of its making: To make bulletproof armor you’ll need the following items: Nylon Cloth(10), (10) Hard Aluminium Alloy, (10) Hemp Rope, and (4) Film Fabric. Nylon Cloth is required. You’ll need 30 Flax Leaf 10, Flax Petal, and 50 old Cypress Leaf to create (10) Nylon Cloth(Gear Workstation -> craft then make armorand then make it workable) – Nylon Cloth). Hemp Rope: Purchase in the city of trade or at the armor shop of a merchant located in camp. Film Fabric We’ve posted an article about Film Fabric Farming. Find out more here: LifeAfter film fabric and polymer coating farming guides

Quest 5.) Find Jessica and Promote Cert

In LifeAfter If you’re in the camp, you’ll meet Jessica at City Hall. If you’re not in a camp or the camp, you will locate her in the Commerce bureau on the second floor. Hope 101.

These are the first three parts of the LifeAfter Chapter 4 Walkthrough.

Part IV – Snow Highlands II

Quest 1.) Defeat Imperial Soldiers(10).

For this quest, I’d suggest you visit Barrack challenging area 1 to take on your Imperial Soldiers. You can use UZI or UMP9. It’s easy.

Quest 2.) Defeat the Infected(10)

As previously discussed

Quest 3.) Find/Unlock Five Chests In Snowhighlands

The chests can be found located in Snowhighlands in the barracks or inside the forest houses. Check out for the farming with polymer post(In this post, I’ve listed five locations for chests the link to which is provided above).

Quest 4.) Complete Stronghold In Sand Castle

The Stronghold area in Sand Castle is quite easy. Join forces with your fellow campers or friends. Go to the Stronghold Point in the Sand Castle map and start the battle. Once the battle is over you’ll see small yellow targets on the miniature map. Kill them, take down the machines and that’s all there is to it. After the battle, you’ll be awarded Sand Castle Feat points that can be exchanged for the Treasure map , or for other objects. Go to the vendor close to the stronghold battle board to trade.

Quest 5.) Defeat Mystic Creature In The Sand Castle

The Mystic Creature in Sand Castle occurs at random intervals. Be sure to check your daily event menu(tap the daily tab located at the top-right of the screen and select more schedules > sand castle> > unknown creatures). There isn’t a set date or time. You must be present and be aware of this event throughout the day.

LifeAfter: Chapter 4 Walkthrough – Part V – Dangerous Swamp

Quest 1.) Reach Level 25 – All Abilities; Crafting, Gathering, Combat

Complete the quests, duties, Nancy city battles, and all fights for strongholds and NPC missions. That’s it. Keep doing these things every day and you’ll be able to be able to achieve this goal in the near future.

Quest 2.) Upgrade The Manor Level To 6.

The topic was already discussed. (Note You can purchase Granite at a furniture shop in the camp or Hope 101).

Quest 3.) Go on your helicopter and go and fly it to Mouth Swamp.

Mouth Swamp is a horrible location in LifeAfter. Before you go there, you should pack hemp/bandages/antiseptic. The person you are traveling with may contract infections and cough. You should also be prepared to debuff this location. Antiseptic is a good option. Make a tap and select antiseptic. In LifeAfter Mouth Swamp map, you can gather similar resources(Snowhighlands) and some exclusive at that stage; malachite, rugged leather, kenaf leaf, cracked tough hide.

Quest 4.) Complete Resource Point Quest in Mouth Swamp

Near the point of shelter In the Mouth Swamp, LifeAfter, connect to an item on the questboard and take an RP quest. The map can be opened to look at the areas. Go there(be cautious, don’t jump) and then gather, hunt or collect.

Quest 5.) Hunt 30 Crocodiles

There are crocodiles to be found in the Silent Lake area. Most of the time, they’re stuck in the mud. It took me about a day to complete the quest. It’s a long time!  However you should travel with friends or campmates. It’ll be quick.

LifeAfter Chapter IV – Part VI – Keep Exploring

I was able to spend my entire Sunday studying this chapter and finished it in one day. I recommend that you go through the chapter’s quests with your fellow camp members or with friends in case you’re not skilled combat.

Quest 1.) Unlock/Find 15 Chests

The majority of chests I came across in the course of looking around the map. It was therefore simple to complete the task. I suggest that you go to in the Black Spring area for bulk treasure. You will find a lot of houses. If you’re careful you will have a very low chance of being killed or struck from an illness-ridden zombie(s) or guards who are bald. Do not rush, take note of the moves, and grab your chest in the correct moment.

Quest 2.) Defeat 30 Infected

This is a different difficult task in LifeAfter game. If you own powerful guns, it’ll be simple to take out this zombies(Black Spring III). If you decide to employ UMP9 be sure to ensure that you target the head of the Infected. Headshots cause more harm than normal shots. Also, before you begin fighting, you should check the amount of people infected. It’s recommended to only take only one or two people who are infected at each time. Three or more at once is extremely difficult. Another tip is to eat/take a Healing/Damage buff recipes , or Advanced Antiseptic before you enter the fight. You can check out the LifeAfter recipes here..

Quest 3.) Beat 10 Believer/Assassins In LifeAfter

Assassins In LifeAfter

In this case I would recommend using an arrow compound. If you don’t own an arrow compound, you can use any other weapon other than those that consume film or polymer. It is not necessary to waste the gun’s durability on assassins. The trick is to hit and run, and then continue to hit. It took me several hours to finish this task. All you have to do is go to the spot as shown in the following image. (Box Valley IV). After you have arrived you can explore the area and you’ll find the assassins camp(it’s situated at the highest point of the rock or mountain).

Then, glance at the following picture(See the entire image Here) In the next area to the camp for assassins There is the rock formation. It is necessary to shoot from this point. Then, prior to shooting take out those two trees.

rock structure

Close to the assassin’s camp(in the range of your bow/gun). There are at least three assassins. Don’t bother with the first one and then target the next one. Shoot once , then climb the rock in the manner described above(asap). See Full Picture – Here.

assassin camp

After that, assassins be closer. Continue to shoot until the suspect is dead. After killing them both then wait until the next day(In the game) and they’ll spawn again. See Picture – Here.

Quest 4.) Defeat Life Suc(k)ers

Defeat Life Suc

In this quest, you will have to take on (3) Life Suckers. However, there’s a different LifeAfter cheat or trick to win this game. In this cheat you’ll use the Wolf. Wolf as well as Life Suckers are adversaries. If the wolves notice Life Suckers all around, they’ll begin attacking. There are Life Suckers in the Box Valley just behind the helicopter evacuation point(See the image Below). It is in a trench just behind this point, where you can discover Life Suckers. Life Suckers. There are also a lot of predators right behind the helicopter evacuation point. All you have to do is be recognized by Life Sucker and allow him to follow you around the wolves. (You could also try the reverse, get recognized by the animals, and then take them to the Life Sucker). Wait until the right time to begin attacking until the animal is killed. In my situation, I tried this method that worked and worked. I was on my way to the route and noticed that two wolves and an enemy fighting. At the end of the day they killed the life Sucker and I was able to get the idea. If this technique doesn’t be a success for you seek out camp members or friends to assistance. If you’re on your own or with a partner, you can try drones drone(read our drone craft guide) or use this trick.

Quest 5.) Play/Win Stronghold Snowhighlands

This quest will see you’ll beat your Imperial Soldiers during Stronghold Battles. Teams up, defeat the Imperial Soldiers, and then you’re done. Exchange the currency/points in exchange for treasure maps, gingko seeds and other items. That’s it.

This is the Life After Chapter 4(Mysterious Area) walkthrough


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