LifeAfter Camp Guide: Create, Join, Leave And Gold Bars

LifeAfter Camp allows you to access additional functions and benefits. To create, join, and leave LifeAfter Camp, check out our guide. For more information, please see the comments below.

LifeAfter Camp Guide For Beginners⇓

Note: This guide does not include information about territory, trade cities, camp ponds, or strategies to grow camp. All these details will be covered in the next post. This post will explain how to make a camp, what it takes to run it, how you can contribute, and everything else you should know for a beginner. It is not easy to grasp some of the more complicated aspects. Please comment below if you have any questions. Let’s get started – LifeAfter Camp basics guide!

LifeAfter Camp – Join The Camp and Create The Camp

Once you have completed the tutorial, or if you enter directly after answering all questions required, you will be able to access the development zone. Once you have completed the first few quests (In these quests, the mail contains the facilities and you place it on your home foundation), the private camp quest can be unlocked.

You will visit Billy, the camp administrator, in this private quest. He works at 101, the commerce bureau. Head to the 101 (town) helicopter point. Tap the mini-map in the upper-right corner. Find the exit point of red color. Open the mini-map once you have reached the 101 (town), and locate the (i) mark (as shown in the following picture). This is the commerce bureau.

LifeAfter Camp

You will find Billy, the camp administrator. You can interact with her and decide to speak. You have four choices.

  • I would like to learn more about private camps
  • I have prepared the 18500 gold bars required to make a camp. Please send me an application
  • I would like to join a camp. Do you have information about camps?
  • There are still a few things I want to do in 101

The second option is for camp creators. The application form will be displayed. This is how you fill out the application form.

oining The Camp

To become a mayor, or to create a camp, you must have at least 18500 gold bar. You are only paying 60% of the amount. You can pay as much as 80%. The amount will rise if you choose 70% or 80 percent (around 20,000 to 25,000).

Name your camp in the camp name

Permissions to Add; No Entry Fee, Approval Required. You can choose to allow other players to join your camp immediately without requiring approval from you (mayor). If you select the approval option, you will need to approve each player’s application(who would like to join your camp).

LifeAfter Camp Application – Crowd Funding/Service Charge⇓

This is where the fun begins. You can pay up to 80% yourself, as we have already mentioned. Rest 20% will be paid by other players. The camp administrator will approve your request once you have paid the required amount (60%, 70%, or 80%). After your application is approved, your camp will appear in the camp search so that other players can support it. There is still 40% remaining (depending on personal funding). This amount is funded through other players. Once other players have supported or funded this amount, you’ll receive a notification in the chatbox. The game will then grant you a camp.

What is the service fee? This is the cost you pay to receive funds from other players. There are three options: 1 day, 2 or 4 days. The funds should be collected in one day if you select 1 day. By paying additional service fees, you can extend the time it takes to collect the funds. 1 day – 500; 2 days – 900; 4 days – 1500. We recommend that you choose one day. This game is still new, and many players are willing to invest.

LifeAfter Camp Application – Crowd Funding Participants⇓

You have three choices in this category: 60%, 70% and 80%. What is the maximum amount you can afford? You can choose to pay 60%, 70%, or 80%. You will need to purchase 18,500 gold bars if you choose 60%. This is the minimum amount. We recommend that you choose 60%. Rest 40% will be paid by other players.

LifeAfter Camp Application – Crowd Funding Participants|

This category allows you to choose the number of camp (fund) participants. You selected 60% for the personal funding ration. The 40% balance is now due. How many people can afford this 40% amount? 7, 8, 9? These players will join your team without you having to approve. This is how crowdfunding works. They will pay this amount (gold bars). You can see the total amount per person at the bottom of your application form.

After you’re done, click the = button to move to the next page. You can choose the camp type later. Add a camp introduction. To confirm, tap the tick mark beside your name.

LifeAfter Camp – How To Quickly Join The Camp?

Quickly Join The Camp

You will be able to see the complete list of camps after you have selected the second option (join). Click the filter button and uncheck the box next can join. You will now see the camps that are seeking supporters. Wait! Support the camp by paying a few gold bars. That’s all.

Crowd Funding Participants

How do you earn LifeAfter gold bars?

Tap the daily option at the top-right of the game screen. This will display the complete list of events. These events will earn you gold bars. We recommend the autumn forest event for beginners. You will receive 500 gold bars. Wait! Tap the schedule button at the top of your event screen to access autumn forest. Comment below if you have any questions!

After creating and joining!

LifeAfter allows you to move your house to a camp as soon as you join or create a camp. You can visit the development zone (through helicopter) -> Find Rachel and interact with her -> Move your house. You will then receive a gift from NPCs. You can also access the bank, target training, data centre, merchants and many other features in the camp’s townhall.

How To Leave A Camp In LifeAfter?

 Leave A Camp In LifeAfter

You should move on to an active camp if your camp isn’t active. You cannot leave the camp within 24 hours of joining it. You can leave the camp by going to the town hall (camp’s townhall, not 101). Talk to her and then leave. A small fee (gold bars) will be required. Your manor will then be transferred to the development area (including all facilities except crops).


Go to the camp’s town hall and find a bank.

This is the LifeAfter Camp basics Guide. In the next posts, we will discuss the other aspects like the camp pond, territory and many more.


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